Monday, July 26, 2010

L.A. Based Designer Vanessa de Vargas - A Hollywood Regency meets Palm Beach Makeover for Her Home

Vanessa de Vargas is an L.A. based interior designer who has fantastic taste.
Her sense of aesthetics is right down my alley with her emphasis on using
vintage furniture and accessories.  She gave her home a makeover which I
have to say looks fabulous.

I adore Chesterfield sofas and I love what she did with her living room. The
style of her home makes me want to dub it as Hollywood Regency meets Palm
Beach cottage style.  Super chic and love how all the different styles of furniture
and textures are blended together. 

The white washed floors give the home a cottage feel.  Vanessa has touches
of Asian accessories throughout as well.  She really is so good at blending
different styles together.  This kitchen nook is the perfect example, French
styled chairs with a midcentury modern styled dining table, an Asian lamp
with a couple of Asian panels on the wall and a contemporary black and
white rug.  Definitely eclecticism at it's best.

Vanessa also redesigned her entrance way and had 
a pair of dressers painted in this super bold green.

This was the bedroom before.

But I gotta say I absolutely adore the way it looks now even better.
She painted her end tables white and chic cottage by the ocean.  Love
it!  Especially the hue she painted the room and her lamps are to die for.

A super clever user of a mirror to bounce off more light is the
long mirror used right next to her lamps in the corner.

This isn't exactly to the style of Vanessa's home, but I do
really love this book on Waterside Cottages.  The images
in this book are great ideas for anyone who wants to feel
like they're in a cottage by the sea. 

I hope you enjoyed Vanessa's home as much as I do and
that you were able to glean some ideas from her design.
Any favorite ideas or items from her home?  Would love
to hear your thoughts.

Photos from Lonny Magazine


leanne said...

I adore this house - the style is right up my street too, love it! x

Mary said...
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Annie@A View On Design said...

gee I really love this "hollywood" palm beach styling - so playful, would love to decorate a home like this!

J├╝rgen said...

I like the contrast of the two white lamps with the chest in green very much, thank you for the pictures regards

Dovecote Decor said...

I love Vanessa's use of color. I loved every room. Thanks for sharing! Great post.

Just A Girl said...

Beautiful! I have all those pics saved on decorpad and never knew they were the same house! Stunning! Great textures

Erin said...

I love, love, LOVE her home! Her bedroom especially is so beautiful and cozy! This book looks just up my alley too! :)

Jan said...

Brilliant bedroom makeover.
Used to have some rattan roll up blinds but they never looked that good.

Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite styles beautifully merged so elegantly! I love the room.
Kendra A. Miami, FL

Mike said...

I love the bedroom make over.