Monday, December 14, 2009

Chic London Design Hotel ~ The Sanctum Soho Hotel London

The Sanctum Soho Hotel London is a very chic
and luxurious boutique hotel located in a very desirable
location just off of Regent's street in the West End of
London. Two beautiful Georgian townhouses have been
converted into a 30 room boutique hotel.

I just adore the glamorous details used - the nickel
and mirror surfaces for glamour with leather tufted
headboards. The bed just looks absolutely sumptious.

What's even more interesting is the modern open layout
of the rooms. The rooms are decorated differently.

Different angles of the same room.

The opposite end of the bed is a glamorous
mirrored writing desk with a velvet covered chair.

The discreet (as the English are) yet upscale entrance.

The public lounge area is designed with rich
reds and a really cool copper pendant lamp.

Here's another gorgeously appointed room. I love
the use of dark walls to contrast with the bedding.

This is a brighter photo of the same room where you
can see some of the details of the room a little more.

You can never go wrong with classic
black, white and silver in the bathroom.

This smaller room has a desk and
a bar in the corner of the room.

A closer look at the bed.

Anyone for a round bed? I think round beds are very
glam but I'm not entirely sure I'd want one for myself
unless I was sleeping solo. It just doesn't seem like a
round bed would fit 2 people comfortably - I keep on
thinking the feet would hang over the edge...That's just

Here's a cozy room probably in the attic level of the
original Georgian Townhome. They really know how
to use the space - they even managed a full size tub
in this room.

Ooooohh, a purple tufted headboard - very interesting.

If anyone is up for something with a bit of the English
country feel, this would be the room for you. I adore
Union Jacks so I find the pillows to be the perfect

You really can't beat the location, what do you think
of the rooms? What are your favorites? What do you
think of a round bed (this one I'm curious about your

Photos from Sanctum Soho Hotel


Vintage+Chic said...

Love all the rooms! Thanks for sharing.

thelennoxx said...

Wow, neat designs!

If the bathtub is in the bedroom, does that mean the toilet is in there somewhere too? If it is, then not cool... lol!

I have no experience with round beds, but you are not alone with the impression of dangling feet. Personally I think round beds look a bit cheap..

LOVE the beds, they are all so pretty (except for the round one, lol!)

Katherine Lee said...

I'm loving that tiny room with the tub practically at the foot of the bed! Awesome find.

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Jan said...

I wouldn't mind moving in - any shape bed would do !

so Spiffy April Marie Girl Japan said...

I agree.. totally loving the bed headboard... how have you been?

OceanDreams said...

Oh it is totally gorgeous, I want to stay there!

Fabulously french said...

Gorgeous but not keen on a round bed....


Laura Casey Interiors said...

So chic but not up for a round bed either. Merry Christmas!

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