Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kitchen Organization & Shelves

How about some color on those kitchen shelves?
I've always loved seeing how others organize their
homes - in particular the kitchen. If you plan to
have open shelving in your kitchen, you know that
it needs to always be somewhat organized. I love the
pops of colors by mugs brought on by mugs and

A monochromatic color scheme will always
work as well - especially when it's all whites
and creams. You can't really go wrong when
using a monochromatic theme.

I absolutely love how the shiny dark floors
contrast with the rest of the bright kitchen.
I'm a huge fan of FireKing, so I think the
Jadeite on the shelves are just perfect.

Even if you have a small pantry such as the one
above, you can still organize it in an aesthetic way
using uniform bottles and containers. The clock and
chalkboard really completes the classic look.

White ceramics and glassware will always
go with a white farmhouse sink.

Now this kitchen has no shortage of storage and
cabinets. The green backed shelves are a nice
touch - as well as the hardware on the cabinets.
Labeled containers always have that nostalgic
and vintage feel to it - giving character to any

Here's another example where something as simple as
putting some color onto the back of shelves can really
make a difference.

Not everything has to be uniform to create
an aesthetically pleasing space, this pantry
has very different items in it but they are
spaced out and arranged just right on the
shelves so as not to seem too crowded or

I've always loved some glass for the facing of top
cabinets. It just makes the space seam airier and
more open.

This is the shelving in Sally Wheat's Kitchen (a friend of
Joni from Cote De Texas and a great designer.) Joni has
some great posts on Sally's home. I really love gray and
the dove gray really goes nicely with the white subway

Now here's a colorful space.

A modern take on a traditional look complete with beaded
boards on the back of the cabinets. It's quite lovely.

This kitchen has mixture of closed and open cabinetry.
What is your kitchen organization like?

Photos from House Beautiful, ThingsThatInspire, Cote De Texas,
Country Home, Domino, Lincoln Barbour Photography and More.

A big thank you to Terri Sapienza at the Washington Post
for featuring this post.


my favorite and my best said...

i am a huge fan of this look. in fact i have stated in more than one of my own posts that seeing stacks of dishes- either on shelves, or tables or where have you, does soemthing to my inner designer that is akin to what gigantic boobs do to most men. i start to drool a little and words escape me and i stare...

Southern Aspirations said...

Oh, I love those images! I am dying for a white kitchen with open shelving. As it is, my big project is trying to organize my pantry and make it look like... well less of a disaster. Thanks for the inspiration!

Norine said...

I love the way open shelving looks, but what about dust? Have to admit I am an old fashioned close the cabinet door type so I can just sort of stuff things in there.

Revisionista said...

love these images! bookmarking this post so I can come back to it when I start decluttering & organizing my kitchen later this month :)

Jeannine said...

I love it, but I also worry about dust. And while I love my golden retriever and can overlook his fur, it has a way of settling everywhere and I'd be horrified if someone took a class off the shelf and found a little pieces of Baxter sitting in/on it.

I did install open shelving in my laundry/pantry and I think they look pretty great. I guess I should take some pictures at some pont...

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Some really great photos :) Unfortunately, my kitchen doesn't look anything like any of the pics - not that it's bad, just a little boring with every dish (neatly) organized in blonde wood cabinets. Maybe on day I'll have a truly beautiful kitchen...

Leen said...

Beautiful pics! I love the cupboards that have the background painted a different color, SO cottagey!

Jesús Moguel said...

te he agregado como favorito, gracias por mostrarnos cosas tan bellas siempre, buen dia!

Alicia said...

The notion of open shelving is always a musing for me until the reality of keeping it perfection via organization everyday hits me hard. Darnit that meanie reality!!!
I've arrived via katiedid & am so glad. I'll be hanging around a spell if you don't mind.
Wishing you a frolic filled Fourth!!!

M.Kate said...

If only mine were so organised ;P

Cote de Texas said...

so many to love - but that last one, yum. double yum, one for each cabinet!

MichCherie said...

Cabinets and shelves galore!! I love it; theres just so many ways to organize and decorate :) How I dream of a kitchen like one of those. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

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Jasmine Robinson said...

I love the way open shelving looks, but what about dust? Have to admit I am an old fashioned close the cabinet door type so I can just sort of stuff things in there.