Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspirational, Colorful and Mouthwatering CupCakes !

Well...I just can't resist beautiful photos of desserts, cakes
and food in general. Today's post is on cupcakes that are
also eye candy. Food and candy also make for great color
inspirations. How about this pink spread of cupcakes?
It's a great idea for Valentine's day or to modify it for a
girl's birthday party.

These handmade cupcakes have a really organic and
natural look to them. They are so beautiful!

Photo by Victoria Pearson

Instead of giving chocolates, why not give
a dozen miniature cupcakes?

Super Mario Brother Cupcakes = Super Fun!

These cupcakes remind me of the Care Bears. I
loved watching the cartoon when I was little.

Japanese character cupcakes. You have to hand it to
the Japanese for being the ultimate in creativity when
it comes to creating cute characters. They even have
a comic based on a white radish - to top it off, they actually
came up with a story line for the white radish character
that is totally funny. I will have to introduce you to this
radish character.

Oooooh. Mint chocolate cupcakes...

I totally did a double-take when I saw these cupcakes.
Talk about confusing the mind. I don't know about you,
but cupcakes are sweet. When I look at a cheeseburger,
I think salty and greasy. But I have to admit, it is a very
creative and way cool idea.

by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack

Fun cupcake recipes for all sorts of occasions.
Extremely popular cupcake book!

Crazy About Cupcakes
by Krystina Castella

Lots of different fun designs for Cupcakes.

by Shelly Kaldulski

This book has easy instructions and beautiful photos.

Truly delectable creations for every day, for special occasions
and for sharing with friends, with 100 ideas shown step-by-step
and more than 400 beautiful photographs

by Carol Pastor

This book is new and coming out February 25, 2009.
Tons of ideas and photos. It's available for pre-order
through Amazon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photos from Amazon and We Heart it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romantic French Style Bedrooms

The French have earned their famous and
romantic style with their sense of culture
and aesthetics. I wanted to focus on some
French styled rooms for this post. All of the
rooms are not entirely French in style but
rather have elements in the room that give
the rooms a distinct French flair.

Guilt mirrors - very French and very glam.

The above caned, French armchair is
among my favorite styles of chairs.
It is very versatile and can be used
almost anywhere.

This children's room is so airy and light. It's
got sort of a rustic French flair to it. The white
makes it very romantic and ethereal.

Another children's bedroom. I just love the
simplicity of the room and the colors.

What French room is without frills?

This bedroom is just so dreamy.
It's got style and character to boot.

If you like the French country style,
this is a good example.

Sage green can be a very soothing color.

I love the exposed beams with the
quintessential French bed and furniture.

The open beams and the flooring (long wide
planks of wood) are really beautiful in this room.

How about this eclectic room with a
rococo headboard and vintage items.

French Home

If you like French style or decor,
here are some of my recommendations
to start with. There are many more
beautiful French design books but these
three are great starters.

The New French Decor: Living with Timeless Objects
by Michele Lalande (Author), Gilles Trillard (Photographer)

The French-Inspired Home
with French General

French General is a store in Los Angeles
that is opened by a bonafide Francophile.
This book has a lot of fun and small inspirations
around the home including some small DIY
projects to put a French flair in your home.

Decor photos from Country Living.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thom Filicia - A Queer Eye for Dressing My Nest

This is Thom Filicia's Living room. He's since redecorated
since but I've always felt that it was really neat to use a
glass wall to separate his living space from his bedroom.
Ever since seeing his talent and gorgeous rooms in Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy, I've been a fan of his. He now has
his own show called Dress My Nest.

Thom has a really versatile style and a very refined
sense of design that I really admire and appreciate.

He has a gorgeous canopied bed in his bedroom.

And a very polished bachelor's bathroom.

He has a really classy way of bringing the
eclectic, the functional and the luxe together.

He also has a great way of bringing color together.

I really loved this make-over he did on
Dress My Nest. Can you believe the before
versus the after which looks like an incredibly
chic and glamorous space?

Thom Filicia also gave Guiliana Rancic (from
E! News) a makeover for her living room.

More examples of the wonderful make
overs that Thom has done for so many.

I especially loved this makeover which has a very Palm Beach
style and feel. The stripes, the headboard, and the very comfortable
lounge chair in the corner totally made me drool over this room.
It would be like living in a Palm Beach vacation room permanently.
Doesn't that sound great?

This pad became dramatic, modern and super chic.

Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for
Creating Rooms You'll Love

If you like Thom's creative rooms, you'll
really like his book. His book shows his
own Soho flat as well as many examples
of rooms he's made over for many of his
clients throughout the years. It's not
expensive and I found many inspirations
in his book so I think it's a great value.

All photos from Thom Filicia's
site and

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea Time - Tea Cups - Tea Pots - Table Spread

I'm not sure if many of you know that I am a
total Tea Addict. I love all sorts of tea not to
mention that I'm a tea ware/tea cup and tea
pot collector. I also keep a large collection of
tea at all times at home and at work.

Just wanted to share some tea time spreads
and photos with you all. I hope it will inspire
you to take some time out for a cup of tea. It
can indeed lift the spirit.

Marie Claire Idee magazine via All Sorts blog.

I love the colors of the magazine spread
above in Marie Claire Idee magazine.

Via Decor8blog

This gorgeous photo is from renowned stylist Selena Lake.

Via Decor8blog

The polk a dot teapot and beautiful cakes
make such a pretty and whimsical table scape.

Via Decor8blog.

Cute birds on this teacup and plate set.

Photo from Country Living

I love collecting mismatched and different
teacup and saucer sets. They make for a
fun and eclectic table setting or tea party.

How about them cupcakes with your tea?

I do love my pink so I love this collection of pink houseware.

Via AllSorts blog

If you have a collection of teapots, the mantle over your
fireplace is as good as any place to display your collection.

Via MyLittleCupcake

Cupcakes and tea seem to be a popular match.

Perfect Tables by William Yeoward

Last but not least, when looking at all this
house ware, I think of William Yeoward's
book on Perfect Tables. It's a fantastic
book if you don't already have it.

Have a great weekend and have a cup of tea!