Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Inspiration and Photography

One of my other great passions are fashion and
photography. I love seeing great portraits and
photos that evoke a certain feeling.

This girl has an very sincere and powerful smile
that reaches her eyes. I love the combination of
feminine heels with a masculine shirt and tie. I've
always loved a woman in a suit or masculine
clothing. I think that the contrast is really sexy.

The angle of this shot is just perfect. I don't
think I'd wear these boots but how the skirt
lifts just to show a hint of skin where the boot
tops are is somehow very alluring.

Very cool photo. It's so hard to take a photo against
light - especially the sun. Such brilliance in the photo.

I must admit that I have a fetish for
gloves. I have a collection of them.

Sequins are really in right now - and in fact I'm hunting
for a sequined jacket. The feathers look so soft against
the shiny sequins. I think I'm just a magpie at heart.
Anything soft or shiny will always catch my eye.

More brilliance in a photo. The softened
light makes it look so ethereal.

Very romantic, chic, light and bright. Classic.

I think this dress and setting in Venice
is so romantic.

Aren't these pair of shoes the cutest shoes you've
ever seen? It's like the more feminine version of
Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. By the way, if you
haven't seen the musical Wicked -- you absolutely
must. It's the Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch
of the West's perspective. Very Very clever, great
music and the twists will pleasantly surprise you. I
promise you'll never look at the story of the Wizard
of Oz the same again.

Dita von Teese - her fashion is the epitome
of old glamour. She always has impeccable
taste in dresses. I've always adored one
shouldered, assymetrical dresses and this
one is lovely.

Lounging in an exotic Moroccan room.

Probably one of my absolute favorite past times -
having tea or coffee outdoors while people watching.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos. The photos are from
one of my favorite pictorial blogs - Simply Seductive.


un bel oiseau said...

magpie at heart. yes indeed. for my sister's christmas present, let's just say i had wayyy too much fun gathering lovely sequined things :)

Jennifer Lee said...

I agree, women in mens shirts or ties just add so much power behind femininity. And that photo with the soften lighting, I love shots like that - beautiful.

Brandi said...

Such great photos. Photos like these sometimes make me wish I could wander around city streets in gorgeous gowns all day. Wouldn't that be fun?

Zia Meadows said...

What Glamour! I especially love the skirt in Venice and the pink shoes, there seem to be so many bows everywhere nowadays....

down pillow said...

Some really wonderful fashion photography - thanks for sharing :)

down pillow said...

Some really wonderful fashion photography - thanks for sharing :)

So Spiffy said...

It's me darling... "guess who".. did you get my e-mail? How have you been? What I love so much about this post is those sunnies..but I have huge cheeks when I smile... so I need large frames.

Southern Aspirations said...

fabulous photos. My fave is the dress is Venice. Great collection!

Anonymous said...
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