Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Creative and Inspirational Outdoor Spaces for Summer Living

Since we're in the full swing of summer, I thought I'd do a post on creative
and fun outdoor spaces for summer living.  I really adore what was done
with this long and narrow space (could have been really awkward). The rugs,
flags and plants really make it feel exotic and cozy.

As many you of know, I adore color and this image really got me excited.  
It screams fun and makes you want to have your friends over to hang out.

I also love soft spaces.  White fabric always soften a space
up and the runner with the stencils on it is gorgeous.

Fiesta time!  What a great way to serve cocktails in the backyard.

Have a small cozy deck you don't know what to do with?  Have no fear.
This cozy little nook is decked out with comfortable chairs and accessories.
Most of all, I love the light bulbs strung around for some ambiance at night.

A floor length table cloth can really dress up any table.  The added 
lanterns above make it a fun and festive space - a little pizzazz.

There a gazillion containers other than ice chests you can use to put your
chilled drinks in to serve.  Here's a great example using an old planter.

Here's another old bucket.  But what really caught my eye are the prepared
drinks inside.  Juice or water filled with mint leaves and sliced lemons and
strawberries.  You could use cucumbers as well.

Here's a gorgeously romantic outdoor space that seemlessly blends
into the indoor living space.  The drapes around the outdoor space
make it feel like a room in addition to the chandelier.

Pottery Barn has a line of books including this one that
focuses on outdoor ideas that are what I call "Chic Casual."
Casual spaces that look chic.  

Any particular inspiration that inspired you above?

Photos from Do It Yourself magazine


Francine Gardner said...

Such a fun great post! I love to create small intimate spaces (was working on a post on that subject) in my garden...king of playing houses which i loved to do growing up...
Hope you are enjoying a great summer

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Makes me want to have a party! I love the long-skirted table. It's such a pretty detail that can really change the look of a tablescape. Really fun images.

Erin said...

So much fun color!!! Really gets me energized...LOVE this collection!

Anonymous said...

Are all these photos taken from the Pottery Barn book? If so, I might need to get it. Thanks.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

gorgeous round up. i love the photos. :) happy summertime

Rugs USA said...

Love these rugs!

crash pad girl said...

These pictures have really inspired me. Thanks

Torie Jayne said...

Great inspiration! Have a sweet day!

Pigtown-Design said...

I've been making pennants from leftover fabrics and love the way they flutter in the breeze!

M.Kate said...

I love them ..the more colours the better, makes my garden so boring. I will be back to have a peek again.

Pandora said...

Love that first patio with the prayer flags hanging and the Persian rugs, wonderful.

Pandora from Home and Decor