Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nesting Newbies Issue 3 - Fantastic Home & Decor E-zine

A couple months ago, I blogged about a new E-zine called Nesting Newbies.
Well, they're out with their latest issue and it does not disappoint.  I 
absolutely love their spreads and how they carefully reference designers 
and materials in the issues so it makes it easy for the readers to know where 
items came fromand the names of colors or fabrics.

They have a wonderful Chef called Lea who has these fantastic ideas
for recipes and entertaining.  I really love salads so I think this"salad" 
bar idea for entertaining is fabulous.  Beautifully laid out, it also gives
guests a choice in what kind of salad they want to make.

Along with salads are the dressing.  I, for one can't eat a salad without
dressing.  Chef Lea not only shows the ingredients how to make 3
wonderful salad dressings...

But being an E-zine, can take advantage of technology where an 
embedded video in the magazine shows you step by step how to
make these dressings - really fantastic.

Sangria is one of my favorite drinks when going out.  One of the
best Sangrias I've had is a white Sangria which very few restaurants
serve.  Here are 3 variations of white Sangria which anyone can 
easily make at home.  The berries make it so pretty!

Classy chocolates? These certainly are - it's a great gift idea.

It seems in every issue of Nesting Newbies are some great 
table setting ideas.  This issue is no different.  This one is
a great idea how you can use colored glass and bottles in
groups to set a colorful, fun and easy table setting.

This is right down my alley because I love 
collecting bottles and colored glass.

Here's another variation of the same table.

That top dish is from Ikea!

I thought this page was super cool - it gives you sources for all kinds
of places you can find platter ware and glass from to design and 
set your own tables.  These are large, well known chain stores, where 
anyone can get to - easily accessible which is why I though this article is
so well written.  Sometimes it's nice to admire designer platter ware, but 
many of us can't necessarily afford to collect designer sets so this is a 
wonderful alternative where you can have fun and be creative in mixing
and matching.

Some great rooms are featured including this master bedroom.
Love the lavender theme and the luxurious draperies.

There are a lot of lofts in San Francisco and it's fun 
to see one showcased - what a huge photo eh?

Now this is taking stenciling and digital imaging to a whole 
new level.  I love the birds and the chair motif is so fun.

In this issue, a special section is devoted to Nooks.

A reading nook.

A nook in a living room.  Love the vivid colors and textures in this room.

Definitely check this issue out and let me know what your favorite 
articles or images are!

All photos from Nesting Newbies

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Church Conversion ~ We Turned a Church Into a Home - Part II

About 2 and a half weeks ago, I did a post on a church conversion that 
resulted in a fantastic discussion in the comments section.  It was really
 interesting to see the various opinions and takes on turning a type of 
building like a church that has held religious and symbolic meaning 
for many into a home.  

I managed to find another church conversion to showcase.  This one is 
noticeably more modern in it's architectural elements than the church in 
my previous post.  

Most older churches have impressive ceiling 
height and this building does not disappoint.

You can see from the renovations that an entire wall was taken out to be
 lined with floor to ceiling glass doors.  It makes the place very bright and 
airy. What a fantastic and open place to hang out in for a living room.

The space is used in a completely modern way with an open plan living 
space where the living room, dining room and kitchen are share the same 

In the corner is a wonderful grand piano with an ornate music sheet stand.

You can tell from this shot, the eaves under the slanted roof of the church.
White washing all of the walls really help give the space a further feeling of
airiness.  Check out the wacky modern floors.

Here's a close up of the kitchen area.

The side of the kitchen area has a fabulous diva-like fushcia chaise.

In this photo you can see just how the ceilings are in this building.

Here's a partitioned off area for a lounging area.

The way to the bathroom.

I love the trio of windows in the bathroom.

The same pattern of windows in a bedroom.  This bedroom looks
absolutely fantastic if I do say so myself.  It's a room that would
make me feel secure, comforted and safe.

A pink - more feminine bedroom.

The same bedroom from another angle.  The 
small bed and miniature chair are so cute.

Last but not least is the courtyard outside which is very tastefully done.  So 
what do you think of this conversion?  If any of you saw my earlier post, 
any different feelings this conversion evoke compared to the other one?  If
 you missed it, you can find the first church conversion post I did here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turning a Closet into a Desk

When it comes to ideas for utilizing space, I think the idea of
turning a closet into a desk is a fantastic one.  I especially love
this design from Country Living.  The color scheme is absolutely
gorgeous and I adore the wallpaper in the background.  What a 
great way to give the space a punch with a pattern on the wall.
Wall paper is from

This was what the closet looked like prior to the redesign.  
You'll notice the doors on this closet are very standard to
many modern homes and track homes.

In this design, this wonderful paint was used on the inside 
of the doors and it would make sense to paint the ceiling and
walls inside the closet (with the exception of the wallpapered
wall.)  I love that the designer used a pegboard (Home Depot)
for the inside of the closet door.  Framing the pegboard with 
molding makes it look polished and chic.  

I love that a miniature chandelier was used in the design.  Why
not indeed?  There are so many glamorous lamp pendants out 
there, why not use one to punch up the design factor. is a great resource along with many other 

In the design, a pair of very standard file cabinets are used.
This set of cabinets are from Staples but any file cabinets
of this size from Ikea or elsewhere would work too.  You
can choose stationary cabinets or add on rollers as it is in
this case for movement.

In this design, durable Krylon paint with a Satin finish
was used to spray paint the filing cabinets a similar color
to the paint used on the inside of the closet doors.  It's such
an easy way to customize and spruce up off the shelf office
furniture.  Make sure you choose a suitable spray point for
metal finishes in this case.

The table top is a very simple matter of MDF board cut to fit
the length of the file cabinets.  You can paint it any color you
want and in this case white is used to match the color of the
shelves above the desk (Ikea shelves are used in this design.)

Adding a fun rug under the chair gives a further
punch of color and really makes the area feel
like an office space.

The wicker office chair is also from Ikea.  I love how the doors open
 up to serve as the "side walls" of this office space.  It makes the space 
feel cozy.  

The beauty of this space is that it's designed with completely off the 
shelf products with much of the customization done with paint.  This 
allows anyone to really turn a closet into a gorgeous desk space quite 
cheaply.  The DIY elements of this design are simple enough that 
anyone (including me which I'm not very handy) can do it.  

Photos from Country Living

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karim Rashid ~ A Truly Celebrated Designer

Karim Rashid – one of the most prolific designers of this generation.
Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in
 over 35 countries…The Egyptian born designer moved Stateside
when he was 7.  He is a genius at industrial design, packaging,
modern interiors - literally any kind of design you think of - he
excels at and he can do well.

This is a bar and restaurant he designed called Switch
which is located in Dubai, UAE.  I love how he used Arabic
script for the ceiling.  I love scripting and words of
any kind.

The real genius in this modern space is the lighting. 
The same space with blue lighting.

And again with Magenta lights.
Areas to lounge in.

Facilities: 62 seats for dining & 35 for bar / lounge
Area: 200 sqm

A super cool and hip place to hang out and eat I must say.  I'll show case
some of his products later on which first caught my eye.  Have you bought
any Karim Rashid designed products?  When it comes to industrial design
and packaging, he's like Apple when compared to PC's.