Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cape Town, South Africa ~ Grand Daddy Hotel's Air Stream Rooftop Penthouse

So have I caught your attention with my polk a dots?
This is actually the inside of an Air stream on the rooftop
of a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

Let's get another look at those polk a dots!

This historic and conservative looking building is The
Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. It's actually an
"Art" hotel where all of the rooms are modern and

The suprise? A penthouse air stream
trailer lot on the roof of the hotel.

One might wonder how they got the Air Streams
up there... I think this photo will suffice - by

Up and close.

The roof top comes complete with a communal area
that has a small bar and cooking grill for a BBQ.

Gorgeous spot isn't it?

They did a fantastic job of landscaping the roof.

You may be wondering if all of the Air Streams look like
polk-a-dots exploded in them. They all have different
themes and decor.

This one has a retro feel to it.

This one was inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Onno.

Another retro design, but tastefully done.

The same trailer from another angle.

Have no fear girls! Have we got a PINK air stream trailer
for you! Perfect for gal pals. Time to whip out those sexy
silk and satin jammies that the boys always think us girls
lounge around in those glamorous looking slumber parties
that are portrayed in the movies :)

It IS fun though.

Feels like a girly Parisian boudoir.

Well, there's something edgier for the bachelors too.

Complete with a cool looking jellyfish
theme for the bed area.

Feels like a cozy cave - I love that the walls are dark.

This last one is a hoot! Remember the
nursery story of the Three Bears?

Well here it is complete with 3 beds for you to try.

Super cute! Complete with different
sized chairs and different sized bowls.

You can find more information at Grand Daddy
Hotel's website
. Rooms start from $120 USD
per night.

Would you stay there for a night? I would
totally do it. Looks like a lot of fun - something

Photos from Grand Daddy Hotel


Zelda said...


so Spiffy April Marie Girl Japan said...

This has to be the most fun interior I've ever seen.. thanks for sharing this with us.

Francine Gardner said...

This is SOOO COOL!
I must stay there one day.
btw....the hotel for wine in Bordeaux is really just for wines.....but there is a wonderful spectacular hotel next to it.

Jan said...

Love polka dots, but not sure how I'd feel enveloped in them !

Mango Gal said...

Oh my goodness! This is so cool!

Zia Meadows said...

I am desperate for a vintage caravan for my front lawn and really want to make it something special inside- now I need to have about 5!

Lize said...

I'll definitely go for the polka dots ... FIRST!
It reminds me so of one of my favourite artists, the very talented Yayoi Kusama!

Then maybe the retro, followed by...

Yoli said...

Very groovy!!!! I'll take any of the rooms with that guy in it of course.

Katherine Lee said...

thanks so much for the comment, so glad you liked the project! great post as always my dear!

xo katherine aka. urbanflea

Dylana said...

This sounds wonderful!

Lovely blog!

London Lisbonite said...

One of the most original hotels I've ever seen. Funny how I don't think a caravan version in the UK would work quite as well!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I actually think I like the bachelor one the best (I love the jellyfish near the bed!)

Anonymous said...
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Sharon said...

Rad! love the different themes and decor, especially the retro ones

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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