Monday, February 1, 2010

Outdoor Beach Living, Decks and Porches

It's been raining for over 2 weeks in San Francisco so can you
blame me for thinking of warm weather, beaches and outdoor
living?  I imagine many of you also could use some sunshine
about now in your lives as well.  So here's some monday

Having a porch or deck such as this with such a view would
be an absolute dream.  Can you imagine living in a place like

Quintessential tropical living with beautiful rattan furniture.

This place is absolutely amazing!  Did you see all the woodwork
on the ceiling as well as the floors?  I adore wood so I can't
help it.

This sort of railing is perfect so it doesn't block
the view.  What a great place to hang out.

Talk about a sweet place for tea, cocktails or daydreaming...

The colors of this porch with blend right in
with the clear aquamarine of the sea.

This is true island living with all the gorgeous
woodwork and plantation doors.

I'm totally drooling over the sofa. 

Colonial chairs with a gorgeous daybed for
outdoor living.  What more could one ask for?

What fun pops of color to bring some fun to a porch.

Now this is a pretty cool and cozy outdoor deck.  The
kitchen is built right around the sitting area complete
with a fireplace.  If I had a room like that, I'd hang out
there all the time :)

Using benches is an interesting idea
for a deck.  It's nice and simple.

I just couldn't stop staring at the plush
pillows.  What a place to to kick back in.

Hope this has brought you some sunshine
this week.  I can keep dreaming that
some day I can live next to the ocean...

Photos from Coastal Living


Anonymous said...

I think I could be happy in any one of these photos today, but I guess I'll just have to stay here in the snow. Sigh... :-) Beautiful inspiration!

Cameron said...

No wonder all the people in the pictures look so happy! I'd be thrilled to be in anyone of those spots!

rafaelc said...

I'm dying for those picture!!!

Chic Modern Vintage said...

Can't wait for Summer! These are lovely inspirations.

timelesshome annika said...

yes I coul realy cick back on the colonian styled deck wish it woul be summer.
yesturday we hade -20C°
Hope you will get a place by the ocean

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Great post, great selection of outdoor spaces. (I had been working on a porch project last year and was trying to source some porches & decks that were sophisticated...wish I had seen these!) I love that image with the outdoor kitchen, sitting area, and fireplace!

Alejandra M. Fimbres said...

As always great pictures!

thanks for your comment on my blog :D

see you around...

Anonymous said...

These photos remind me of hanging out with my dad/ mum at the beach.. the Ocean.. still so.. beaches are just so different here in Japan.. I miss boardwalks...

Hamptontoes said...

Great photos that have me dreaming of warmer weather as I sit here in NY!

Anonymous said...

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Francine Gardner said...

Thank you for such a i have to deal with ice on my windshield and snow on the driveway...
beautiful pictures, promises of time to come

Clayton Gray Home said...

They are all really beautiful rooms and spaces!

Splendid market said...

I love the cocktail table with the palm tree trunk base. Beautiful blues -- especially the distressed commode.

Liza said...

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