Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girly Design and Feminine Wiles

I'm a sucker for really well designed girly rooms.  Pink and
Green is one fantastic combo, but it's hard to get that right
hue if you're not designing a garden tea party.  Gina Viscusi
Elson of Viscusi Elson Interior Design certainly got this luxe
boudoir right!  Lacquered Fuschia cabinets, with luxe velvet
on a chaise, mirrors on a huge patterned mirror - she really
made this space a fantasy boudoir for girl.

Here's a very sophisticated space that has feminine touches to it.
Designed by Elizabeth Cutler of San Francisco.

Now this space is just super fun!  This space is designed by Linda Allen
and it is absolutely fantastic.  It's Audrey Hepburn meets an haute couture
store in Paris. I love all of the pink and black finishes in the room.

She carried the motif throughout the room.

This room is not complete without a spa. 
Check out the pink poodle lamp to the side!

These girls show that being eco-friendly can be
super glam.  I Love the countertops!  They are
made by IceStone and it is a mixture of recycled
concrete and glass.  The palette in this kitchen
really makes it a beautiful and feminine place.

On a separate note, since I've never been much of an artist (stick figures) 
I've always admired others who can draw - especially portraits which is
one of the most difficult subjects to draw in my opinion.  I stumbled upon
Jill Stalowicz' site called Smallish and it is obvious what great talent she
has at drawing black and white portraits. 

The details that come out in black and white portraits are just amazing.
Jill draws portraits in 5 x 7 frames.  If you're thinking of a unique gift
for someone, a portrait can be a very special gift.

I grew up in the ideal home where my mom was a stay at home mom.
Having wonderful memories of childhood is something very special and
something to hold dear.  We all love interiors and design, but outside
of interiors - there are those special things that actually makes a house
into a home.  I thought this was a pretty neat book that reminds us of
those little things that makes a house a home.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Closet and Dressing Inspirations for 2010

Since fashion and accessories is one of my many obsessions, I always love
seeing beautifully designed closets and dressing rooms.  In this case, a
large room that probably could have been a living room that's been made
into a super fun, colorful and feminie dressing room and closet.

Whoever designed this closet made sure that every space,
crook and cranny was used to it's fullest potential.  The
analytical side of me absolutely loves that!

Of course if you have the space, being able
to stretch your legs out is fantastic too.

Here's a very modern bedroom with fantastic floors I must say.  The
closet is open to the bedroom but solid doors close off all of the clutter
leaving a very white and bright modern space.

Who says you have to paint your cabinetry white?  This
closet has a great shade of blue on all the cabinetry -- and
you can never really go wrong with a Moroccan pouff ^_^

Don't have enough room for a walk-in-closet?  Never fear, you
can still have a super organized and ultra efficient space for your

If you don't have a lot of space in your closet, a garden stool is
a great thing to throw in so you can have a little spot to sit on.

Don't have a coat closet in the front entry?  You
can use a wardrobe like this one.  Great organization.

Sliding doors or fabric curtains like this can save a lot of space.

For those of you who don't like to see the clutter
in a closet, using solid doors is the answer.

Sunset Home has some great orgainzational books including
this one above.  Hope this post has given you some closet
organization inspiration for any of you who have made
resolutions this year to organize your home!  I know I have.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shelter Design & blog - Julie Richard's Home

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.
I found out about Julie Richard's home through Absolutely Beautiful
.  Julie Richard is an interior designer north of Boston.  Her design 
firm and blog is called Shelter.  I absolutely fell in love with her home.  
My own design taste falls very similar to hers in that it is eclectic.  
Definitely check out her post for more photos.  In the meantime, here's 
a sneak peak.  Love this chair above with the plush velvet and silver nail 
heads.  The pillows are so fun!

Love the midcentury modern styled lamp bases and the white fish vase!  
I actually have the same exact Fleur de Lys mercury glasses. 

Julie completely overhauled this small console.  She lacquered it black 
and replaced the hardware with chinoise influenced handles.  Totally

The small vases have such gorgeous color - 
especially juxtaposed next to the roses.

One of my favorite things is Julie's Inspiration board.  Just awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed a peak at Julie's house.  Remember to check her
blog out if you're interested in seeing more photos.  What is your 
favorite thing from the photos above?

Photos from Shelter blog

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge ~ and the winner is Eddie Ross

Bloomingdale's held a Big Window Challenge and I thought I would share
the photos of the 3 Rooms that were designed for the challenged.  Voters
voted on their favorite and the winner was the room that Eddie Ross
 designed on behalf of Elle Decor.

This was the sided room that Eddie designed for Elle Decor.
What I love about this room most are all of the vintage and
antique pieces paird with lots of fun color.

It's exactly the eclectic sort of mix that I like -
blending new with the old and colors with neutrals.

What a fun candy bowl!  Very Marie Antoinette.

The spread looks exactly like what a chic
and polished woman would have in her home.

I also really enjoyed this room which was designd by one of the founders
of the fabulous site Apartment Therapy.  Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan aptly
named his room the Romantic Writer's Supper.  What a perfect name
for the room.  Since I adore books, I thought this room was chalk full
of character.

He used this fun wallpaper on one end
that shows shelves and shelves of books.

A super comfortable leather reading chair is always a must in a writer's den.

Love that the coffee table is done up in an antique mirrored finish.

This room was put together by Eileen Joyce on behalf of Bloomingdale's. 
While I love midcentury modern furniture, the room quite honestly didn't
have much as an impact on me as the other rooms.  Perhaps it's because of
all the eye candy in the other rooms.  However, I can see that someone
with a very clean and straight line aesthetic would like this room.  It looks
good, but it's very "expected."

I do like the curtains and the chair though.

Hope you all enjoyed browsing through these very different rooms.

Monday, February 8, 2010

World's Most Astounding and Beautiful Book Stores Series ~ Netherlands

The Dutch have always been inventive and open minded in their solutions. 
One of the most amazing book stores is housed in an 800 year old
Dominican cathedral in Maastricht, Netherlands.  Boekhandel Selexyz
Dominicanen is dubbed a book store that is "made in heaven." 

Can you imagine the scale of this place?

It must feel very peaceful inside.

What a wonderful way to preserve an old
cathedral rather than letting it rot away.

The architects Merkx + Girod did a fantastic job with the design.
Even the cafe table in the middle is in the shape of a cross - an
appropriate reference to the building's original use.

The Dutch are known for the openness to the gay community
and have one of the largest celebrations in the world every

I can only imagine what it feels to browse instead
 since the scale of the cathedral is so grand.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this bookstore
as much as I did.  If you enjoy bookstores and
libraries, this hardcover book has fantastic images
of libraries.

Photos from Flickr and Google Images