Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turning a Closet into a Desk

When it comes to ideas for utilizing space, I think the idea of
turning a closet into a desk is a fantastic one.  I especially love
this design from Country Living.  The color scheme is absolutely
gorgeous and I adore the wallpaper in the background.  What a 
great way to give the space a punch with a pattern on the wall.
Wall paper is from

This was what the closet looked like prior to the redesign.  
You'll notice the doors on this closet are very standard to
many modern homes and track homes.

In this design, this wonderful paint was used on the inside 
of the doors and it would make sense to paint the ceiling and
walls inside the closet (with the exception of the wallpapered
wall.)  I love that the designer used a pegboard (Home Depot)
for the inside of the closet door.  Framing the pegboard with 
molding makes it look polished and chic.  

I love that a miniature chandelier was used in the design.  Why
not indeed?  There are so many glamorous lamp pendants out 
there, why not use one to punch up the design factor. is a great resource along with many other 

In the design, a pair of very standard file cabinets are used.
This set of cabinets are from Staples but any file cabinets
of this size from Ikea or elsewhere would work too.  You
can choose stationary cabinets or add on rollers as it is in
this case for movement.

In this design, durable Krylon paint with a Satin finish
was used to spray paint the filing cabinets a similar color
to the paint used on the inside of the closet doors.  It's such
an easy way to customize and spruce up off the shelf office
furniture.  Make sure you choose a suitable spray point for
metal finishes in this case.

The table top is a very simple matter of MDF board cut to fit
the length of the file cabinets.  You can paint it any color you
want and in this case white is used to match the color of the
shelves above the desk (Ikea shelves are used in this design.)

Adding a fun rug under the chair gives a further
punch of color and really makes the area feel
like an office space.

The wicker office chair is also from Ikea.  I love how the doors open
 up to serve as the "side walls" of this office space.  It makes the space 
feel cozy.  

The beauty of this space is that it's designed with completely off the 
shelf products with much of the customization done with paint.  This 
allows anyone to really turn a closet into a gorgeous desk space quite 
cheaply.  The DIY elements of this design are simple enough that 
anyone (including me which I'm not very handy) can do it.  

Photos from Country Living


Hello Lover... said...

Love this - I think it is a great use of space and this person left no details out!

Jürgen said...

Superb result!.
I knew the final photo. But I loved seeing "before" and the materials used in the change. Thank you.

Mama Bean said...

How did the wire the light to go in the closet? Would this be relatively simple? (Or is it simply a lamp with a very long cord going to a regular outlet in the room?)

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

so sweet,what a smart design

red ticking said...

i am working on this idea with a client now... we may upholster the back wall with red gingham check (cork underneath) so it can be used as a bulletin board...
such a wonderful use of space!

dovecote decor said...

I built a closet desk in 1990. It was the best desk arrangement I've ever had. I built the desk in with a swinging shelf for the printer. I set shelves straight across almost to the top, where I stored photos. The open file system worked well--things got filed and found!

splendid market said...

That is amazing -- what a brilliant way to make this space more useful -- I love the colors!

Austin said...

Now that is a closet.
My closet space is tiny, not big enough for much of anything so I'm always looking around for good ideas to use that space for something other than a collection of dust.
I like this.

The Zhush said...

Very clever how you spelled this great idea out!!!

Alkemie said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

Mama Bean - The best would be to have someone wire an outlet and wire for the light pendant above. The alternative would be as you mentioned, to find an outlet near the closet and get an extension cord (not as asthetically pleasing but still doable if the cord matches the baseboards and runs along the ground unobtrusively.

Karen O

Unknown said...

What would you use for avase lamp in that room you are showing? I would like to make a daughter's room look like that sometime, so I'm just wondering. -Janie

Anonymous said...

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