Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lifestyle Designer Maria Gabriela Brito of NYC

I recently came across a chic "Lifestyle Designer" named Maria Gabriela Brito.
Maria is originally from Venezuela and her firm is in the Big Apple (New York
City.)  She gave up a corporate law career to do what she loves which is art, 
interiors, shops and showrooms.  

She helps clients in not only designing their home spaces but also tutoring them
about wine, how to purchase art and finding an individual sense of style. (It doesn't
hurt that she's married to a Brazilian wine aficionado.)

I especially liked her choice in art in her own home.

And what she's done for other clients.  Love the image on the 
wall and the Union Jack chair.  As many of you know, I'm a 
sucker for the Union Jack and art that features the Queen... And
no I'm not English ^_^

I love how she has pops of color in the room but it's not 
overwhelming either and still keeps its sense of poshness 
(probably not a word but oh well.)

Definitely can't afford that bag but it certainly makes for a great photo shoot.

Love the scarf.

I'm a magpie at heart so I have to say 
the shoes definitely caught my eye.

As with most New York condos, the kitchen is not large but
the space is used cleverly while still leaving one side open
so it still feels airy.  Very functional.

Love her outfit in this photo!  Super Chic, although
it's not what the main point of the photo is...

Another fantastic choice in art work.

 This looks like a homey and lived in room. 
The wallpaper is a lot of fun.

I love that the floor of her nursery is made up of all carpet
tiles.  Because the colors are pastel, it's still cute but oh
so functional.

Hope you enjoyed a taste of Maria's style 
and gleaned some ideas for yourself.

If you are interested in seeing more New York spaces, I highly
recommend this magazine which I subscribe to:  New York Spaces.
I have a link to Amazon so you can find information about the magazine
but I would not recommend buying it from Amazon.  For some odd reason
the subscription fee on Amazon is unusally high.  You can usually get a 
subscription for much less (I don't remember exactly but in the $10-$15 

Photos from Maria Gabriela Brito's site

Monday, July 26, 2010

L.A. Based Designer Vanessa de Vargas - A Hollywood Regency meets Palm Beach Makeover for Her Home

Vanessa de Vargas is an L.A. based interior designer who has fantastic taste.
Her sense of aesthetics is right down my alley with her emphasis on using
vintage furniture and accessories.  She gave her home a makeover which I
have to say looks fabulous.

I adore Chesterfield sofas and I love what she did with her living room. The
style of her home makes me want to dub it as Hollywood Regency meets Palm
Beach cottage style.  Super chic and love how all the different styles of furniture
and textures are blended together. 

The white washed floors give the home a cottage feel.  Vanessa has touches
of Asian accessories throughout as well.  She really is so good at blending
different styles together.  This kitchen nook is the perfect example, French
styled chairs with a midcentury modern styled dining table, an Asian lamp
with a couple of Asian panels on the wall and a contemporary black and
white rug.  Definitely eclecticism at it's best.

Vanessa also redesigned her entrance way and had 
a pair of dressers painted in this super bold green.

This was the bedroom before.

But I gotta say I absolutely adore the way it looks now even better.
She painted her end tables white and chic cottage by the ocean.  Love
it!  Especially the hue she painted the room and her lamps are to die for.

A super clever user of a mirror to bounce off more light is the
long mirror used right next to her lamps in the corner.

This isn't exactly to the style of Vanessa's home, but I do
really love this book on Waterside Cottages.  The images
in this book are great ideas for anyone who wants to feel
like they're in a cottage by the sea. 

I hope you enjoyed Vanessa's home as much as I do and
that you were able to glean some ideas from her design.
Any favorite ideas or items from her home?  Would love
to hear your thoughts.

Photos from Lonny Magazine

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New York City Based Designer Brad Ford's Manhattan Apartment

I really love the way earth tones are used in this apartment.  Brad Ford is a New 
York City based designer whose Manhattan apartment is showcased in this post.

The natural light coming into the apartment is just fantastic.  
There is really no substitute for natural sunlight in a home.

I love the interesting image on the wall and I adore
the velvet covered modern styled Scandinavian chair
even more.

The organic looking wood pieces of furniture in the living 
space really helps the place feel more homey and inviting.

Super adorable child!

Space is a commodity in Manhattan and this is a nicely laid
out open floor plan for a modest kitchen and a great dining

What a fantastic table setting.  It has a very natural and organic
vibe to it - the aesthetic reminds me of a lot of ceramics and table 
settings that are used in Japan.  Understated elegance in a natural and 
organic sort of way.

Another interesting photo at the top of the kitchen cabinets 
and having a lower table in the kitchen area is always useful
for keeping an eye on kids or chatting with company while
tinkering in the kitchen.

I'm a sucker for sheepskin and soft materials.

Bet most of children's rooms don't look like this.  
But it's fantastic isn't it?  Elegant, cozy and simple.

Convertible crib into a miniature bed and a fantastic map of the world
above.  I grew up with a map on my wall as well and loved it.  It helped
me greatly improve my geography and since I love travel, I love sticking
pins in the places I've been and look forward to new places to visit every

A great angle for the bedroom.

Here you can see how minimalistic it is - but the bed looks comfortable.
Hope you've enjoyed this house tour.  What did you like best about this

Photos from Lonny Magazine

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Colorful and Fun Office and Hobby Room

These home owners did a fantastic job of turning a very common and 
mundane basement into a colorful and bright office and hobby room
with every day materials.  The space is not huge but they make good
use of the space with a good floor plan.

The colorful walls are simply peel and stick carpet floor tiles.  Not
only does it give the room a punch of color but it can double as 
a bulletin board.  The desks and peninsula are made of MDF 

The bottom half of the wall is covered with beaded board 
and gives the room a nice detail and finish to the walls.

They used old scrabble boards with Scrabble 
tiles to caption and frame photos.

An inexpensive way to make wall art is to take a set of photos, prints,
 or in this case cards and pin them on the wall in an orderly fashion.

Believe it or not, this electronics charging station used to be
a bread box.  Holes were drilled at the bottom for the cords
to come through.  Clever isn't it?

One way to make a space uncluttered is to not store anything
on the desk or counter space - take it all away by storing the
supplies and tools in drawers or lifting it off the ground and 
storing it on the wall like in the image above.

What I especially love about this peg board is that it is clear 
and made of acrylic.  It is very modern and lets the colors of
the supplies pop up.

Hmmm do I see 1970's popcorn ceiling?  The owners were actually
very clever in using patterns and colors that didn't make the popcorn
ceiling stand out.  If there isn't any space in the ceiling to install 
recessed lighting, track lighting is a definite solution around that 

Have a container for everything.

Chair covers make a great way to put some color in a space.

If any of you have hobbies or crafts and art projects on the side
but need some inspiration to get organized and get started...
Creative Time and Space is a wonderful book to help you in
 the mindset, get organized and to get started.

Photos from DIY