Monday, May 11, 2009

Nursery and Baby Room Inspirations

I recently had a request from a reader to do a post on
nurseries. Having recently attended 2 baby showers,
I thought it was quite fitting.

I really am taken with the nursery above because of the
unorthodox approach to the color and scheme of this
nursery. I've never seen a nursery have a black wall
before. Somehow, with the yellow stripes on the ceiling,
tempered by white and some black over the rest of the
room - this is one tres chic nursery. I also love texture,
so the sheepskin rugs on the floor also had me sold.

The scheme for this room looks like more like a traditional
nursery. The color palette is very pleasing to the eye and
the yellow giraffe and hot pink carpet tile rug really give it
a nice pop. What a fun butterfly roman shade! I also love
how spacious it is in the center of the floor for a play area.

If you love French style, here's a great inspiration for a
nursery with a French Bergere chair, chandelier and cute
teddy bears.

Perhaps you're up for a more exotic motif. The
nursery above is super fun with hints of Moroccan
and Chinese designs with a modern twist. I love the
low twin bed to the side.

Perhaps vivid colors would catch your eye instead.
Here's a modern take on fun and colorful shapes on
the walls.

This nursery was designed by Bella Designs. Super
cute paint motifs really give this room some flair.

I love the polk-a-dots and the stripes.

Here's something a bit more subdued
and more traditional in style.

Blues, whites and greens are always easy on
the eyes. The built-ins are just gorgeous.

This room has tons of storage. The way it is decorated,
it can easily grow with the child and change as the child
becomes older.

Wall murals can be very fun in nurseries as well.

Isn't this such a fun room? Zebra prints, vivid greens
and browns with stuffed animals. I love the green piping
on the chair - it really goes with the paint job in the room.

Since I'm not a very tall person, that stuffed giraffe
is probably as big as I am. What fun! The green and
turquoise rug is also lovely.

Stenciling and wall silhouettes can be a
great way to decorate any nursery.

If you live in an older home like a Victorian or
European styled home, here's an idea for one
sophisticated nursery!

Toile anyone? The toile reminds me of the English countryside.
Although, I've never seen toile in lilac, I do love the color. For
myself, I'd probably have used slightly less toile as it can become
very busy to the eyes.

Babyspace Idea Book
by Taunton

Taunton always has great books for tons
of ideas on almost every room. I love how
their books are filled with images and tips
on creative ideas.

The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing a
Home for your Baby with Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been used for thousands of
years in China and is still used by many
people today. The philosophy really applies
to making sure your environment is as positive
as possible for the person living in the space.

Nursery Style

And if you're looking for some beautiful
inspirations for nurseries in general, here's
a great book with cute designs.

Photos from Domino & Bella Seven Design


Porchlight Interiors said...

Nurseries are so fun to decorate! I just adore that black wall with the yellow and white accents - fabulous! Tracey xx

meandering pearl said...

I love the frills, mural, palm tree, sophistication & toille!!
have a loveliest of days!!!

Zelda said...

Nurseries can be so tacky and testless, as if kids don't have test .... I finally see some very classy baby bedroom here . but I wish the world stop the dictatorship of pink for girls and bleu for boys !! it's a nonsense ... the first and third pics are very very perfect !!

Miss Kris said...

Hi Karen!

Oooo these are lovely nurseries...I am loving the third and the Victorian European nursery, so chic! Nurseries are my favourite rooms, just because of the excitment with the mommies and daddies. I also LOVE murals in nurseries! Fun post!

~Miss Kris~

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see the different nursery designs. So many choices!

Tricia - Avolli

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these in response to my email! They look great!!! Love your blog!

Kara @ KSS said...

Good post!
We aren't having kids yet, but I saved some pics and information for down the road. :)

Katherine Lee said...

I really love the unexpected black wall in the first image. I never would have thought to put an element like that into a nursery, but it really lends itself well to a really sophisticated but appropriate look. Great post!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beautifully and tastefully done!

Luv your blog.

Kelly said...

So many fun and creative nurseries here :-) I think decorating a nursery is a great opportunity to do something different with colours and patterns. You can really let your creativity flow!!

The pink & brown nursery with the stripes & polka dots is so charming :-) And the white & yellow striped ceiling is a great idea -- something interesting for a baby to look up at from the crib :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Yoli said...

The first one and the asian inspired ones are talking to me! Oh thank you for featuring this!!!!

Down Comforter said...

I really love the French-style room. It's not the most colorful, which is why I like it so much - it's so calming.

Anonymous said...


Anna said...

Hi, I am wondering if you know the color used on the nursery wall with the giraffe in it? I am having a terrible time finding a calm blue shade.

Clinton Harvin said...

I kinda like the feel on the ninth and tenth photos. That shade of blue has a soothing feeling. I think some call it "baby blue," right? Do you think it's going to give that same feeling if you used it for a different room, like a room in an office, or maybe your living room?

Lyda Tavorn said...

I kinda like the 11th and 12th design. Both look so warm and cozy. And I love that flowery rug on the 11th, I could imagine a baby rolling over on it with a giggling laugh. I also love the tree on the 12th, but it would be better if it was in green. =)

Anonymous said...

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