Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kelly Wearstler's Home in Hue

I adore this room above with pinks, fuschias and golds.  Kelly
Wearstler's new book Hue shows off her new digs in Beverly Hills
(versus one of her previous book "Domicilium Decoratus" which
showcased her former home.)  Her more recent home is a sprawling
11,000 sq ft  home in Beverly Hills.  Crazy big huh! 

An interesting fact is that Kelly Wearstler posed in Playboy and was
Miss September 1994.  She initial came to Hollywood to become a
set desginer.  Met her now husband who is a hotelier and real estate
developer and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her style is definitely bold and can be over the top.  Overall, I do
love her designs and the fact that she is willing to take risks and
do something different. 

Here's a great room with a lovely aquamarine theme.

I really wouldn't mind having a dining room like this!  The art piece
with the contrasting wall and bold pink chairs really make this space.
I am also drooling over the table.

I don't even like yellow very much but I like this guest room.

Isn't this a psychodelic carpet?

Here's the bottom portion of the foyer.  The
walls are kind of wild, like a child painted all
over them.

Now this is some kitchen.  It's Huge!  Look at all that space
between the island and the appliances.  You could have an army
of cooks in this space.  Otherwise, it would be too big if it was
for just a family of 4.  Okay, I forgot the help but still ^_^

This room and picture made me do a double take.  It looks like the
right side and left side are mirror images of each other.  I almost
thought I was looking at a mirror of some sort.  However, the
room was designed to be perfectly symmetrical - isn't that nuts?

Wearstler is known for her love of lacquer and taking
vintage pieces to give a modern twist to them.

She admits that this the room her husband dislikes the most in the
house.  I must say it is really odd - with no unifying theme the
entire space looks like a hodge podge of colors and furniture.

Very interesting bed.  I love the tufted seating next to the wall.

A very stately master bedroom indeed.  It wouldn't be a
Wearstler room without a mirror or mirror finishing in it.

Floor to ceiling marble - very rich.

I must say that the bed looks really comfy.

This bathroom has a wild marble pattern on the floor.

If any images in this post piqued your interest, you should
definitley check out her book.  I must admit that Wearstler's
designs are not for the faint of heart.  However, with so many
layers and elements in her design, it's easy to find inspiration
 and ideas in them.


Porchlight Interiors said...

She is pretty amazing. So much detail

Anonymous said...
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Francine Gardner said...

She is definitely bold!. i would love to spend a week end in such a house but to live in it.....i don't think that i could...too many colors thrown at you from room to room, too many does not seem real but designed for show.

Alkemie said...

Francine - I would agree with that. I think that's why her designs are great for hotels - bold and dramatic. I received an email from a reader that mentioned that there's no place for your eyes to rest in any of her rooms. Her spaces are definitely what I would call soothing. But I think her boldness and over the top designs are what makes her unique. Even if one doesn't like all of her rooms, there's pieces you can pick out of them for great inspiration.

Karen :)

ashlina said...

i could not agree more. that book is bananas! the first time i looked through it i was not pleased but as i found myself going through it again and again, i fell in love more and more.
its amazing to see someone push the boundaries in design. and for that. I LOVE HER!

Typhanie said...

I can't wait to get the book.

Anonymous said...

Gruss von deinem D. :)

down bedding said...

Wow, some amazing rooms! LOVE all the bright bold colors :)

The Goods Design said...

Her house is insanely cool! I saw her Wednesday on the street here in LA (outside her office) and was so starstruck I was too nervous to say hi!

誰說的幸福唷 said...
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Jürgen said...

Fabuloso, fabuloso!!!

Lila said...

Patterns make the biggest statement especially when they're in bold colors. Love the blog.
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

saint honoré home said...

insane color and detail. i need more time to absorb it all! thanks for posting!

Jaz said...

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