Monday, October 26, 2009

A Gorgeous Rustic San Franciscan Loft - Ken Fulk Design

I've always thought industrial lofts were very very cool spaces.
This loft in San Francisco has a lot of wood in it giving it a rustic
feel. It is designed by San Franciscan design extraordinaire
Ken Fulk
who is the designer of choice to many tech moguls in
San Francisco.

A kitchen complete with a full counter dining space.

The kitchen is outfitted with a very glossy
modern red look. The wooden barstools
soften the space with a natural element.

A second table that can be used as a meeting
or working space that is open to the rest of
the living space.

Here's another look at the table from another angle.

I especially love the look and feel of the sofas and
the coffee table made from reclaimed wood.

The loft has a fantastic view and the sofas look like they
were made to snuggle up in. I imagine that the sofas would
be very comfortable to sleep in as well as they are very deep.

A canopy bed was used in the bedroom.

Crisp white sheets and a clean white duvet
make the bed look modern and inviting.

The guest bedroom off of the main
living space also offers beautiful views.

I certainly wouldn't mind staying in a guest bedroom like this.

Another look at the guest bedroom.

A makeshift bars space with rustic accents.

Isn't the space fun in an eclectic rustic sense?

Would you live in a loft?


Pia said...

are really Fantastic
I love this type of decoration..

Kiss from Portugal

Jan said...

Despite the vast space - still looks cosy.
Yes I could live in it !

Francine Gardner said...

LOVE LOVE this loft, up my alley in terms of design until I realized that.....the bed and some other industrial pieces are from my New York Showroom Interieurs....I guess it is a good thing that I really appreciate what our clients do with our furniture

Southern Aspirations said...

Love Ken Faulk and I love that this is cozy, warm and inviting. Not cold but still very modern. Great photos!!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Love the super fluffy pillows! :)

Jennifer Lee said...

lofts always look so empty and cold but these look so comfy. really nice!


Molly Jean said...

this space is incredible in every way! thanks for sharing it!

Kari Lønning said...

Rustic? maybe for CA. I think of rustic as rough boards and calico. (I'm in New England.) This though, is more technology meets texture and design. Nicely done and looks inviting.

timelesshome annika said...

Love loft living !
Have a wounderful day

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Love Ken's work!
Fabulous loft!


Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

This is gorgeous! I especially love the attention to detail.

Down Pillow said...

I love his take on rustic style :)

Jesús Moguel said...

que bello lugar, ese es mi sueño de casa!, felicidades por tu maravilloso viaje a hong kong!.

Twin Mommy said...

Truly fabulous. I love the kitchen! I bet this quite a challenge for the designer: loft, condo, and rustic?

Dave said...

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Stacey Marin said...

I ABSOLUTLY would LOOOOOVVVEEEE to live in this loft. I too live in an artist loft in Ontario, CA US but mine is definetly not as creative and unique as this one. I love the whole rustic vibe of it.

rustic dining tables said...

Thank you for this post. Funny how the universe gives you what you need. I was looking for new direction and came to your site. You continue to be a source of inspiration.

Susan Graham

tho rei said...

Nice view, nice style, nice decoration ! :D
I'm interrested in this condo in Montréal , but first and foremost I will adopt the decoration metionned in this article :-)
Do you have any idea how much it will cost ?

Thx, Elly, QC

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