Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ken Fulk Design - Dining Rooms, Kitchens and Baths

A little while back, I featured a loft that San Francisco
designer Ken Fulk had designed. I really love his work
and will be showing more of it in the future. I was totally
floored by the drama in this dining room. I am very much
so drooling over the floor to ceiling mirror. The lighting
in the room just adds to the romantic and mysterious
ambience in the room.

This is the same dining room during the day.
It feels completely different but I do really
enjoy the dark walls.

High contrast with vivid colors is always a welcome.

This is a more traditional sort of dining room that
Fulk has designed. I really like this style of dining
room as well. The chandelier really makes a
statement in this room.

I can see that Fulk enjoys using mirrors and
chandeliers in his dining rooms. But you know
what? It totally works every time - it can be
a different style.

Here's a modern kitchen that sort of has
a nostalgic feel to it somehow. Love the
cherry red accents.

I hardly see such deep basins for sinks - but I really like
them. They fit in this chic bathroom that has a lot of
clean lines and high end fixtures.

This spacious bathroom definitely has some plush luxuries
such as the reading chair and ottoman. Nice! I wouldn't
mind having a reading spot in a bathroom like this.

A smaller bathroom that has spared no
luxury with floor to ceiling marble.

by Kristin Cashore

As many of you, my other great loves include
traveling and reading. I have been getting myself
in trouble by reading myself into the morning and
waking up with panda eyes (dark circles) to go to
work. I sure do pay for it but I just can't put a
good book down. I've been reading some young
adult books as of late and came across one that
I highly recommend. Totally appropriate for tweens
and your young adult. Couldn't put the book down
at all. If you're interested in a great story or if you
have a child who is a book worm - you won't be sorry
to have checked this book out.

To close out, let me know what you think of Ken Fulk's
dining rooms? Would you decorate your dining room
in such a style?


Jennifer Lee said...

very dark and dramatic!

the marble bath is great, but that tub looks really high -

Kristy @ Isn't It Just Darling? said...

I love the dark dining room in the first picture. I would absolutely decorate a room like that! I'm all about the drama!... in decor, not my life ;)

FancyPants-design said...

Stunning! .. and I usually don't like dark and dramatic residential interiors.. If you think about it .. makes sense though.. at a retaurant they make things dramatic and moody all the time ..and usually the only time you use your dining room is when you have a dinner party.. great place to entertain!! :)

Emily Anne said...

LOVELY! I'm not usually into deep colors, but these rooms are stunning. :)

Sweet blog too.

M.Kate said...

Those rooms are scrumptious and I love them all, so difficult to choose a fav when everything is beautiful. I love reading though I hardly have time to, the children love it too much, cant put the book down until its done. Happy weekend Karen :O

down pillow said...

Such great design work. I especially like the dining rooms - really beautiful :)

carrie @ bloomacious said...

love the dramatic chandeliers - so lovely!


I absolutely love the first dining room. The drama of the dark walls, the over-size gilded mirror, the gorgeous chandelier, and the exotic color of the flowers, takes this space over-the-top I could see myself hosting a glamorous soiree in this room.

VictoriaArt said...

Love the drama and the juxtaposition with the modern and edgy artwork. Great style, would do it in a heartbeat!
All depending which house, style etc.
I can very much relate to your reading habits, not only books, but blogs too. Many a night sees me until at least 1 AM reading and brewing over my stuff.
I have a particular affinity to books for children and young adults, not only because I have 4 kids between 23 and 10, but because I love that special age between the imaginations of childhood and the fascinations of growing up into adulthood! It's magical. I read eveything else too!!!
Just finished 'The forgotten garden' and loved it. Also Lev Grossman's 'The Magicians'!
Sorry for the endless mail, but he, you might like it, right?

Will stop by soon again!

art deco furniture said...

The dining room is simply irresistible!

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I am hearing that Ken Fulk Designs are good but I never thought that it is going to be like that. It is the best designs of dining rooms, kitchens and baths I ever saw. Very stunning designs.