Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Pastel Christmas ~ Shabby Chic Christmas ~ Merry Christmas Everyone!

Have any of you thought of a pastel Christmas?  I love the room above -
it's sort of a blend between shabby chic and a pastel Christmas.  It's super
girly but tons of fun.

Pink glasses with gold rimmed dishes.

Pastel candy covered almonds...

These magazine clippings are from Home Companion magazine.
They absolutely show that a "Pastel" Christmas can be very
well done and lots of fun.

Silver finishes for a touch of glam.

Bolder colors to accent the pastels.

A pastel Christmas is great if you have young
ones and kids would love the color scheme.

I haven't made paper chains in a long time -
all you need is a pair of scissors, a stapler
and lots of bright fun wrapping paper or
origami paper.

Wrap all of your presents up in pink!

How about a paper and button gingerbread house?

You can make a wonderful decorative ball with vintage ornaments.

What do you think?  It may not be for everyone but
would you ever do a pastel Christmas?  Or even
perhaps a miniature version for your daughter's room?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


MissBliss said...

It looks lovely! and paper chains... must do with my little niece next time I see her... last time we did a craft it was the friendship pins I made back in the 80s! She loved them.

gorgeous pics!

vicki archer said...

Happy Christmas...xv

Anonymous said...

i think it`s awesome!
i`ve posted some pics from your blog in my christmas post

merry christmas!

pinkstilettos said...

Oh yes, I recognize these gorgeous images from last year...some of my favorites!

Brandi said...

These are just lovely!! Have a beautiful holiday!

Jan said...

Woah Karen ! I do like pastels, but some of these are a little overwhelming ! :)
Have a great holiday & thanks for all your comments (very much appreciated)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Lovely indeed!

May the peace of the season be yours.

Visual Vamp said...

So pretty1 So you!
Merry Christmas!
xo xo

Things That Inspire said...

I think that is Brooke's (Velvet & Linen) daughter in this article!

We have a wonderful Christmas showhouse here in Atlanta, and one year there was a different Christmas tree in every single bedroom. I thought it was a lovely thing to have a special tree in each room.

I have always wanted to decorate according to a color theme, but in the end stick with the traditional red and green. Blogs have enabled me to vicariously enjoy the different color schemes that people use to decorate for the holidays!

Just added you back to my blog roll - it mysteriously disappeared last month, and I am slowly but surely recreating it. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Yoli said...

Karen this is lovely! Makes me feel like a little girl again. Merry Christmas dear one!

That's So Shabby said...

That's So Shabby just HAS to have paper chains next Christmas. And that beautiful beaded ball is to die for!! I think I can achieve that by a styrofoam ball, faux pearls and long rhinestone pins.
Lovely blog! I am a follower, won't you follow me too please? Merry Christmas! I am glad I stumbled across your blog. I will be back often.

Francine Gardner said...

What a wonderful pastel palette.
Wish you a very Merry Christmas

Heather said...

Lovely and girly.....check out my tree on a pastelie blue the same vein....somehow where it is warm one likes to be a bit lighter in the Xmas themes...lots of great ideas here...Happy New Year!

tania said...

Merry christmas ! I discover your lovely blog, I made a link from my french blog to yours !
Happy Holiday

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, with lots of blessings--Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Tove said...

Love all the pictures, lovely christmas colors:)

Merry christmas

ashlina said...

ok seriously, those are the most fantastic images of for a girlie christmas. i love the feeling of femininity...
i will be adding those to my mental collection.

thanks for sharing....

merry christmas!

Jennifer said...

My girls would have a fit over this! It is such a far cry from my traditional reds and greens.
I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I dream the brief should secure more info then it has.

FileUnderLovely said...

Wow, what a fabulous pink christmas! Hope your holidays are just as lovely!

Hülya said...

Merry Christmas beautiful pictures! The tree is lovely!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Material Girls- Emily said...

I love the idea of a pastel mini Christmas for a little girl's room. We just did a post on how pastel was big in fashion this year and how it translates to interiors. I should have linked these photos- very pretty!

Mike said...

I love the little green table there. It's adorable.

Anonymous said...

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