Monday, February 22, 2010

Closet and Dressing Inspirations for 2010

Since fashion and accessories is one of my many obsessions, I always love
seeing beautifully designed closets and dressing rooms.  In this case, a
large room that probably could have been a living room that's been made
into a super fun, colorful and feminie dressing room and closet.

Whoever designed this closet made sure that every space,
crook and cranny was used to it's fullest potential.  The
analytical side of me absolutely loves that!

Of course if you have the space, being able
to stretch your legs out is fantastic too.

Here's a very modern bedroom with fantastic floors I must say.  The
closet is open to the bedroom but solid doors close off all of the clutter
leaving a very white and bright modern space.

Who says you have to paint your cabinetry white?  This
closet has a great shade of blue on all the cabinetry -- and
you can never really go wrong with a Moroccan pouff ^_^

Don't have enough room for a walk-in-closet?  Never fear, you
can still have a super organized and ultra efficient space for your

If you don't have a lot of space in your closet, a garden stool is
a great thing to throw in so you can have a little spot to sit on.

Don't have a coat closet in the front entry?  You
can use a wardrobe like this one.  Great organization.

Sliding doors or fabric curtains like this can save a lot of space.

For those of you who don't like to see the clutter
in a closet, using solid doors is the answer.

Sunset Home has some great orgainzational books including
this one above.  Hope this post has given you some closet
organization inspiration for any of you who have made
resolutions this year to organize your home!  I know I have.


M.Kate said...

gosh! so beautiful..and I am still dreaming of a walk in closet :) Gong Hey Fatt Choy Karen.

Mélanie said...

They are all the closets of my dreams/ I love the painting in the 1st picture

CREATURA said...

Sería un sueño tener el primer vestidor.
Un lugar mágico y encantador, como tu blog!!!

Te sigo desde España y te recomiendo en mi pequeño blog


Francine Gardner said...

Storage is my pet peeve. Even-though I live in a house I never ever have enough closet space and am always transferring season clothes from attic to bedroom from guest-room to bedroom...endless task
I dream of the type of closets I design for my clients....Thanks for showing such beautiful examples, francine

Just A Girl said...

My heart started beating faster when I read this. That is living the dream as far as I'm concerned.

Jürgen said...

Not all men prefer beer fridge...

abodewell said...

Beautiful "rooms"! So well put together. It's nice when you make a functional space beautiful as well. Great blog!
Frank @

lisa golightly said...

Thank you for feeding my newest obsession with getting organized ... maybe if I get pumped enough about it, I will actually get something done ! Just beautiful.

Amanda said...

oh,....why can't my closet look like this?! gorgeous!

Rebecca Ward Design said...

I like the wardrobe in the entry idea! Pictures of organized closets are so motivating

Yoli said...

You just made my OCD heart flutter! I love the wall closets that close all the clutter away.

urban flea said...

i so wish i could have a closet like the first one; more of a dressing room than anything, a space to really prepare for the day and have all to yourself. great post as always, have a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea

design traveller said...

I really like the garden stool. Looks interesting.

Gypsy Purple said...

I just love this post!!

AppleTree said...

When all the public areas of my house are finished....

Clayton Gray Home said...

major closet envy right now!

Lisa Murphy said...

So glad that you enjoyed the Canadian House & Home photos! We would be most grateful if you could hyperlink to our Closets & Dressing Rooms gallery at Thanks so much!

Alkemie said...

So glad to hear that many of you enjoyed this post.

Lisa Murphy - the link has been added.

Thank you,
Karen O

vicki archer said...

I love these shots Karen...they are all heaven but the that's the stuff of dreams, xv.

Elie's Papel said...

This reminds me that my closet needs major redesigning... need to start planning something nice!

down pillow said...

Such great closets - LOVE the last one!

Anonymous said...

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