Monday, July 6, 2009

Staple Interior Design Books for Great Inspiration

Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend.

Some of you may already have these two books, but for those
of you who do not ~ I consider the following 2 books to be a
staple in any design library. We'll start with SO Chic which
showcases some seriously gorgeous homes. There are some
design books that you will get that only have some "gems" in
them. So Chic is one of the exceptions with eye candy through
out the whole book. The book is very well edited.

There are is a bit of every style.

Here's a dining room that you can tell
belongs to a very well traveled family.

Love the shiny texture for some glam and
of course the shag rug which is super soft.

A very rustic room.

Outdoor spaces are also showcased.

I love how the frame of the door is painted
in a high gloss brilliant Navy blue.

Here's a more modern living space.

I've always adored lacquered walls.

Gorgeous antique chaise lounge.

Not everything has to match as you can see here.
Uniformity has been achieved by painting and
upholstering all of the different chairs in solid

I sure wish I had a living this large. I love the sofa in this
eclectic living room. The lights are very fun as well as the
caramel tufted block used as a coffee table.

Elle Decor's So Chic:
Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces

What's funny is that I accidentally ordered
2 copies of this book (Domino Decorating Book) -
but I loved it so much that I kept both copies.
One to reference and the other to keep nice.

There are some seriously
gorgeous rooms in this book.

What's also great about this book is that it not only
showcases gorgeous rooms and looks, but has instruction
on how to achieve the look in each room.

There's a great little section on Small Spaces as well.

Tips for working with different spaces.

And to achieve certain styles.

Domino: The Book of Decorating
A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating
a Home that Makes You Happy

This is seriously a staple and great for also
seeing examples of different styles. The
rooms are fun and sophisticated.

Rooms to Inspire:
Decorating with America's Best Designers

This book is another staple. The rooms
in it are refined and showcase an array
of different spaces and homes done by
top designers in America.

American Designer's Houses

I really loved this book for the character
and personality in each designer's home
it showcased. Each home was brilliantly
done according to very different tastes and
styles according to the designer. I think the
book is a great deal of fun.

What are you favorite Design Books? Please
do share - I'd love to know.


catalina said...

Hi .I am following your blog for long time.I love it and i appreacite what u do.You make my days sunnier;)I am from Romania so u may not understand my languge , but is ok:)I am curious how many books with interior design and so on you have in your house.Must be many...Kisses from Catalina

my favorite and my best said...

hmmm...well so chic is def. one of them. love french home by josephine ryan too. and another one is vacation homes, the pretty blue one with naomi watts's mom's house in australia on it. there are many though.

Ianny said...

Interesting sample of interior design concepts, catering to different good tastes.

That tropical forest themed living room in particular caught my eye. A couple blown up photographic prints of wild birds will enhance the concept.

Alicia said...

I'm with you on the navy gloss crown molding & door frame. It just takes the room up at least 10 levels. Room one was a great pull you in look too, especially the coffe table. Now I need to find a pedastal I wouldnt mind cutting down. The one I have will never be touched.
Thanks for all the great books. I may gift a few to those in need of a redesign hint.

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

The 7th photo is really great - love the allover pattern.

Ann said...

Oh Wow!!! It definitely overloads on Chic spaces.

Jan said...

Definitely drawn to the navy blue door frame.
Thanks for the spread & can totally see why you keep two Domino books :)

Norine said...

Well, I am a design fan, but no design books! I keep getting rid of them. I keep/find all my inspiration on line. On the other hand, my husband keeps 8-10 wall finish books for inspiration - maybe it's a professional thing.

Debra said...

My current favorites are Thrifty Chic, Bazaar Style, The Find, Easy Elegance, Mary Emmerling's Beach Cottages. They are all great books, I love the Domino Book as well and I hope to get Downtown Chic soon and Waterside Cottages.

Rachel said...

I just ordered a couple of books, and "So Chic" was one that I decided to wait until next time to get! But after seeing all those photos I really want it now! I was initially concerned about whether or not it would be good all the way through, or only have a few "gems", as you call it, like many design books do.

I like the Celerie Kemble book (whose title escapes me at the moment), and I have one called "Southern Style" that I like as well. I also have one that showcases different styles of homes in New Orleans - that's pretty fab if you love the city.

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