Thursday, April 30, 2009

Land of the Leprachauns - Luxury in Dublin

I apologize as my timing is a bit off this week. Fell ill to a pretty
bad flu (no it's not the swine flu.) However, I'm on about 6
medications so if I seem a bit loopy - you'll understand why.

I saw a killer deal to Dublin, Ireland from New York City (other
cities available too) from Sceptre Tours. It's an insane deal between
$699 -$999 depending on what time of year you go. Try this on for
size - the price includes round trip tickets to Dublin AND 6 nights at the
Ritz Carlton on the outskirts of Dublin on the Powerscourt Estate. Ritz
Carlton hotel prices are normally $500 USD per night. If any of you out
there were even thinking about traveling to Ireland - please check this
package out as you'll likely not see a tour package like this one. Did I
forget to tell you that it includes a car rental in the price? And a free
pint of Guinness - not to be taken with the car...

You may be wondering what the Ritz Carlton in Dublin looks like.
Here is your personal tour from moi.

The estate has a gorgeous golf course on its land.

Beautiful Gardens...

A very impressive facade to the hotel. Quite modern and
very beautiful in it's architectural details I must say.

It must have quite a view from the terraces -
a perfect place for tea or champaigne.

The very impressive lobby is decorated in a Georgian style.
Very high ceilings make for a grand statement.

Thinking about a destination wedding? They have the
perfect room and venue.

Time for Afternoon Tea?

The perfect place to take it.

The cakes are just scrumptious. This
one looks almost too beautiful to eat.

A very regal red for the presidential suite.

I love that this bathroom is decorated in dark marble as
opposed to the bright whites we usually see. Did you notice
the personal sauna? Brilliant.

Green is a fitting color for the suites in this hotel.

Even their simpler rooms are very tastefully appointed. I
suppose it should be at what these rooms normally go for.

Blues, golds and whites - a great combination.

And of course, you can't really go wrong with a bathroom
in white marble. I love the black detailing for contrast.

No self respecting hotel in Ireland would
be missing a pub. So there you have it.

Complete with fish and chips, topped with a pint of Guinness.
How many of you think that Guinness beer tastes different in
Ireland than it does elsewhere? I've heard varying opinions so
I was curious to hear everyone else'.

As usual I've got some book picks for you on more
chic hotels in the UK and Ireland. Mr and Mrs Smith
books are always in good taste.

They even came out with a volume two.

Great Britain & Ireland's
Best Hotels

I highly recommend this fun book filled with
photos and recommendations on great stays
in Great Britain and Ireland.

Here's to happy travels and adventure.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Architectural Building Facades - Curb Appeal

I've always been fascinated with the architectural details of
beautiful building facades. Building facades along with
landscaping make up the key elements of "curb appeal."

The house above looks so gorgeous! Although it would be tough
to maintain a white facade for a building - which I can see why
white can be seen as a color of the affluent by some.

I love how the the stairs wrap around to
meet at the entrance of this grand home.

Although this is a modern home, I love how the architectural
details of using stones for the outside walls - it gives the building
an older feel to the building. Simply gorgeous. I adore the
courtyard in the front.

Via Desire to Inspire

This would be the perfect setting for a garden party!

This cottage is humble yet so picturesque.

I would never paint my house pink but as you can see here,
it Can be done tastefully. What a beautiful home and yard.

The plants around and literally on this home are well
manicured. The greenery is so appealing to the eye -
and it lends to a really peaceful feeling.

Via Domino

I would have not thought to paint the entire face of a
building in a monochromatic color scheme, but it looks
quite good here.

What a beautiful garden to match this country cottage.

This home looks like it belongs in a fairy tale.

Curb Appeal by Sunset
Exciting Ways to Enhance the
Appearance of Your Home

If you're looking for some good books to
spice up your home's curb appeal or facade,
check some of these selections out! This book
gives some great tips.

I love HGTV and they have some great
books out that take ideas and inspirations
from their programs. This book has great
tips and images so you can see what the
results look like.

House Colors: Exterior Color by
Style of Architecture

Need ideas what color you should paint the
outside of your home? It's hard enough having
to choose interior colors. Exterior colors can be
just as tough and it is especially important to be
able to match the color you choose with the style
in which your house was built in.

I usually try to always state the sources of my images,
I'm afraid I don't know where some of my images came
from above - probably from other fantastic sites or blogs.
I apologize for this. Hope everyone had a great weekend
and a great week to come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Room Inspiration of the Week

I apologize as I'm feeling very much under the weather today so I decided

to do a very short post with a room that I was particularly entranced by this week.
I will be posting a more detailed post on the entire condo next week. New York
City Condo with a fabulous blue and white palette for this room. It has old world
elegance with modern sensibility. Luxurious fabrics and crown molding really
give it an elegant feel. The painted pattern on the coffered ceiling ads a whimsical
and modern touch. I would have adored a bedroom like this as a child. Who am I
kidding? I would still love a room like this!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Room inspiration of the week from Traditional Magazine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Outdoor Spaces for Lounging

We had gorgeous weather over the weekend in San Francisco,
but yesterday and today have actually been hot and humid which
is a rarity in San Francisco. Everyone has been breaking out their
sandals, shorts and flip flops. I live in one of the coldest areas of
San Francisco and I haven't been able to sleep because it's been so
hot the last couple of days. The weather inspired me to do a post
on outdoor spaces for lounging.

By nature, I love warm weather and actually really miss hot weather.
I can deal much better with heat than I can the cold. To me, no outdoor
living area is complete without a place to lounge by one's self, or to hang
out with family and friends. As you can see from the above photo, you
do not necessarily need a lot of space to make a fun and gorgeous lounging
area. The striped cloth really give the area a chic and polished look.

The above image is from the Feb/March 2009 issue
of Western Interiors (image from Katiedid.) It's got Moroccan
inspired accents (which I adore) with a modern twist. The lamps
and coffee table are absolutely gorgeous.

Here's a lovely deck with a gorgeous view of the
San Francisco skyline. The red striped chairs really
give a splash of color to liven up the deck.

A casually draped canopy can really cozy up an
outdoor space. The deck above is wonderfully
casual with great views below.

Here's some inspiration for those who have a more
modern sort of sensibility for their style. The rug,
throws and bright pink really give this rooftop deck
some pizazz.

I really love this Moroccan inspired outdoor space. The vibrant
colors and beautiful arches really add to the overall feel of the
space. Moroccan design is low to the ground and the sofas deep -
which make it ideal for lounging.

Another U-shaped lounging area. U-shaped space plans are
really great for saving space and utilizing all the space you have
if you don't have a large area to work with.

From the deck of La Maison Bleu on the beautiful island
of Mauritius. Classic island design for the railing. Talk about
a relaxing and gorgeous atmosphere!

I've always thought that the Lake Palace in India was a palace
that was made of dreams. Every bit of the palace is gorgeous
including all of the details of the architecture and especially the
outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Rooms II: More Designs for Porches,
Terraces, Decks and Gazebos

This book has gorgeous photos for inspiration
and to gaze at. It also has a images of how
architecture and play large role in bringing
the outside in.

Outdoor Rooms: Fresh Air
Kitchens and Living Areas

Fresh Air Living spaces is such a great description
of what outdoor spaces really embody. Chic ideas
for dining and living outdoors.

Country Living Easy Transformations: Makeovers
for Your Outdoor Spaces - Backyards, Decks, Patios,
Porches and Terraces

Here's a great book for a country, garden or more rustic
take on outdoor living spaces. Again, gorgeous ideas
and spaces.

I hope this post has inspired you to get ready
for some summer outdoor living!