Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Turned a Church into a Home

Only in England can you find a gorgeous Georgian church like this that has
been renovated into a home.  Converting a church into a modern home was
a long process for Sally Onions and her partner Ian Bottomley.  Few people
have the imagination to convert a ruined church into a home. 
It's really quite unique.

Type of house: Converted five-bedroom Georgian church

Location: Kyloe, Northumberland
Purchase price: £92,000
Money spent: £300,000

From the entrance hallway, you can glean a view of the wonder to come.

I am posotive that it is very difficult to show the actual height of the
ceiling in these photos.  The scale must just be amazing.  Putting sky
lights into the roof is genius and probably a must to brighten up the

The wood floors really give a warme feel in such an expansive place.

A nice and open kitchen with rustic looking wood finishes for the cabinets.

I love how they put lights up in the eaves of the ceiling -
it gives off a lovely glowing quality.

What a way to showcase a bed - in this perfect nook.

White washing the stone really brighten this room up.

For the grand finale, what a fabulous place for a bathroom - complete
with a floor to ceiling stained glass window.  Absolutely stunning.  I
hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did.  What do you think? 
Would you live in a converted church as your home?  Would it be
cool or would it be too weird for you?

Photos from House Beautiful UK


Mélanie A. said...

It is breathtaking but I'm thinking what about cleaning and heat ?

Tiina said...

Oh my... beautiful, but a bit creepy don't you think..?

anna said...

wow) very beautiful) i'd love to live in a place like this one)

Karena said...

This is just astounding! The stained glass in the bath is equisite!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

I am not religious but this is beautiful. It would also make a great B&B.

A Casa da Vá said...

You have the BEST finds, wow this house is stunning! I am not sure how I'd feel about being in a church... but definitely has an awesome architecture and they really took advantage of the space and made it feel like a home!

ps: the 1st image from the floral post it was in Japan I believe it was a trade show, but not sure... and the library in Portugal is my favorite!!

Justine said...

super cool, but I do think it'd be a little creepy. Especially with the cemetery in the yard! Also, the names of the people that live there sound so cute it's almost fictional!

La Boheme said...

This is cool! Look at Desire to Inspire blog and their today's post. They did church re-model as well and it is great to see them both!


I love big, high-ceilinged & vast spaces so this part I really liked. I think they did an awesome job on the interiors, though some parts seem monastic. Could you live with a home having this exterior? Don't know. Very interesting. I'm sending this post on to my son & DIL who will think it's brilliant. xx's

M.Kate said...

OMG! Amazing..who would have thought..such a beautiful church and we expect to see all the normal church decor,when we go there. However, turned into a home..that's really something else. Those stain glass are out of this world!

Anonymous said...

A community spanning generations poured themselves into that place. They gave money, they helped build and maintain the grounds. They shared memories joyful and sorrowful--weddings, baptisms, and funerals. They lie buried in the yard, their resting stones add to the ambience of what is now "quaint", a "pretty" space for some couple who wants a unique look. I hope my memory--my dreams, my contributions, my loves, my desires--are never reduced to someone's parlor room. I hope that neither your nor my family's gravestones are ever relegated as a cup holders for an afternoon cocktail party.

Those forlorn, walls silently bear the tragedy against the backdrop of the kitschy retrofit . . .

doctor baloney said...

A fair comment anonymous. I'm certainly not religious but agree a respect for history and community should be considered against the needs of any developer.

However, so many of these places are being sold off - if the church won't rennovate them and the government can't afford to, is this a better alternative to ruin?

Chris from the Amateur Traveler said...

I am always sad to see a church converted into anything but it is a lovely home. The computer center where I went to college was an old chapel.

Morpheus said...

Personally I would not like to sleep next to so many dead people.

SDsc_rch said...

can anyone say... "meet the parents"??

i'm surprised nobody has noticed it yet!

Rebecca Ward said...

Amazing concept! If given the chance, I probably wouldn't mind living there

ClarityK (Sarah) said...

Actually not all that unique - I have a small collection of converted churches I've been getting around to posting. I tend to agree with anon., but what is the Cof E supposed to do with all its buildings now so few people attend.
I don't like to think of their heating bill, in Northumberland (brrr)

Paul said...

I like how the dining room table seats 12.

RG ART & DESIGN Inspirations said...

I also (like other ones here) have double feelings about this house/church... I love the sensation of space and mysticism, but I never would have a cemetery in my backyard! I don't like the idea of having a cemetery one 1 mile away of my house!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful but not for me. What about closets? I think the master "bedroom" is on the altar? A little out there if you ask me. :)

zachary matson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A couple of notes... first, the altars in traditional churches tend to be at the intersection of the halls, not in one of the nooks. It looks like the bedroom wing is in the nook where the choir or the church organ would go. This particular church isn't in the cruciform layout larger churches have, but the altar placement would nonetheless be at the head of the main hall rather than in an alcove... it's the focal point.

Secondly, this church would not have been sold or converted if it had been in active use. Nobody was kicked out. If the church was, in fact, abandoned, this is the best thing. The graves are being tended again, the building maintained, and at some point in the future it might get reacquired and reconsecrated. If there is tragedy in a disused church being converted into a home, the tragedy is in the disuse, NOT the conversion.

Third, having people living in churches is nothing new. Clergy often live on church grounds, or in the building itself. The only difference is who is living there now.

Creepy? A little. I wouldn't live there myself, but I don't see any inherent "wrongness" to it.

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the idea of it, but I think it would be too weird. . .

Preston said...

The cemetery being close by may be a bit weird. However, death is a part of life. Anyway, I think they did an AMAZING job of renovating the place and creating a home. It's truly beautiful. I love the hardwood floors, and the amazing light coming through the stained-glass windows. Funny, this church is probably older than my country.

Francine Gardner said...

A church is certainly a great architectural space and the owners have really transformed it to its full potential. Having been brought up in a catholic boarding school, I would feel eery living in a church and so close to a grave you know...i believe in ghosts..

Claudiu said...

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Alkemie said...

I love all the different comments and discussion over this topic. It's been very interesting and eye opening. Thank you all so much for taking the time to contribute comments that are obviously very well thought out.

Thank you,
Karen O.

nicknowsky said...

wow, I mean wow! There is nothing that old here in the US, but this is simply amazing

Eric Seymour said...

The first Christian churches met in people's homes. Now, some church buildings are being converted back into homes. How remarkably cyclical.

I love visible stone and wood structural elements in a home's interior, but I couldn't live in a converted church. Nevertheless, this conversion (no pun intended!) appears to have been done respectfully.

Beth said...

Simply amazing how this house was setup. i really love how the living room and bed room are setup very creative!

Paulo Franca - PLAFstudies.Com said...

Awesome idea! I wish I could do the same. Heaven's temples must be this way. Congratulations! It's very beautiful, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will go to Hell for doing that

Furniture removalists said...

Wonderful! Absolutely one of a kind.
Congratulations! The creativity is amazing.

Austin said...

the woodwork, lighting, space and of course the ceilings are breathtaking. once you get past the fact that its a church you can see it has everything a person would want in a nice home. you've even got garden spots,which churches usually have. this is nothing short of perfect!!!

Rachel said...

Maybe a little weird - but SOOOOOOO cool!
They did such a great job with it! Can you imagine laying in that bed at night with the twinkling lights and those candles??

Thanks for sharing!

erica said...

What if this was St. Peter's Basilica? Would everyone still be okay with it being converted into someone's private residence? It's a beautiful building without a doubt, but it seems a little tacky to me. I understand the point that it's better than having it torn down, but it's also sad to me that old, established churches are empty. Why do churches build some ugly structure with theatre seating when they could instead inhabit a beautiful old building like this? It's a mystery to me.

All that being said, though it does seem a little tacky (probably because I am religious and all of those architectural elements mean a great deal to me in the context of a church), the new residents are clearly doing a wonderful job of maintaining the place and preserving the beauty.

Jayne said...

wow stunning homes

Anonymous said...

While having dinner, the guests can watch the hosts procreating on bed. A charming idea.

Mijhail said...

¡Ahora si sirve para algo bueno!

dining room table said...

I think I see this kind of renovation. They also transform an old church into a new house. But I think this is more beautiful than the first one I saw.

Juan said...

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Richard Boles said...

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