Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Karim Rashid ~ A Truly Celebrated Designer

Karim Rashid – one of the most prolific designers of this generation.
Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in
 over 35 countries…The Egyptian born designer moved Stateside
when he was 7.  He is a genius at industrial design, packaging,
modern interiors - literally any kind of design you think of - he
excels at and he can do well.

This is a bar and restaurant he designed called Switch
which is located in Dubai, UAE.  I love how he used Arabic
script for the ceiling.  I love scripting and words of
any kind.

The real genius in this modern space is the lighting. 
The same space with blue lighting.

And again with Magenta lights.
Areas to lounge in.

Facilities: 62 seats for dining & 35 for bar / lounge
Area: 200 sqm

A super cool and hip place to hang out and eat I must say.  I'll show case
some of his products later on which first caught my eye.  Have you bought
any Karim Rashid designed products?  When it comes to industrial design
and packaging, he's like Apple when compared to PC's.  


Francine Gardner said...

Brilliant! Karim Rashid is truly one of the foremost talented designer.

Michele from Boston said...

OMG. That has got to be the most claustrophobic commercial space I've ever seen! As a restaurant, doubly so. Clearly, he's not a genius at everything.

RG ART & DESIGN Inspirations said...

High-tech design! Is that a restaurant? Well, i thought it was a club?! I think i agree with Michele... it might be claustrophobic (hum... i am a claustrophobic person, so i can image how i would feel?!). However, it's still cool design! A wavy, dancing place!

Karena said...

I would love to see it and dine there. I could get a better feeling for the space. Brilliant use of color!

Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Do come visit and spread the word!

Art by Karena

qerat said...

I love his work. This place offers a true experience. I like the Arabic writing on the ceiling. I would maybe chose different font.