Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Space Planning

Although I love furniture from many periods, when it comes
to space planning for common areas - I love open space
planning hands down. It lets you decide how you want to
use the space and there are no real rules. It opens up a room
to have a spacious and more airy vibe.

Photo by Steve Giralt via DTI Open

Many people would probably look at a huge room like this
and just panic because they don't know how to use such
a large space. It's all about vignettes and how you want
to carve out and divide the space. I wouldn't have
necessarily used the space this way, but that's the beauty
of it. There are endless combinations and variations one
can find to suit the individual and unique needs. There's
a myriad of ways one can divide a large space from using
sofas and chairs to area rugs and book cases.

Doesn't this sitting area and kitchen look grand? High,
vaulted ceilings with an beautiful and gi-normous kitchen.

Via Marie Claire magazine

The furniture and accessories in this room really brighten
up the space. The space is also well divided into functional
areas. Using area rugs are a great way to outline an area.

When ceilings are low, being able to see straight across
a space gives the feeling that it's larger than it actually is.

If you're running a professional kitchen, you probably want
a separate kitchen so one can see the mayhem and mess that
is being made. However, most of us enjoy leisurely cooking
where we like to have friends or family over and having an
open plan kitchen with dining area allows the cooking to be
done while still being able to mingle and converse with

via Shoebox Decor

Open space planning is huge for smaller spaces - it's the
single biggest element that make smaller spaces look

Via HGTV with Benjamin Moore Paint

Here we have a very modern open kitchen and living
room plan. I adore the dark floors and the kitchen.

I'd say most Manhattan apartments are laid out as such
with the dining and living room in one room. It would
terrible to have a closed off space in such a tight place.

Windsor Smith

The furniture is so cozy but the open plan
makes the space feel comfortable - a place
where one feels like they can breathe.
Such a beautifully done space.

What are your thoughts? Is open space
planning a must for you or do you prefer
the traditional way of separating rooms?


Rdekko said...

i LOVE how you choose the photos you post here! I am huge fan of you Alkemie and i invite you to have a look in my blog (a Greek one) just to say hi!

vintagelaundress said...

What marvelous images - thanks for sharing them!

jamaicabyles said...

I love the airiness of open spaces, especially because I'm a big fan of big slouchy furniture.
Love your blog! Thanks for sharing.....

kbfenner said...

Especially love the blue-green kitchen with a glossy! ceiling----I love open rooms, too. Borrowed space is the best space to heat and cool, don't forget!

Cote de Texas said...

loved your comment today !!! thanks! hope you are doing good.

Jan said...

I'm drawn to the Chinese lanterns and glitterball room.
So uplifting.
Not sure I could handle the bright cheeriness of it 24/7 though.
Nice post K x

Annie said...

Yes but all the mess of daily life is out there too. No privacy and quiet to read a book, and no mystery as to the size of the apartment either!

Beach Vintage said...

I love the open plan. It allows energy to just flow around unobstructed.

Sharon said...

Living in a closed up traditional home, I have to say I dream of open plans... and lofts. If I could bring down the walls, I would:D

Down Pillow said...

Wow, some wonderful images :) I especially love the ones from Marie Claire & Shoebox Decor.

Ana Cristina said...

I Love so must your blog congratulacions, everything is great the colors the open space, your are so creativie, and in all blog the atmosphere is so relaxing, thanks, i am visit you many times. I hope your understand me because my ingles is not ok i am live in a island S. Miguel in AZORES and i spek portuguese, i thing you enjoyed wen you visit my blog.

L said...

Thank you for addressing open spaces. On the one hand, an open floor plan was something that we longed for while living in a townhouse. Yet now that we've moved to a home with an open space, I'm at a loss as to how to arrange my furniture. I would love to hear more from you about this and see more pictures that you find.