Monday, August 30, 2010

Oudoor Garden Inspirations for Outdoor Living

I can never get enough of gorgeous outdoor inspirations - especially when
there's a gorgeous garden and greenery to go with it.  Isn't the backyard
above just gorgeous?

The white curtains in the background are so romantic in the summer breeze.
The lavender fabric is also a perfect color to complement the surrounding

Indoor lamps really make this gorgeous garden setting look polished and chic.

Chips and salsa on a barrel...

Colored glass vases make this garden pop.  At night, all you
need are some tea lights in the vases for it to give a soft
magical glow with color.

The fabric makes this dining area so cozy.  Candles really
top it off.  I can just imagine what this would look like at

What a great difference just a pink runner an pink flowers can make!

Love the pillows on the hammock - it really creates
a pop of color and gives the scene an exotic look.

Photos from DIY magazine


diane@onlinefabricstore said...

I love that idea of scattering colored vases throughout the garden. I am going to try that one myself.

Yoli said...


Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

What a great Blog! Incredible images.
Thanks for visiting

Lila said...

I love that periwinkle of the cushions in the first couple photos. It's such a beautiful and calming color. Great garden inspirations!
Lila Ferraro

La Boheme said...

So much to love here! I'm liking the laid back feel. xoxo

cherry chests said...

Those are just so gorgeous. I think I need to make that kind of living room in my garden. This post is going to be inspiration in doing to that project.

According to Nicky said...

Beautiful and cosy! XX Nicky

Mary said...

Oh, I love that last image with the hammock, I would kill to have one of those in my backyard!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! All of them! Love your blog ~ I am now your newest follower! xo

Fun Furniture Follies said...

I love the airiness and openess that has been achieved here.

It is a shame that if you were to pull all of the moveable elements into the home... that it wouldn't translate properly. Whenever I have seen a greenery focus garden type room, it just ends up feeling creepy and claustrophobic.

John Candalino

Halie said...

Love the shabby chic garden party. Unforch after the heat we've had, my garden is not looking so lush and green!

new jersey glass said...

I wouldn't ask for more if have that. It's a perfect haven.