Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kyle Schuneman - Interiors, Set Designer, and Stylist Extraordinaire

I'm going to be featuring several posts on Kyle Schuneman's
work over the next few months. Kyle is an extremely talented
and diverse designer who is also very young to have such
traction and very impressive portfolio. At the age of 23, he's
already completed a lot of work for various projects ranging
from set design, TV (HGTV, DIY, Style Network), editorials
(C magazine, Vogue Living, Ty Pennington at Home) to designing
events for clients such as Lipton, Dussault Apparel and Howard
Miller furniture.

I am totally fascinated by his home - especially his bedroom and
bathroom. By all accounts, his bedroom is very modern and
metropolitan...but the Tin tiles is what really throws one for a
loop. One might think to use tin or copper tiles in a kitchen, but
not a bedroom. It's totally unexpected and utterly fantastic.

It really does make for a fantastic feature wall
and the shine really adds an edge and an element
of glam.

As for his bathroom, I simply adore it.
Blue and white is such a soothing combination.

His choice of glass tiles really give the space life.
Notice the glass top on the counters, it's a really
subtle but nice touch. I actually really love when
hardware fixtures are built into the wall like he
has in his bathroom. It's also a great space saving
technique. It gives such a streamlined look.

The blue glass tiles are carried over into his
bathing area. The rocks are a fun touch.

Kyle is really great at blending vintage pieces
with a modern look. If you notice in the photos
of his bedroom, he has a vintage chair in his room
upholstered in the same geometric fabric.

The fun lamp and greenery add
bit of an organic feel to the room.

A shiny lamp paired with a textured lamp
shade. You can see that Kyle likes to add
some shine in his rooms - but he does not
overdo it.

Overall, Kyle has a fabulous sense of aesthetics. One that I
can really appreciate. I hope you've enjoyed my introduction
to Kyle and be sure to look out for other posts on him featuring
his work. Kyle contributes with some design guest posts at
The Love List. Be sure to visit the Love List if you have any
design questions for Kyle you'd like to send to him.


Brandi said...

So much talent for one so young! I can't believe he's only 23 -- his style is so sophisticated yet it's still playful. (And he's cute too!)

Anonymous said...

He's 23!!!??!! That's insane!! He's so talented. He has a VERY bright future ahead of him.

Jan said...

Super talented - shocking that he's only 23.
Love his bathroom.

Cristin said...

Wow, and only 23. Thanks for sharing.


maureen said...

so talented & accomplished at such a young age. kudos to him! and thanks for sharing his work!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Amazing talent for such a young lad. What a future!

Boracay hotel said...

I had my eye on the bathroom, so gorgeous! He is truly a very creative interior designer. The bedroom is looking fabulous.

vicki archer said...

Those tin tiles are very original - what a clever guy. It is so refreshing to see something a little different....Enjoy your weekend, xv.

Building a house said...

The whole bedroom design is stunning! I simple love the bed wall and the lamp is very stylish. The colors and the items really match the ambiance of the bedroom, gorgeous simply gorgeous.

Zelda said...

Ok , well,,, , it's tasteful , clean work , but sorry , it's not that amazing creative refreshing ideas that you expect from such young so call "genius". Honestly .. I know many young designers about the same age pretty much more advanced who really open your eyes on a total different angle but maybe certainly less exposed . I wish him thebest any way , he do have talent !

Jesús Moguel said...

admiro tu trabajo y dedicación, muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo para mostrarnos cosas tan bonitas.

Fragrant Liar said...

I'm in love with his bedroom. The silver would seem to make it feel cold, yet because of the other colors in the palette, the room retains its warmth. And so pretty!

Down Pillow said...

Some great design work - I can't get over the fact he's only 23.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also idea good, agree with you.