Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wallpaper is Back !

Wallpaper was definitely out for a while but it is definitely
back. Well placed wallpaper in the right pattern and colors
can definitely give some pizazz to any room. I hardly ever
see wall paper used that is black - I must say that it is pretty

If you can find a huge print like this,
it can really make a big statement.

Using glass on top of wallpaper is a wonderful idea when
you have such a vivid color in wallpaper such as this green.
It really brings the color and pattern to life - it's also not
a bad idea to use this idea if you want wallpaper in a
bathroom or kitchen.

I don't like yellow that much but I have to say that
this wallpaper is actually stunning. It's sort of a
golden rod color with a loose and gorgeous floral
pattern it. It's stunning.

Peacock feathers anyone?

What a wonderful shade of plum for a wallpaper.

This wallpaper is modeled after Japanese fabric.
I can just see this pattern and color in a kimono.

It's very difficult to go wrong with
Periwinkle blue ^_^

Up for a puzzle anyone?

I have an obsession with the written
word and so this is right down my alley.

What a refreshing color for a room -
I can just smell the garden already...

The color of the wallpaper and the greenery
match so perfectly. The floral arrangement
really further brings out the contrast of the

How about you? Would you consider using
wallpaper for your walls?

Photos from Domino, Deco Detective and more


Linda/"Mom" said...

* G' morning! After reading/viewing this, I went back & looked at all your B/W postings ~ there were some photos of TERRIFFICALLY DRAMATIC SPACES that I really enjoyed seeing... and one of two I wouldn't mind "trying on"!!!

"Wallpaper", as most of us TYPICALLY think of it, is definitely "not me", BUUUUT, oh!!! Do I DEFINITELY have a weakness for grasscloth!!! (Now THAT'S something I could live with~ for a long, long time!!!)~~~

Thanks for posting this~~~ it's interesting, w/ some good points to ponder!!!

Linda in AZ *

Brandi said...

That puzzle wallpaper is so cute! I think my favorite thing about this more modern wallpaper is that it looks so different from Wallpapers of the Past (I think that needs capitalizing, as the old stuff reminds me of Aliens from Outer Space, since you wonder who really put that avocado green wallpaper mess up...). And I like that wallpaper today isn't all about the same pattern being repeated a hundred thousand times. I certainly am more inclined to think about putting it up (if I wasn't renting and knew I'd be somewhere for awhile).

The Bella Girls said...

I have been considering using wallpaper in my house somewhere. I like the idea of purchasing a big print for a large space (i.e. bedroom).

My living room is painted a dark, navy blue. So, I found myself drawn into the first photo with the black wallpaper - stunning!


Nosso Futuro Lar said...

Follow your blog. Kisses

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I have rolls of that peacock paper. Must get it up on the wall!

Chichi and Luxe said...

some amazing wallpapers here!

Jessie {Punctuated Life} said...

I'm absolutely in love with a great statement wallpapered wall!! I would use on in a heartbeat {my little rental apartment isn't ideal for this, but someday.....}! I think that plum bedroom is stunning as is the first image of the bamboo entry way. LOVE.

Down Pillow said...

There are so many great-looking wallpapers nowadays that I would definitely consider hanging some. I especially love the the green-papered room with the glass placed over it.

Porchlight Interiors said...

I love using wallpaper! The last image is one of my all time favourites but I haven't used it yet - maybe next client!! Tracey xx

Laurie said...

Absolutely! I'm looking for a large scale black and white print to use in my small entry-possibly above the wainscot in our bathroom too.

Jess said...

Ever heard of William Morris? He is from back in the Arts and Crafts period. For his time he was considered ultra-modern because his designs were so simple and clean lined. Now they are mostly used in historical settings, BUT some of his designs are simply stunning like many of the examples you have given here. I can't think about wallpaper without thinking about this man. Back when he was designing, wallpaper was definitely the thing. Funny how it has come and gone and come again since then. I am glad to see more and more people getting over the shock and fear of wallpaper from the 60's and 70's! GO WALLPAPER!

Kid Hewison said...

oh, yes please on the peacock. now just to figure out where to find it in norway. cheers and compliments on your blog.

temp jobs said...

The wall paper designs are very earthy and I love it.

Traineeship said...

Amazing wall paper designs, it’s like your living in a forest. It’s very creatively beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I just love this wallpaper back section, and wonder where I could find those wallpapers? I have not seen any source or references.