Thursday, September 30, 2010

Candy, Cakes and Desserts of Marie Antoinette the Movie

Many of you have seen posts on Marie Antoinette the movie by Sophia
 Coppola. I only had a chance to see it tonight which inspired me to look up
a synopsis of her life story to see how accurate the portrayal of her life was. 
The movie isn't exact but it comes close (she had 4 children and not 2 among
other points.)  It skips over the latter portion of her life where she became
more involved with politics and tried to help her husband.  

I think Marie Antoinette is one of the most misrepresented people in history.  
She was literally the scapegoat of France in those times.  Despite the odds, 
she managed to survive in a politically hostile environment with a mother who
sought only to use her solely as a political pawn.  Unfortunately, she actually
had very little political influence in France.  Not to mention a husband who was 
so insecure that the marriage wasn't consummated until 7 years after they
were married (and even then - intervention was required to get to the bottom
of the mystery...)  Granted they were married at 14, but 7 years is a long time
not to consummate a marriage. 

I now appreciate what an amazing woman she was and have come to see 
the enormous amount of pressure she was under.  Like many of us gals 
today, when she was depressed or down - she liked to party and have retail
therapy.  As for her spending, it was no more frivolous than what a queen 
would have spent in those days.  I can't imagine being sent away from home 
at 14 to a foreign land to be married.  Being Austrian (not friendly with the 
French), she was a convenient scapegoat.  

What I liked about the film is that it did not feel like any of the usual period 
films.  The film is from theperspective of Marie Antoinette and it makes feel 
as if you are personally witnessing all the events.  I also think the romantic
scenes were wonderfully filmed - romantic and classy (no need for graphic
detail.)  Enough of my babbling and onto the eye candy... literally!

Laduree provided all of the candy, desserts 
and sweets that were shown in the movie.

In fact everything in the movie looked like candy and cake.
 Absolutely gorgeous.

Strawberries galore.

Candied almonds adorn this plate with a 
piece of chocolate as the centerpiece.

Isn't the orange color a feast for the eyes?

Pink and Red go so well together for candy and desserts.

A personal cake inspired by Marie Antoinette (not my cake.)

If any of you are interested in Marie Antoinette's story, Sophia Coppola based 
her movie script on a book she read on Marie Antoinette's life called:  Marie

Photos are from Google and movie stills from Sony


vicki archer said...

This movie was such a feast in every way.....xv

la cabeza de maria antonieta said...

Me encantó la película!! Es super estética!!

Francine Gardner said...

The candies and the fashion were exquisite...

Linda in AZ * said...

* Just BEAUUUUTIFUL!!! HOWEVER, there SHOULD be a "WARNING" label for this blog... (Seems awfully "fattening", even if one is just LOOKING @ all that YUMMINESS!!!)...

Linda in AZ *

Lisa said...

It was a facinating movie and all the colors associated with...EVERYTHING! The food, the clothes,the palace. It was truly a visual feast!
I also went online to learn more about the family. The sites I visited said her husband was unable to consummate not only because of shyness but alsobecause of physical inability. He had surgery and there you go! But I think his insecurities were huge.
A sad note to the family- they had 4 children and 3 died and one never married/had children, so the family ended.
Thanks for the visit!

Peggy and Fritz said...

I read a different fictional version of the book and loved it and loved everything about her. Except the end :( However, I loved all these scenes from the movies and seeing them in picture form really makes them so glamorous. What a wonderful delicious post. Now I have a graving for some sweets!

Jessica - Lovely Undergrad said...

LOVE this movie---it comes second only to Gone with the Wind. ;) Sometimes I watch Marie Antoinette three or four times a month b/c I love it so much. The interiors, the gowns, the food! Oh, and the music. The soundtrack is my favorite thing to listen to. I love the mix of classical + 80s + mellow.

I also love it because I'm a big fan of Marie Antoinette. I tell anyone who will listen about how misrepresented she is. "The Journey" is on my to-read list, but I highly recommend "Abundance" by Sena Jeter Naslund. Every time I picked it up to read, I felt like I was being transported to Versailles myself. The novel covers her life from childhood to her dying day---and it includes real excerpts from letters to and from Marie Antoinette. And it's beautifully written.

I could go on and on. This post made my night and I'll probably end up watching this movie for the bajillionth tomorrow. :)

Alkemie said...

Love all the comments! I'll definitely have to check out the novel Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund.

melchester said...

i never see this movie but thanks for posting a photo.i love the design and colors of the cake but i think this movie is not good to watch for kids it will lead them to obesity

Unknown said...

If you ever get to Paris you really should give Laduree a it of your time. Their deserts alone will make you miss the whole country! The one off the Champs Elysees is incredible, you will spend big bucks if you're not careful, though, so don't go hungry! My favorite desert of theirs is the Rose tart- with rose whipped cream, a giant macaroon frosted with raspberry flavored frosting and mini raspberry macaroons circling a center bed of rose petals. Gorgeous and to-die-for delicious!

Mike said...

Love the cake. I love how little shoes were made on it.

Anonymous said...

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