Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tea Time and the Bliss of Tea - Flavored Fruit Teas to Lift the Spirit

One of my seemingly biggest obsessions in life is Tea.  I mean...
I bring tea bags with me literally everywhere I go.  I have it in my
purse, in my luggage when I travel, on the plane I ask for plain 
hot water because I have my own tea bags.  I even have a selection
to boot.  My cousin had a wedding this last weekend where she 
decided to do the Chinese Tea Ceremony (for marriage) and they
had forgotten the tea, guess what - I had tea.  

There is something about the way tea can soothe that really 
comforts me.  When I don't feel well or when I feel sick, chicken
soup is not always the first thing on my mind - I always make 
myself a cup of steaming hot tea.  There are teas that make me 
feel cool, there are teas that make me feel warm, and still other 
teas that are simply divine.  (The tea that makes me feel cool is
a tea that is grown above the tree line in the Yunnan province of
China.  It's white in color after it's been dried and it's a fascinating

To take it a step further, I love all kinds of drinks.  I feel like
certain drinks evoke different feelings.  Hot chocolate or hot
apple cider is lovely in the winter because it makes one feel
warm and full.

The smell and aroma coffee is simply tantalizing.

My last trip to Japan last fall, I discovered an apple flavored 
black tea.  I bought several boxes of it and brought it home 
with me because I loved it so much.  When I started to run 
out, I started frantically looking everywhere for a substitute.
My saving grace...I found a substitute in Amazon Grocery
(Ahmad Apple Tea.) I was ecstatic.  I immediately subscribed 
(it's the best deal to subscribe - buying a 6 box 20 count costs only
a little over purchasing one box of 20 because of the shipping fees.)  
With subscribing, I pushed the subscription out to 6 months and 
found that one could cancel at any time or skip shipments.  It's 
fantastic. Because you get an additional 15% off, the price comes
to about $2.63 per box of 20 which is pretty darn good for imported 
tea.  These teas from Ahmad are made for the British market and 
not for the U.S.

Then...I discovered that Ahmad had other fruit flavored teas.
These are not herbal teas - they are not sour and you do not 
need sugar to drink them unless you'd like add milk and sugar.
Then I was doomed.  I bought other flavors to try (tried like 8
different flavors) and the ones in the post are my absolute favorites.
As with anything I love, I brought it to work and started sharing
them with coworkers.  Now I have a whole group of my coworkers
hooked onto these teas.  Strawberry by the way, is a huge favorite.

I am sharing this with all of you because this is my latest
obsession and I really really really love these teas.  You 
would probably think I was nuts but I am presently subscribed
to 4 different fruit flavored teas by Ahmad, Twinnings Earl Grey.  

Since my sweetie loves dark and strong teas, I'm subscribed to
PG Tips (a favorite British blend) and Barry's (a favorite Irish

So there you have it - I am subjecting you all to my latest 
obsession.  If you're in the least bit curious, you might try
a flavor.  If you do, please let me know what you think
(hate it?  it's ok? or love it?)  And a tip for best flavor -
don't leave the tea bag in your cup.  All you need is to
steep the bag for 1-2 minutes depending on how strong
you'd like it and throw out the tea bag.  Leaving the tea
bag in does not make for optimal tea flavor when drinking.

Another obsession is of course books.  I think Amazon
and Ebay have a monopoly on where my disposable 
income goes :(  Found these two fantastic books about
tea and tea parties.  You can't really tell from the cover,
 but this book has wonderful ideas for themed tea parties
for entertaining (for adults.)  Simply fantastic.  Check it
out if you want some great ideas for when you have 
guests or company over or for a get together.

This book is by the same author.  If you are curious about
the culture and traditions of tea around the world, this is 
a great book that introduces one to how different people
from around the world take tea.

Are you a tea drinker?  How does tea make you feel?


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I loved this post about tea. Yes. I'm obsessed with tea. I love hot tea all winter and iced tea during the warmer months.

Chai Tea is a favorite. Earl Grey is always good. Jasmine Tea is like drinking perfume and reminds me of my Grandmother who introduced me to hot tea.

For years I scoffed at tea with milk in it. But then one day I tried it and love it. I make my tea very strong and then add a little milk. Delicious both hot and cold with spices added.

I will have to try the teas you've suggested. Thanks for sharing.

Francine Gardner said...

i love trying new teas, especially when traveling, i always look for new teas.In China, I am like a kid in a "candy store", I am so into the tea ceremonies, first washing off the first dipping to remove bitterness, then steeping the tea in the beautiful porcelain cups. My favorite are the jasmine flower ball. Very curious to try the peach tea.

Jan said...

I'm a same old same old tea drinker K
but after reading this I aim to be more adventurous.
p.s. you're not nuts.

Fruitful Fusion said...

I love tea! It makes me feel calm and comforted after a busy day. I really want to try this Ahmad Tea. My ultimate fave is PG tips!!!

mama bean said...

Have you tried twinings the lady grey tea? it is our favourite! it's just a more citrus version of earl grey, but in a really delicate and lovely way. i think i'll go havesome now! thanks for the post :P

Beth said...

I've had the Ahmad Strawberry Tea... it's terrific! A co-worker actually told ME about it. It can be had on Amazon for under $15. What a deal!

Anonymous said...

I make tisanes sometimes - they are very comforting. My favorite is two heads of lavender and a sprig of mint, but three inches of rosemary is a good pick-me-up, and a sprig of sage clarifies my mind (that's what I tell myself!)

I'm English and still prefer real tea to teabags, though I do use teabags, just find them too strong for the more delicate teas.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Love trying new teas too & all your choices look great. Glad to know I'm not the only nut to carry tea when we travel!!

Alkemie said...

I've really enjoyed all of your comments! I have a whole collection of tea (full leaf and tea bags.) For traveling, tea bags seem to be a bit easier.

I have tried the Lady Earl Grey and I do enjoy it too. I just select a tea depending on my mood lol.

Any black teas in a bag can definitely be strong so I make sure not to steep for more than 1-2 minutes and throw it out to control how strong the tea is.

I love the flower balls too! I have a collection of all different designs lol ...hmm perhaps a follow up post later on that...

Tea with Milk, there is the English way and then there is the Asian way. The English brew a normal cup of tea and add milk and sugar. Asians double or triple the dosage of tea (looks almost black it's so strong) and then add milk and sugar or condensed milk. They are really different styles of milk tea.

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! Glad to see fellow tea lovers out there ^_^

Kat said...

Great post..I enjoy hot tea when its cold and I love iced tea in the summer. I'm a chi tea latte fanatic.

Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

I wish I liked more teas - there's only two I drink, English Breakfast and Jasmine Blossom Green tea. I've tried a bunch of herbal fruit flavours, but they're just not sweet (or fruity) enough for me. I wonder if you can get Ahmad in New Zealand?

Lovely blog - stop by mine sometime.


Alkemie said...

That's a good point about Iced Tea. I love a strong Chai Tea as well - especially when it's spicy (gives it a kick.)

Andrea - I hope you can get the Ahmad fruit teas in Australia. They are not herbal nor are they sweet (unless you add sugar.) I can guarantee that the flavor is nice and strong (the smell is fantastic.)

Alkemie said...

That's a good point about Iced Tea. I love a strong Chai Tea as well - especially when it's spicy (gives it a kick.)

Andrea - I hope you can get the Ahmad fruit teas in Australia. They are not herbal nor are they sweet (unless you add sugar.) I can guarantee that the flavor is nice and strong (the smell is fantastic.)

Alkemie said...
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Anonymous said...

Our most recent blog posts are a match made in heaven!..

Also love tea - it's the best for every occasion really. Nurturing, uplifting, soothing, calming, invigorating, healing and generally just the best companion on a rainy day (or a sunny one too for that matter!).

Hope you have a chance to check out my latest post. You'll love it!

x Charlotta