Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Space Living Inspirations - A 431 Sq Ft Apartment in Paris

This magazine article was originally published by French magazine
Cote Maison and picked up by Apartment Therapy.  It's a fantastic 
example of small space living.  We're talking a family of four and 
a dog living in a 430 sq ft apartment.  Amazing isn't it?  We never
think about it living with space is definitely a luxury.  A luxury that
Americans are used to but not necessarily all places in the world have.
Your average apartment for a family of 4-5 in Hong Kong is around
400 sq ft.  This isn't because they just happen to love living in small
spaces - there isn't any available land and square footage is seriously
expensive.  Most families simply cannot afford more space.  There's
a saying in Hong Kong that real estate is worth its weight in gold by
the square Inch!  The above bedroom very cleverly utilizes the tiny
closet-like space very well.

Every available amount of space in the apartment 
is  used. Isn't this cubby in the ground great?

A Tibetan tapestry hangs in the doorway.  The cupboards
and built in storage space is from the ground to the ceiling.

Here's the kitchen area with a dine in table.  
Notice the stairs going up to another room.

Those same steps are actually built in drawers.  Now this is what
I'm talking about.  The Japanese also design in this incredibly 
functional way as your average living space for a single person in 
Tokyo is often no more than a small room.

What a lovely dining and living space.  The windows almost extend 
from floor to ceiling.  I just love the exposed brick like floor.  Hanging 
curtains from floor to the ceiling creates the feeling that the room and 
ceiling is higher than it actually is.  Also using clear furniture like the 
glass table is a great way to expand a space visually.

Here's the other side of the room which also leads into the kitchen.

The living and dining room double as the master bedroom.
The bed you see is a Murphy bed which is folded into the wall.

Here is the floor plan to this incredibly functional space.
You can see the dotted lines where the Murphy bed pulls
down for the living/dining room to become the Master 

I recently purchased this book which I love!  What's great about
that it showcases real homes and apartments that are small and 
what owners and designers have done with their space.  I highly 
recommend it.  

As of late, there seems to be a trend to downsizing and 
living with less space.  What are your thoughts?  Less is
more?  Or more is more?

All photos from Apartment Therapy and Cote Maison
Photos by Alexandre Bailhache


Francine Gardner said...

One must be incredibly organized and neat to live in such a small space...I would get a little claustrophobic , Cannot help but feel a little sorry for the dog, hope he gets lots of walk. Amazing creative design though.

Caroline said...

I agree--I think organization and reducing clutter are the key to a small space (or any space, but particularly important in a small space). Something I am so not good at!

ghost chair said...

What an absolutely beautiful home - less is more, I'd love to live somewhere like that. Oodles of space is unnecessary :) - then again, I'm a very organized person!

Hello Lover... said...

I absolutely love people that can make these small spaces work and look good!

camdesign said...

Small spaces are interesting to design and live in... ours is 609 sq ft... and we love it.
It's like living in a hotel suite with a large kitchen (plus a ground floor patio) everyday...I always look forward to coming home...

Jürgen said...

Hello Karen , my blog is one year old. Good reason to celebrate birthday. I organize a raffle, I would be glad if you would choose an object, which is then raffled among all participants. All are invited.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I needed this Karen, perfect timing. Great inspiration to go from a 4300 sq. ft. home to a likely 650 sq. ft. flat. I keep wondering how we are going to do it & if I'm making a huge mistake. Thanks for the boost that it can be done & still live chic.

All my best to you for a lovely week ~ deb

Yoli said...

This is a wonderful post! I love the ingenuity of making a small place seem large. We also live in a small space which looks larger than it is, due to the organization and store solutions.

Jan said...

I could totally live there - on my own preferably.

Clayton Gray Home said...

great resource book - thanks for the tip!

Mike said...

I love those chairs with their bases. I forget what they are called but they look really futuristic.

Anonymous said...

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