Friday, June 5, 2009

Sunshine Yellow Inspiration For Your Home

For the weekend, I thought I might start everyone off
with some sunshine. Yellow can really brighten up
almost any space. Of course the shade of yellow you
choose will greatly impact the overall ambience and
outcome of the space. This hallway is bright and cheery
with fun words stenciled above the frames to echo the
sentiment of the cheery yellow.

Here's a more modern take on the yellow blended
with a sassy zebra rug and shades of white, black
and grey which make for a wonderfully modern
color combination.

The yellow is modern, but the furnishings are more
traditional mixed in with antique pieces. It's a great
juxtaposition to mix contemporary colors with antique
pieces and design.

This room is gorgeous. Although much of the room is covered
in yellow, the shade of yellow is just right. It's also tempered
by neutrals, corals and whites.

This is a great example of how the hue you choose of a
color can make a huge difference. This is a much more
traditional and country like style. The hue of yellow
here is muted and has a brownish tint to it.

I personally really love this particular shade of
yellow. It has a golden hue to it, sort of like
goldenrod flowers. I'd love to stay in a guest
room like this in the attic!

Great example of how you can mix a multitude
of colors against a yellow background. This room
is a bit more bohemian and artsy in it's color scheme
and different textures.

This kitchen has a ton of personality and character.
It looks like it belongs in the countryside. Super
homey and inviting.

Love the pink tub next to bright yellow tiles!

And we end with a bang! A super duper - in your face kind
of yellow. Not everyone can handle this bright of a yellow,
but it's certainly fun to look at.

Hope this post starts you off on a cheery weekend!

Photos from Country Living


Diane James Home said...

We love yellow in any season and will be posting a blog next week on some of our favorite yellow accessories. Thanks for the spot of sunshine on a gray day!

franki durbin said...

I so dig dashes of yellow. It's so insanely cheerful. You really need the right shade, but once you've nailed it the color is like sunshine in your home. Love it.

I tend to favor golden tones, moreso than lemon yellow... but come summer I like mixing in actual lemon yellow into the decor. So cheerful!

my favorite and my best said...

i have come to love yellow as an accent color...but im still embracing yellow as a wall color. the bolder the better though in any case.

Elena (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

I'm dreaming of yellow for the walls in our new place, so this post was spot on!

Amy Schulz said...

Awesome post! I have a lot of yellow in my living and dining room. This post gives me more ideas and inspiration. If anyone wants to have a look Cheers!

vicki archer said...

It is so cheery - lovely choice of images. Happy weekend, xv.

Zelda said...

happy yellow day !!

Jan said...

Lovely selection of images (as always) Cheers K.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beautiful yellow!

red ticking said...

thank you for the cheer... lovely post....hope you are having a lovely weekend...

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a beautiful post! Yellow with Black, that really makes a statement. Great shots, thanks for the inspiration.

Carol Ann said...

Love your blog- I am passing along the " One Lovely Blog Award" to you today. Check my blog for the picture to attach to the face of your blog.
To accept it you can blog about 15 blogs that you appreciate and enjoy…

Carol Ann x

Anonymous said...

While I do love all of these images and think they are really beautifully designed, I don't think I could ever go with yellows as strong as these in my own home. It's just a bit too intense for me.

Tricia - Avolli

Eden Rose said...

Iv been blogging about yellow all season, i absolutely love it! especially with black accents and grey. Great images x

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

These images are so bright and cheerful. I just did a post about yellow due to all the rain we were having in the eastcoast. I thought my readers could use a pick me up!

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Great photos! I really love the living room with the pink rug & furniture :)

Tempurpedic said...

lovely choice of images.

Helloilmare said...

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