Monday, September 28, 2009

Traditional French Upholstery ~ L'Atelier du Cap Gris-Nez

I posted about Pascale's wonderful workshop
about a year ago. It's definitely time to revisit
the work she's done since then. To recap, Pascale
owns her own upholstery shop in France. She uses
the traditional methods of upholstery and does
absolutely beautiful work. Her workshop is called

Pascale is here hard at work in her workshop.

The fabric on this chair is simply gorgeous.

This chair looks traditional and a little
run of the mill until you see what is
used as the fabric.

Who would have thought to just use lace
on the back of the chair? This chair
definitely belongs into a sultry boudoir
if I may say so myself. Absolute genius.

Some fun play with polk-a-dots.

Velvet striping, how luxurious.

I especially love the plum tones.

Can't beat antique french furniture.

How gorgeous is that?

This is an old telephone bench. Here's the before photo.

After everything has been stripped off.

Now that it's been painted, the fabric goes on.

What a transformation!

Simply dramatic and gorgeous.

Last but not least, a vivid purple chair.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your
upholstery projects. Aren't Pascale's
creations divine? If you're interested in
more of her work, you can see my original
post from last year here.

Photos from L'atelier du Cap Gris-Nez


vicki archer said...

She does such beautiful work, I love seeing her transformations. xv.

Jan said...

Yes, wonderful work.
Love the lace chair.

Diane James Home said...

I love how Pascale can update a traditional shape with a more modern fabric - the dots and stripes are terrific!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love all of those chairs and beautiful fabrics. What fun to see!

Tamstyles said...

wow..great work.

London Calling said...

Great eyecandy. Satisfies the chairaholic in me.

Neha said...

Great fabrics - they totally reinvent the pieces but don't detract from the charm of their original frames!

I'm in the process of reupholestering a couple pieces and finding the perfect fabric can be addictive.

Red River Interiors: said...

I'm a chair lover and love the redone chairs you show. This is great work and would love to find someone as talented as she in my area.

anna said...

these chairs are great!

Mélanie said...

She does a fantastic work. And I know what I'm saying

Down Pillow said...

Some beautiful work :) I absolutely love the fabric on the first chair - co pretty.

Urban Flea said...

So unspeakably gorgeous! I especially love the gray and yellow striped fabric... so luxe. I hope you have an awesome time in Asia!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

The Bella Girls said...

I love the before and after pics. The detail on her work is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

Lord Cowell said...

Wow, what an inspirational blog. Thank you. David.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Oh wow...I;ve always wanted to learn how to do this....great before & after pics :)

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Retail jobs said...

And I must say that he has a good choice of fabric, it’s simply gorgeous.

Jennifer Lee said...

Hey Karen ... I'm back again!
As usual, loved catching up on your posts. This one in particular. Thanks for the link to my chair :)

These are fantastic upholstery projects. Love them!


Pierre said...

What an utter bunch of crap it looks to me like a how to on how to take antiques, and transform them into circus props.