Monday, March 1, 2010

Nesting Newbies ~ Fantastic New Decor Magazine

I must say that I'm very impressed with the latest issue of
Nesting Newbies.  I'll be honest that I didn't know what to make 
of the name of the magazine, but after seeing the 2010 Winter issue,
I'm sold.  This is their second issue and the the second issue was 
better than their first with tons of gorgeous images, fun articles and 
great inspiration. 

Nesting Newbies has articles on cooking, entertaining, table setting and
more.  In this issue they showcased some fantastic dining room design
inspiration.  This dining room I thought was particularly luxurious, fun 
and simply mesmerizing.  

It's got great inspiration for the user of fabrics in a dining room and
the fun use of apothecary jars and candy used to decorate the table.
This dining room was designed by a collaboration of 4 designers
from the San Francisco Design Center including a friend of mine
who runs a super chic fashion blog called Song of Style.  Designers
include:  Aimee Song, Maria Angelo, Anisa Johnson, and
Mariko Gardiner-Elko

Since I love Moroccan design, I couldn't very well turn my eyes from
 this dining room.  The lights, ceiling treatment and brilliant colors are
so vivid.

A closer look at the table shows the brilliant layering of colors, fabrics,
texture and different patterns.  This space is designed by San Francisco
designer Patrice Bevans.

Fuchsia is such a hot color.  I love that the chairs are in this bold fuchsia
color with contrasting black and toile on the backs of the chairs.

Isn't the sketch fun?  Toile is an unexpected pattern in a modern dining space like this - but it totally works.  Designed by Courtney Jones and Wilson Campos of Kohler Jones Custom Furniture and Design.

Now how about tablescaping at home with what you have - one might
ask?  Here are some great ideas you can glean from these photos.

Chintz, antiques and flea market finds and vintage pieces can be
blended together to give a visually appealing and fun tablescape.

It can also be paired down for something a bit simpler.

For those of you with a more rustic aesthetic, here's the
dinine space for you.  This space is natural, organic and
rustic feeling in a very sophisticated way.  Designed by
Gil Mendez of San Francisco.

One of my favorite articles in this issue is about cooking crock pot style.  The amazing array of yummy dishes you can make with a crock pot are just endless.  Cooking crock pot style is just smart.  You can literally dump all the ingredients in at night and let the pot cook slowly through the night to have a full meal ready in the morning.  On the flip side, you could dump all the ingredients in a pot in the morning to come home to a home cooked dinner in the evening.

My mother uses a crock pot a lot herself but I never even thought about using a crock pot for drinks.  It's a fantastic and ingeniouis idea really - especially if you have company or a party.

Last but not least, an inspirational photo from one of San Francisco's own
Jay Jeffer's designs.  If you like what you see, definitely check out the rest
of the Winter 2010 issue from Nesting Newbies.  It is well worth perusing
the articles.  The magazine is online only and best of all, it is currently Free!

Photos from Nesting Newbies


Lovely Home said...

Hello (:
I see a spring vacation electrifying colors
I like the color and I can not wait for spring and lots of wonderful flowers

laura may said...

I adore everyone of these photos. So lovely! Especially the pink flowers!


Francine Gardner said...

This is such a great post!!! enchanting colors, decors, Is it a new print magazine or on line?

Photography Art Store said...

Thanks for introducing me to this great new mag! It looks promising. Always nice to have new resources for inspiration. Especially when so many mags seem to be disappearing these days.

Song of Style said...

Thanks my love! <3
We must do lunch soon. i miss talking to you!!

KristenB said...

I was sold with the first photo. What a great magazine! Thank you for sharing. =)

Alkemie said...

Half of the photos I used in my Girly Design post last friday were also from this magazine. The best thing is that right now, it's Free!

Francine - yes, the magazine is online only

down pillow said...

Looks like a really promising mag - will def check it out :)

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Annie@A View On Design said...

well I had a diner party last night for my birthday, and I was looking over all blogs for table setting inspiration, must have missed yours bugga! but will remember it for next time, that's for sure!!!

Nesting Newbies said...

Thank you so much for highlighting Nesting Newbies on your blog and sharing our online magazine with your fabulous readers!