Friday, May 29, 2009

Personality Hotels in San Francisco - Chic Hotel Design

If you're ever thinking of taking a jaunt to my
neighborhood of San Francisco, there's a wonderful
string of boutique hotels called Personality Hotels.
They offer a great range of rates ($79-$750 which is
quite a range) and all of their hotels are very near
Union Square which is a highly desirable and convenient
location for many visitors who come to San Francisco.

The beautiful facade above is the Hotel Steinhart.

I love this huge green chandelier that
hangs in Hotel Vertigo.

Hotel Frank has very lovely decor
with lots of turquoise accents.

The turquoise carries through all of their rooms. I love
how this space has an open plan with a lovely tub in the
background. Aren't the hanging pendant lights fabulous?

Here's another layout with the but in front of the window.
What a place to take a bath!

Here's a room with a more traditional layout although the
television is in a fabulous place for those who love to lounge
in bed to watch tv (which I love to do on trips at the end of
a day to unwind.)

Here we are at the fabulous Hotel Vertigo with a decidedly
sophisticated modern design of their rooms.

Love the pops of Orange in this hotel's theme.

Their bathrooms are very new and up to date.

Love their sinks.

What a cool tall bench with contrasting orange
fabric on the backing of the bench.

And last but not least, I'm totally in love with this sitting
area. The orange couch and especially the organic wood
side table and coffee table are fabulous. It's a great blend
to make an eclectic yet sophisticated look.

Photos from Personality Hotels

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real Estate Stalking - Gorgeous Midcentury Modern Eichler

There are so many gorgeous rooms in this house I couldn't
decide which one to showcase first. I decided to settle for
the kitchen. I don't know if many of you know, but I am a
huge fan of Midcentury modern Eichler homes. This one
just came onto the market north of San Francisco and it is
absolutely gorgeous. It's a gallery Eichler styled home that
was very tastefully renovated and the home was extended
to 2,400 square feet. I'm not even a huge fan of gallery
kitchens but I like this one.

Now to pull back from the grandeur
to a more humble entrance.

Eichler homes are always designed with atriums in the
middle of the home - it's sort of a signature of the unique
architectural style.

This atrium or courtyard is absolutely fabulous -
complete with the perfectly balanced landscaping.

Always tons of windows that let a lot of light in.

With prominent ceiling beams. It's neat that
the flooring to this room is sealed cement.

A cozy little dining area.

And a very spacious master bedroom - again with
the floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors.

This looks like a small bathroom - but it's not.

It's a gorgeous bathroom complete with a full tub and
glass enclosed shower. Whoever designed and chose
the fixtures and the furniture in the home did a fantastic

Here's another look at the lovely bathroom.

This photo really says it all - quintessential midcentury
modern design. It's absolutely wonderful.

What's great is that this home has a view as well.

You don't find many midcentury modern homes in such
fantastic condition and with such views. Now if I only had
$1,550,000 USD laying around...

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Eichler Homes: Design for Living

In the meantime, if you're interested
in seeing or reading more about Eichler
homes, here are a couple of great books.

Eichler: Modernism Rebuilds
the American Dream

This book is in black and white. The Eichler
home is named after Joseph Eichler who initially
designed these homes en masse. Can you imagine
owning a track home that looked like the above
home? He designed huge tracts of track homes in
the 1950's and 1960's. To this day, his homes are
highly in demand and they are still as hip as ever.
His firm designed and built over 11,000 homes in
Northern and Southern California and they've come
to be known as simply "Eichlers."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Luxurious Bathrooms

To me, the bathroom should be a sanctuary in the home.
It should be a place where you can relax, soak all of the
aches, pains and worries away. It's also a place where you
can have privacy and a moment to yourself. They can be
cozy and comforting, glamorous to dream in or just zen and
spa like to relax in.

I'm dedicating this post to some fantastic bathrooms. The
above is a simple yet glamorous bathtub, chandelier and a
mirror to match.

JS Eckert Photography

Here's a traditional beauty with lots of space, a
gorgeous tub and beautiful rugs, textures and linens.

Eva Lindh

This bathroom is super romantic simply
by the way it is decorated.

As you can see, the bathroom itself is very
simple. Yet with all the right touches and
embellishments - it is a very feminine and
romantic space. This proves you can do
wonders with just rugs, fabrics and

This bathroom is by Mary McDonald. I love the tufted
bench as well as the painted floors in this cozy yet beautiful

Whites, grays and marble - you can never
really go wrong with this combination.

This bathroom is just the right size to fit two sinks, a full
size tub and a shower area in - as well as a toilet. It's
interesting how the sinks are split. But this really works
out so you can have a view out the window while bathing.
Wonderful fixtures and marble tops.

This bathroom from Elle Decor is very romantic. I love the
unique sinks and the marble counter tops. The crystal pendant
lights and mirror really give the touches that make this space
glamorous and feminine.

An all white bathroom is always soothing - especially when
paired with so much space and light. It's always such a luxury
when a bathroom can have large windows to let light in.

I love the periwinkle blue of this bathroom. The color is
so soothing. The tub has a unique surround that is oval
and circular in shape instead of the traditional rectangular
surrounds that are normal for a tub.

If I lived in a penthouse, boy would this be one heck of a
bathroom to shower or to take a bath in. I think it's really
cool and super luxurious with marble covering the floors
and extending all the way to the ceiling. The glass walls
make it so you can see straight through and the fire looks
like it's floating!

Stone: Designing Kitchens, Baths
and Interiors with Natural Stone

If you are looking for inspiration to use
natural stone in your bath or kitchen
design, I Highly recommend this book.

The Luxury Bathroom:
Extraordinary Spaces from the
Simple to the Extravagant

Here's a fantastic book on different bathroom
designs - from simple to more formal. Great
ideas, photos and more.

Grand Master Baths
by Creative

This is a great book if you're looking
for more traditional ides on your bathroom.
It breaks everything down from lighting to
finishes and etc.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colorful Inspiration for Kids and Children

I've always loved the bright colors and how fun a child's
rooms can be. I absolutely love the room above! It's a room
that can be for a young girl but it's also appropriate through
the teenage years. Very fun pink cheetah fabric on the
bergere chair.

On a white palette, bright pillows and art
work really bring this room to life.

This room is so cozy and so cute.

I've always loved stripes. The stripes in
this room are subtle - yet they still help
give the room some texture and needed

Love pink? Say no more.

Here's a romantic bedroom with
a soft shag rug and canopy.

Let's not forget the boys.

I adore the colorful striped rug - and you can never
go wrong with a stuffed hedge hog ^_^

I love this bathroom with the turquoise and
yellow rubber ducky accents. The bench
is very appropriate for those who can't quite
reach the wash basin.

Photos from Canadian House & Home