Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Fantastic Living Rooms with Cozy and Romantic Fireplaces

Now that everyone is absolutely stuffed from Thanksgiving
and recovering from Black Friday shopping for those who
were courageous (or wreckless) enough to give up sleep and
brave the crowds, we are now firmly into the countdown for

I always think of cozy and rustic rooms in the dead of winter
when I think of Christmas. Most of all, I wish I had a real -
honest to goodness working fireplace. Fireplaces provide
warmth and can really transform any room to feel more cozy
and romantic. Isn't the above rustic room with a stove
fireplace so cool?

This is a very modern and posh living room with a wood
burning fireplace. Love the tufted gray ottoman.

I used to sleep over at my friend's house during the winter
and we would go buy a Duraflame log to light in her living
room fire place. We would make hot apple cider spiked with
whole Cinnamon sticks and rum (yes we were underaged but
we spiked it for flavour and not for getting smashed.) The
best part was watching a movie an then breaking out cots
and sleeping bags to fall asleep right in front of the fire.

Very few things can replace the ambiance that
candles and the glow of fire from a fireplace can give.
It's a good thing that starting a fire in the fireplace is
not very expensive.

Even if you're alone, starting a fire just for yourself
and curling up with a book in a comfortable chair is
one of those little luxuries in life. Don't forget the
tea or hot cocoa!

I'm a sucker for the Union Jack and a pretty plaid pattern.

Building a fire is also great for the holidays.
Enjoy the season while you can build a fire.

Kindle - Global Edition $259

On a separate topic, I'm beginning to contemplate Christmas
presents. I'm considering the Global edition of the Kindle.
I have a friend who travels a lot and she adores it. The last
trip I took, I realized that it was ridiculous for me to be toting
4-5 books around by my return trip home. The only thing is
that when I'm at home, I still love real books - I love the feel of
them. This looks like a pretty good gift - I only wish the Kindle
books were a bit cheaper (you'd think that with no printing -
they could afford to sell the books for less than $10 a pop.)
Do any of you own a Kindle? What are your thoughts on it?

Photos from Ideal Home


Sandy said...

Hi, I'm in Australia and got mine at the end of October as soon as it was available to purchase. I could not wait. I absolutely love it and I'm not a gadegty type girl.

The only downside for me, is the copyright restrictions mean that certain books can't be purchased. It depends which country your Kindle is registered to. The USA has many more books available than Australia currently. However, it appears there are certain Kindle books available to Aus customers and not USA customers. So I guess it goes both ways.

I carry mine all the time and had a great opportunity to use it today when the local shopping centre I was in decided to perform a trial fire drill just before trading. So while waiting at the evacuation point, I pulled out my Kindle and read for 15 minutes until the centre reopened. I never ever carted novels around, but the Kindle is just so convenient.

Buy one, you won't regret it.

IRENE said...

Lovely selection and some great ideas. I am actually looking for a little piece of furniture to add in the alcove next to the fireplace, and I loved looking at the details of your post.Thank you.

Porchlight Interiors said...

I like the top 4 rooms. Small and cozy

Francine Gardner said...

For all the trouble it is to build a fire....and clean is so worth it!!! I could not think of a winter without a good fire, especially on a snowy night. Yesterday, i gathered all pines cones from my trees as they add a wonderful scent and cracking sound.

Jennifer Lee said...

our canadian thanksgiving was in october so our christmas countdown started a month early =) i agree, nothing like the feeling of snowy nights in front of a warm crackling fire. that one image of the fire place with the 2 built in units with the covered door fronts, i'm really liking that one.
great images.

jamaica byles said...

I love my kindle but I agree the new releases could be cheaper however great deals on alot of classics ( I bought the entire Jane Austin collection for $1.99).Hopefully newer releases will be made cheaper....

Shannon said...

Beautiful photos, Karen. I can almost feel the warmth of these rooms. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Denise said...

As always, I love your post. Did you notice that all 3 baywindow rooms are actually the same room? I guess it is the window specialist in me that had me taking a second look. As for the Kindle, I have friends who ignore theirs, as others travel everywhere with it. So I guess it's a toss. I am too old fashion to give up the feel and smell of a book to go techie.

Happy Holidays, Denise

gina said...

I have had my kindle for a year now and absolutely love it. For me walking into a Borders Books and taking in the smell of all the books is one of the greatest smells in the world. But owning a kindle is right up there too. The down side is not all books are available on kindle but there is plenty to choose from and they are much less than buying a book. Just because you own a kindle doesn't mean every now and then you can't read a paperback. Buy one you won't be disappointed. One of the best electronic inventions yet is the KINDLE!!!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Coincidence that all of the ones I love have fantastic wallpaper???

prashant said...

it appears there are certain Kindle books available to Aus customers and not USA customers.

Work from home India

~evelyse said...

I come every once in a while to check out your blog and u ALWAYS have these beautiful rooms on here! By the way, I will never forget who taught me a little about the "blog world" when I first came on here about 2 yrs ago! Thank you!

Interior design ideas said...

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ashlina @ secrets of domestic bliss said...

i absolutely LOVE your blog...its so much fun to read....i also love this post...the fireplaces are so fun to look at. especially this time of year....


Anonymous said...

Don't forget you are buying the author's's not just about the cost of printing. I agree with loving the feel of a real book, and that is the dilemma for me.

Slumber Designs said...

Loving your fireplace pics!! The warmth, the inspiration, the cozyness... I love it!! Thanks for sharing these pics.

And i referenced them and your blog on my site. Your site is such inspiration. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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Cambodia tours said...

I come every once in a while to check out your blog and u ALWAYS have these beautiful rooms on here! By the way, I will never forget who taught me a little about the "blog world" when I first came on here about 2 yrs ago! Thank you!