Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girly Design and Feminine Wiles

I'm a sucker for really well designed girly rooms.  Pink and
Green is one fantastic combo, but it's hard to get that right
hue if you're not designing a garden tea party.  Gina Viscusi
Elson of Viscusi Elson Interior Design certainly got this luxe
boudoir right!  Lacquered Fuschia cabinets, with luxe velvet
on a chaise, mirrors on a huge patterned mirror - she really
made this space a fantasy boudoir for girl.

Here's a very sophisticated space that has feminine touches to it.
Designed by Elizabeth Cutler of San Francisco.

Now this space is just super fun!  This space is designed by Linda Allen
and it is absolutely fantastic.  It's Audrey Hepburn meets an haute couture
store in Paris. I love all of the pink and black finishes in the room.

She carried the motif throughout the room.

This room is not complete without a spa. 
Check out the pink poodle lamp to the side!

These girls show that being eco-friendly can be
super glam.  I Love the countertops!  They are
made by IceStone and it is a mixture of recycled
concrete and glass.  The palette in this kitchen
really makes it a beautiful and feminine place.

On a separate note, since I've never been much of an artist (stick figures) 
I've always admired others who can draw - especially portraits which is
one of the most difficult subjects to draw in my opinion.  I stumbled upon
Jill Stalowicz' site called Smallish and it is obvious what great talent she
has at drawing black and white portraits. 

The details that come out in black and white portraits are just amazing.
Jill draws portraits in 5 x 7 frames.  If you're thinking of a unique gift
for someone, a portrait can be a very special gift.

I grew up in the ideal home where my mom was a stay at home mom.
Having wonderful memories of childhood is something very special and
something to hold dear.  We all love interiors and design, but outside
of interiors - there are those special things that actually makes a house
into a home.  I thought this was a pretty neat book that reminds us of
those little things that makes a house a home.


Paris Atelier said...

Oh My My!!! I'm swooning over those rooms! That's it, I am redoing my bedroom tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Mélanie said...

I totally love them all but I have a crash for the black and white one from Linda Allen

laura may said...

I love the pink chair. It's absolutely gorgeous!!


Jan said...

I like the pale blue kitchen, but yes a bit girly for most guys probably.

The Buzz -Diane James Home said...

Having grown up with two sisters, we had our own very girly rooms (mine was much like Gina's in your first picture), but now that I'm surrounded by boys, I miss having that kind of space. Thanks for the inspiration!
- The Buzz -

Francine Gardner said...

Love the "polonaise" bed!! pink and green...I never thought I could go for it . But to wake up in such a colorful room would surely help the ghastly morning I am facing..sleet,rain,wet snow and no green insight let alone pink...

Jaclyn said...

I love the pink and green room! Can anyone identify the fabric that was used for the drapes?

urban flea said...

beautiful home, perfectly girly! i love all the swirls... thanks so much for sharing and i hope you're having a wonderful week my dear!

xo urban flea

Nosso Futuro Lar said...

Wow How wonderful the kitchen blue!
Very pretty. Kisses

COCOCOZY said...

I am liking pink lately for some reason! Thank you for sharing!


AB HOME Interiors said...

My hubby would never go for those spaces. BUT I could see myself building a cottage ( NO BOYS ALLOWED) just to get my girlie girl on! Great post, fabulous photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this post! I'm hoping my honey won't notice one day if he comes home and the cabinets just happen to be totally lacquered and covered with fushia paint! hehehe. GORGEOUS!

down pillow said...

Love all the feminine styling :)

Nesting Newbies said...

We just love the rooms that Gina Viscusi Elson, Elizabeth Cutler and Linda Allen created, too! Thanks for sharing us with your readers. :)