Friday, December 31, 2010

Play Food and Toys for Tots!

 Happy New Year to everyone!  I apologize for no post the last 2 weeks.
It's been a bit crazy and I was on a cruise with extended family the 
last week (connecting to the internet was $.50 a minute and I heard it
was an ultra slow connection so I refrained.)  

It's that time of life for me when many of my friends are young or new
mothers.  It reminded me that when I was young, I loved playing chef
or having tea parties.  I would have loved to have a little costume and
play food!  All of my picks in this post for play food is from Amazon
where I spend way too much every month on books, gifts and etc.

Since I just returned, I'm afraid I'm a bit late in posting this next part but
it is for a good cause and today is the last day. has
pledged to give up to $50,000 to Toys for Tots based on the number of
"Likes" CouponMountain receives on Facebook. 

Toys for Tots is a charity that gives toys to unprivileged children who 
don't have normally have the chance to receive holiday gifts otherwise.
CouponMountain will give $1 for every time someone clicks the button
"Like" at the top of the below page.  Please take a moment log on and 
click "Like" on CouponMountain and pass it on.

How You Can Give $1 to Toys for Tots:
·      Select “Like”
·      CouponMountain will donate $1
·      Spread the word to your friends


I'm totally on a play food roll.  I think it's so cool 
because I never  got play with bonafide play food ^_^
 Baking cookies (which afterwards one 
can use the cookies in a play tea party.)

 Now this set is pretty cool.  You can decorate a cupcake with 
markers and then wipe them off to do it again and again.  They
have versions of this for cookies as well.  It reminds me of the
Cookie app on the I phone which I totally got hooked on.

 No one should forget about the food groups!

 Another look at the Food Groups.


Can't forget the fruit!  It's best to eat fruit on an empty
stomach to get the maximum nutrients possible - that 
means eating fruit before a meal or as a snack on it's
own.  It sounds like the opposite of what most people
do but it is true. 

 Pizza Party at my house!  This is really fun set for kids.


 This is what it looks like all done up and ready to serve.

How about a play food set for the boys?  What could
be better than a grill set for the boys :)  It's one of 
America's favorite past times in the summer - BBQ
and grill.

I am Asian so I must say that a stir fry set certainly appeals 
to me.  Also because it's just fun to dump food into a pan
and pretend to cook it by stirring it around.

It's pretty good - comes complete with a "knife" for 
chopping, snow peas, beef, mushrooms and veggies. 
There's one thing that I always thought was interesting,
Westerners usually eat the snow pea but not the snow 
pea leaves.  Chinese people usually eat the snow pea
leaves instead.

Last but not least is the special occasion fancy cake set. Every 
girl should have one of these ^_^  Perfect for a play party, a 
play tea party and play wedding.

Here's to getting in touch with your inner child.  Happy New
Year everyone!  I'm going to do my New Years Resolution
for 2011.  Whether I complete them is another story...
usually get at least half way through them so I'm thinking 
this year, my list should be more realistic as to what I think 
I can accomplish.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Campion Platt - Fabulous NYC Architect and Designer

I'm really not sure what took me so long to discover the New York
City based architect and designer Campion Platt.  His designs are
utterly gorgeous!  Not to mention that he has a great eye for space
planning and colors as you can see from the above image.  This is 
New York City apartment and he has really put the available space
in the open living space to good use.  A signature of Platt's is luxury
and texture.  He always pays attention to fabric and texture.  The 
above space not only looks chic but it looks very cozy.

 Another look at that fabulous blue couch.

 And the backs of the lush blue velvet chairs.

 The dining area save space by using a cozy banquette
seating.  I totally want one of these for my own nook.

A statement piece of artwork
hangs above a cool console.

Built-ins in the study.

 The study has orange as main color with the
seating and as an accent color in the lamp 
and pillows.

Here is the second bedroom and the size of the bedroom is 
really nice for NYC.  I adore the mirrored tri-level end 
table used in this room.  Where can I get one?

And the master piece - the master bedroom which has gorgeous 
large windows, a fluffy white bed and a comfortable yet chic 
looking curved sofa.  What a great use of space.  Different 
functions without the room feeling crowded with storage and
cabinets lining the wall underneath the windows.  This 
bedroom has such a light, airy and cozy feel to it. 

Outdoor space in NYC is always coveted and this condo has the 
perfect amount of balcony space - enough for comfortable chairs,
table and champagne of course.  I'm now officially a fan of 
Campion Platt's work.  What were things you particularly liked
in the design of this condo?

 Photos from Campion Platt

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Home Decor Shopping - ZGallerie and ...

I am definitely in shopping mode.  I suppose most people are at this
time of year.  I'm not the type to haul myself up at 3AM in the morning
for any Black Friday sales though.  The great news is that for all of you
online addicts like myself, many sales now extend online.  Anywho, just
wanted to share some things that I've been looking at and buying...  

Saw the above journal in Country Living magazine and thought it was
really neat.  Comes in both a diary and sketchbook format.

From Oblation Papers for $22 - HOL2026 for 20% discount.
With the discount, it should be $17.60 before tax and shipping.

ZGallerie is having a Huge sale now.  20% off all regular priced items
(outside of furniture) with many other items marked down.  The above
platters also come in other colors.  I nabbed a red one for myself - they
are currently marked down to $7.99.  I plan to load mine up with a 
cluster of candles to put in the middle of my dining table.

A fun neo-gothic piece.  It's big enough to only use this as a table
or console centerpiece. 

 I seem to have a thing for white ceramic bird figurines...
With 20% off, it's $16.  Nabbed one of these for myself

 Lacquered frames - perfect color for holiday cheer.

 I went with the peacock ones.  I adore jewel tones so these 
colors are absolutely gorgeous to me.

 In real life, these coasters aren't quite as neon looking.
I love natural materials such as shell or stone.

 This frame quite reminded me of a the classic quilted Chanel purse
with some bling ^_^  I grabbed a white one.

If I had a French styled kitchen, I'd get one of these.

Big sale on this canopy bed.  Alas, if I only had the room...
I'd put it in my bedroom and drape it with romantic sheer

I've always wanted to incorporate a water element in my home.
I recently spied this fountain and I love that there is a little light
bulb in the heart of the lotus flower that is held in the Buddha's
hand.  There is a large scale one which I love but have no room
for, so I went with the smaller version.  I'm very excited but need
to run to the store to get distilled water.  I don't want to put in 
tap water as the grime will build up faster.  I received that great
suggestion from a designer friend of mine who is always thinking
about maintenance as well.

I have one of these on my bookshelf.

This piece has got to be the best deal.  It's a 5 inch wide 
mercury silver votive candle holder (but it's actually big
enough to be a flower pot.)  I'm using mine to put knick
knacks in.  Original price $4.95 - with 20% off it's about
$3.  Very good deal.

 I usually always use the free paper luggage tags at the airpor
and they always get shredded.  I thought this one was cute and
finally got myself a more "lasting" one.
 I know I know, the whole coral thing is overdone by now but
I still love these faux coral pieces - especially the color.

And yes, I have a really strange fascination for skulls.  I'm not
sure why myself - but I do know I definitely have quirky 
tendencies.  Anyways, very cool skull with a removable clock
so you could just use it as a decorative item only.  It's the 3rd
skull I've bought (turning into a mini collection here.)  I have 
two other skull pieces from Mexico along with some miniature 
skeleton dolls from the Oaxaca.  The skull can be put it on a 
nightstand (probably not for every guest), on a book shelf, end
table in the living room...

For all those who can - check it out at ZGallerie.

Last week, I had created a huge post on custom walls.  A 
separate company that also does custom wall designs contacted
me and they'd like to offer all of you 30% off any order through
January 15, 2011.  I'd say that's a pretty good promotion.  Type 
in GIFT30 at checkout.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Easy Walls - New Meaning to Wall Art and Large Scale Wall Decor

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I certainly added
some inches to the waistline... I recently discovered a wonderful site 
called EazyWallz.  They have all kinds of large scale photographic art
and illustrations that can be adhered to walls for instant impact at a 
reasonable price.  This photograph of a temple in Angkor Wat in
Cambodia is already amazing on it's on.
Who could imagine that on a large scale, it makes a fantastic backdrop
to a dining room.  Isn't the ambiance amazing?  Peel and stick starting
from around $230 and up depending on the size.  It's less work than 
paint (just gotta make sure it goes on straight...)  

Macro photos - Coffee lovers anyone?

This is really fun - a photo of a red brick wall.  
Who needs the real thing? 

Sweet tooth?
They have a collection of all kinds of prints.

What's more, you can custom design your own with your own
photos or illustrations.  Larger than life portrait of your kids?
A favorite personal photo?   They can create it for you.

Over the top rosy pink.

Such a soothing photo.

Makes for such a great backdrop.

 Love the colors in this photo.

For ocean and water lovers.

This is such fantastic print for a child's room.


Or a fantastical airship.  You can save your money on having paint a 
custom mural by using one of these floor to ceiling installations.


This is a super cool samurai silhouette.

For all of you patriots.  They have a Union Jack and Canadian flag as well.

Fantastic quirky photos.

The classic cityscapes.

For a music room?

Great for a child's bedroom that loves animals or the outdoors.

African Safari written all over this one.  I love 
silhouette photos and this one is very striking.

Can't ever leave out a beach photo.

What's amazing is that you can stick it not only on walls but also
Kitchen cabinets.  Basically any smooth surface.

Love the color palette of this super chic and feminine dining room.
It could just as easily be masculine with a different accent color.

I've been really loving gray lately and this is a lovely 
gray, black and white dining room with silver accents.

Autumn lovers would love this image and color hue.

There are no shortage of images for nature lovers.

Retro prints?

Chic and Modern.

 Hotel style room.

As you can tell, I got really carried away and this sort of became a megapost.
If you haven't had a chance to check out EazyWallz - definitely do so.  I had a 
great time browsing through all the different photos and illustrations.  I would
love to an installation like this for a room, now just to figure out where to put 
one...  What are your favorites?  Which room or hallway would you put one 
of these installations?

Photos from EazyWallz