Monday, November 16, 2009

Cruising along the Mekong River in Style - Gorgeous Asian Chinoise Style Rooms

One of the countries I really love visiting in my travels
is Vietnam. Vietnam is still beginning to open up and
isn't to the point where it's over developed yet. It still
retains much of it's essence and unique blend of Asian
with French influences.

I think cruising is one of the loveliest ways to see a place
or country and what better way to do it than to do it in
luxury and style!

This boat is called The Jayavarman and it is run by
the Heritage Line. As you can see, the staterooms on
this little ship are completely luxurious and unlike
any staterooms I've seen before on a ship. It looks
like a high end hotel room instead of being on a

Each stateroom has a balcony with a table and
two chairs to lounge in while gazing at the scenery.

Even the bathroom has distinct
Chinese styled cabinets and doors.

They really did a fantastic job with blending modern
luxury with traditional Chinese and Asian aesthetics.

The wood work in the rooms are just amazing.

At dusk, the the lighting and the
scenery are romantic and peaceful.

The cruise either departs from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
and proceeds upstream to Siem Reap in Cambodia or the
other way from Siem Reap downstream to Saigon. I still
prefer the name Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon is so
much prettier.

There were no photos of the suite but I
thought this was a gorgeous rendering.

The open deck on top looks even better with daybeds,
gorgeous coffee tables and billowing curtains.

What you saw above was the deluxe room, this is the
superior room (or what you would call a standard room.)
Even the standard room is quite gorgeous. Take a look
out the window in this photo. Amazing isn't it?

I love the panels of plants and birds used
as a headboard in these staterooms.

It's tea time.

If you plan to decorate any of your rooms in Chinoise style,
hopefully this post has given you some great ideas on how
to blend modern luxuries with a more traditional asian look.

Wouldn't I love to be cruising down the Mekong in this boat...


COCOCOZY said...

I think I like the superior room the best. I usually go for the upgrade but in this case maybe not! Great post!


Zia Meadows said...

love the circles on the doors,
love the panels above the bed,
love the gold and duck egg cushion too

Zelda said...

hi dear . I've been traveling along china and I've seen absolute beautiful hotel rooms , they really know what's mean hospitality . .... and I've see the worth :-) ... but not so much ..

Who's that Gamine? said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG and THIS POST IS AMAZING! I will now follow your blog religiously- as I am going to read the posts over my 2nd cup of coffee :)



Jan said...

Both rooms are lovely.
I do prefer the standard room though.
(not sure what that says about me)
love x

Beach Vintage said...

Oh my, to think you can actually do this, go on a boat like is amazing.

Francine Gardner said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL POST!!! I traveled to and through Viet Nam with my husband and then young sons in Spring of 2002. Viet Nam is a beautiful country with a genuinely gracious, charming and almost universally forgiving people.

And you're right, Saigon is a much nicer name than HCMC which I guess is why most Vietnamese we met there still call it Saigon. I look forward to visiting again soon.

The Queen of Hearts said...

You blog is absolutely amazing. Breath-taking. You've opened me up to a world that didn't know existed. You've been bookmarked.

M.Kate said...

They are all so beautiful..and Vietnam is a must visit place for me next year ;)

Yoli said...

COmpletely out of a dream. Thank you for sharing so much beauty.

Francine Gardner said...

I so enjoyed reading your comment about your travels through China and Tibet...i felt that i was there with you..ohhh the breathing, panting, looking at every steep climb or step in horror, the headaches...(my head in the toilet from altitude sickness...) Either we are crazy to love this type of adventure or there is something so beautiful, humbling and extraordinary that makes every physical discomfort endurable.
To answer you, I did visit Hoi An, if you overlook all the touristy traps, it is a wonderful city and the surroundings are magical. We rented mopeds for a few days and really had fun exploring. I really loved the energy of Hanoi, great Art galleries in the old part a city, great design stores, fantastic restaurants,a fast fast city . As for Iceland, I highly recommend it.Purchase a good map, rent a 4 wheels drive with very high wheels as there are no paved roads nor bridges inland and you must drive on pretty hair raising roads(which after your drive through Tibet should be a picnic for you) and ford the rivers. i am thinking of my next hiking trip..any suggestions??? i had in mind Kilimanjaro or South patagonia in Chili..... well, first i must make sure that I survive this business nightmare we are in here in new York......

Red River Interiors: said...

Loved your post... Vietnam is on my list of places to see....soon. What a wonderful way to travel and see the country. Thanks for keeping me interested in wanting to see it for usual...I love your blog... Fay

Red River Interiors: said...

Loved your post... Vietnam is on my list of places to see....soon. What a wonderful way to travel and see the country. Thanks for keeping me interested in wanting to see it for usual...I love your blog... Fay

down pillow said...

LOVE the first bedroom & how it completely opens up to the outdoors :)

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