Monday, August 23, 2010

Displaying Collections in the Home - Ben Brougham's New York City Studio

Isn't that a wonderful collection on the wall with a fantastic paint color for
the background?  This is Ben Brougham's studio in New York City.  Ben 
is from over the pond (the UK) and is a prop stylist who moved to the Big
Apple 5 years ago.  He now also helps curate for Jonathan Adler stores.

Wall Paint = Benjamin Moore's Surf Blue

Notice that he did not paint all the walls in the room Surf Blue.  This
is the other side to the bedroom.  As you can see Ben is quite the collector
with all sorts of collections from pillows to wall art, glass and much more.
You can see his mirror collection on this wall.

A wonderful image of the opposite wall 
through the view of one of his mirrors.

Ben also collects all sorts of rugs which he uses to completely cover
 the floor of his studio.  He scours Ebay among other sources to purchase
his rugs.  Exceptions are the Union Jack and Zebra rugs which are from 
Jonathan Adler.

Ben has some fantastic tips for collecting that he follows.

I love that the kitchen and hallway are painted in a dark color.
It really brings out the color of the paintings and other items
and fabric in the room.

Ben hangs his prized Liberty print bike on the wall.  You'll notice that his drapes
are from IKEA but customized with vintage fabric.  That's a great tip right there on
 a super economical way to dress up any window on a budget.

His collections are curated and displayed in groups.

Midcentury Modern Glass (which I collect as well)

Colored glass bottom vases and a vintage yellow straw phone.

Just a few of the types of items that Ben collects.

I love the different tiered night
stand and portraits on the wall.

I hope you enjoyed Ben's apartment and gleaned some 
ideas for collecting and displaying collections.  I do 
recommend Jonathan Adler's book if you like interiors
that have a bit of whimsy and eclectic flavor.  Adler's 
interiors or chic but fun at the same time.

So do any of you have collections?  I think I'm addicted
to collecting things (not good since I'm probably a hoarder.)
What sort of items do you collect?  I've dabbled in everything 
from vintage Christmas ornaments to mercury glass, midcentury
modern glass, vintage costume jewelry, tea cups, Fireking... I 
wonder of shoes, clothes and books also count as collections...


Amalia said...

Absolutely ingenious decorating ideas!
Greetings grom Rhodes, Greece

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

That mirror wall is amazing! I would love to do something like that in my home, right now I only collect magnolia artwork and milk glass although I want to collect vintage teacups and saucers to display in my china cabinet.

Tina said...

A very personal home. Love the collections and of course the items from Mr Adler.
It might just sound a little bit cheesy but me and my common- law spouse actually have a collection of unique beer- glasses(and no it is not only in his interest, I´ve become to enjoy it too:)).
Every time we go on vacation we search for a new unique glass. Some of the glasses are really beautiful to look at and I really like them.

eventagentur berlin said...

I love these flats looking like exibitionhalls. Theres always something to see. And of course I like old stuff. But Im too lazy to collect. Anyway...Nice photos. Im jelous

nicola said...

this is AMZING! my perfect room would consist of all of this, wow.

Holly Springett said...

An amazing home, love the collection of vintage mirrors and the colourful bud vases!

La Maison Fou said...

I love interiors packed with a punch of color and collectibles!
I was at a tag sale yesterday, a little man who lived there was a collector, great things vintage everywhere, really made the house a home.

Ursula said...

The wall color in the first photo is divine. I was driving home this evening and I drove by a home with a room that color. It was magical. So exotic and mystical.

jodi said...

what a wonderful space!

how to treat gentital warts said...

That mirror wall is amazing! I would love to do something like that in my home, right now I only collect magnolia artwork and milk glass although I want to collect vintage teacups and saucers to display in my china cabinet.

Jamie said...

Wow! I LOVE the photos.. such beautiful and decorative things here. I hope it's okay I've featured your post, specifically the mirror wall above on my new blog. You can see it here:

Thank you so much for sharing! Your blog is very inspiring :0)

Anonymous said...

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