Monday, May 3, 2010

World's Most Astounding and Beautiful Book Stores Series ~ Portugal (Livraria Lello in Oporto)

Here's the third installment of this series.  This bookshop makes you feel
like you are in a different time and era.  Probably because the building is
actually from another time and era (references for the city of Porto go as
far back as the 4th century.)  Livraria Lello Bookshop is in Oporto,
Portugal (also called Porto.)  A very old city with tons of character
and very old buildings.  The old part of Oporto is a Unesco Heritage
site.  Porto is famous for the region that makes port wine. 

The bookshop opened in 1906 and is the flagship store for a
prominent Portugese publishing house.  The facade is a gorgeous
neo-Gothic design.

And of course, the interior is even more stunning. 

The building and interior was designed by Xavier Esteves.  Livraria Lello is
 considered one of the best works of what is referred to as the
“second eclecticism”  style in Portugal  with beautiful art nouveau and
naturalist elements.

Even the bottom of the staircase is ornately decorated.

The ceilings are also decorated with same attention detail.

The stain glass in the roof that serves as a skylight is just stunning.

A fun photo in sepia taken by a tourists.  Devoid of color, you
can really see all of the architectural elements.  Just amazing. If
you are ever in Oporto, Portugal - this bookshop is clearly worth
a visit.

Photos from Flickr an Google Images


Tricia Rose said...

Read, then dance down the staircase! a balanced way of life!

Tam said...

Wow! This place is amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!!

Jan said...

Now that is astounding !

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh my...this is absolutely fabulous!!!

vicki archer said...

A very good reason to go....xv

RG ART & DESIGN Inspirations said...



I would never leave, it's heaven.

Yoli said...

You better believe I am going to visit this place. Of course they are going to have to throw me out since I will never want to leave.

Mari Robeson said...

Incredible architecture! Great blog!

A Casa da Vá said...

this is by far THE MOST AMAZING BOOKSTORE EVER, it left me speechless and wanting to go there and just stare at it! I have a profound love for books and for old architecture... and I am half portuguese - so you just made my day!

ps: I made a side note about your lovely blog at my last post! You have great selection of images, love it! I will be following... ^_^

M.Kate said...

Serious? This is a bookstore? It's AMAZING! i'll stay there for a long timne :)

Anonymous said...

That book store is so amazing, I had to post it too! Thanks for the tip!

Dustjacket Attic said...

That blows my mind, I'd go over there just to be in this place.

A_observadora said...

oooo i'm so pround, to see that our architecture is around the world, so tinny country with huge soul (:

Mike said...

I love the ceiling the most personally.

Anonymous said...

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