Friday, October 29, 2010

A Gambrel Designed Long Island Waterside Beach Home

I'm a big fan of Steven Gambrel in general.  We see a lot of photos of his
work shared over and over again.  What amazing talent.  This house is 
next to the water near the ocean, a lake and an inlet so it's very much in
context to use a lot of blues and greens through the house.  I love all of
the architectural detail and floor to ceiling bookshelf installations in this
family room.

Love the over sized water bottle to the side of the bench.

 A galley kitchen with clean lines.
 Here's the formal dining area.  Aren't the round seat cushions cute?

Love the large scale photo on the wall.  Gambrel always has 
great wall installations.  An X bench with nail heads?  Love it!

 Here are more of those blues and greens I was talking 
about.  What a lovely green he chose for the walls.
The blues and greens carry on into the bedroom.

What a gorgeous kid's room.

What a YUMMY bathroom!  I'm definitely drooling.  I've always 
wanted big windows in the bathroom.  You can't go wrong with 
marble in a bathroom.  I'm also a fan of gray, it's such a great 
neutral color that can paired just about any other color palette.
You can pair gray with colors to make a space look feminine or
masculine.  For example pink and gray is a bit feminine while 
gray and canary yellow could be used for a more masculine feel.

What a comfy looking couch in this living space.  
I'm a sucker for a tufted sofas. 
And of course being near the water, a house is not complete without
a sun room or an outdoor space where one can dine with family and

What is your favorite room from this house and why?

If you like Steven Gambrel's type of design, his work is
found in this book:  New Spaces Old World Charm.  The
book has a great collection of homes that were designed 
in the style just as the title suggests.  Here's a peak at some
of the spaces in the book.  Definitely check the book out if
you like this style.


I leave you this week with a special from an artist I know that has really
fantastic art that is perfect to use in any room or hall for that matter!  His
name is Harrison Howard and some of his work reminds of me the older
classical Chinoise style from the Europeans.  Either way, you must check
out his site.  25% off on all Limited Edition prints from now until 
November 5, 2010.  To take advantage of the offer, you must email 
Howard with your selections (not through the shopping cart.)

Photos of the Steven Gambrel designed 
housein this post from House Beautiful

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun and Budget Friendly Design Hotel in San Francisco

When I saw this hotel, I just knew I had to share it.  It's a very unique 
design and art hotel in the heart of San Francisco (in the French quarter
between Union Square, the financial district and Chinatown.)  Each room
is painted by a different artist with a different theme.  The painted rooms 
are paired with very clean lined furnishings.  It is very reasonably priced 
with the rooms ranging between $69 - $130.  

If you're looking for something fun and budget friendly, Hotel Des Arts
should definitely be considered.  In this post, I'm showcasing some of 
the many different rooms in the Hotel Des Arts.

Here's the outside of the hotel.

A mural even on the exterior of the hotel - you can't really miss it.

 An asian anime inspired room.

A totally fun bathroom!

If you're looking for a feel like home with lots of 
pictures and frames, this room is a good choice.

I rather think this room is a bit more soothing the cool
blue color and large scaled design on the wall.

 This room reminds me of what a tattoo artist my draw.

 This room is on steroids!

Material Girl ^_^

  This is a fun room with a vintage Chinese Mao theme.

Now that is one very cool bathroom.

 Perhaps not the most appropriate for young children given the language...

This is a fun colorful room.
 This room definitely offers street cred... Not sure I 
could sleep in a room like this because it's so busy - 
but it's surely unique.

 Now this is a fun room for girls.

I find the green soothing.  A very 
neat graphic of a Japanese warrior.

So what do you think?  Isn't it an interesting 
hotel?  Any particular room that you fancy?

Photos from Google & Hotel Des Arts

Friday, October 22, 2010

Before and After: A Fresh Take on an Outdated Family Room and Living Space

  I absolutely love seeing before and after photos of rooms that have
been completely redone.  Perhaps it's the brilliance and stark difference
in the transformation itself or the fact that a room can be imagined in 
million ways.  This family room or common living space is functional,
chic, fresh and posh.  I love the neutral color palette with brilliant pops
of color all around the room.  Don't forget the shiny nail heads and 
sparkling lamp for some glamour and posh... And all the fantastic 
shelves for much needed storage.

 Can you believe this is what the room looked like before?
Totally outdated and just blehh.
Fortunately, the room has great architectural bones and details.

And born out of that old outdated room is a completely 
transformed and beautiful room.  What a stark difference. 
The designer blended all kinds of furniture and textures for
 a cohesive room - a knack not everyone has naturally. 

A built in bench seat with drawers for storage below is the 
perfect complement to the bay windows.  The bench seat
looks so inviting with all of the pretty pillows and throw.
 It never hurts to have a statement piece like the wing chair
in a gorgeous fabric.

When in doubt, a mirror above a fireplace mantel is always
a good bet.  Pair with mercury glass, frames or colored glass
and you'll always have a winning combination.


A great use of an unutilized corner.  Love the pretty curves on
the underside of the desk.  A writing desk can always be used - to 
put a laptop, write cards, and to sort mail, papers or magazines.

 Anything such as an end table that can do double duty like storing 
toys is always worth its weight in gold.  The nail head like finishing
on the storage bin gives a posh look to the room.

The finishing touches and details such as this fuzzy rabbit
often make all the difference.  It gives the room such a 
cozy and homey feel.  

So what's you're favorite thing about this redo?  Are you 
inspired to overhaul any of your rooms at home?  Projects
on the horizon? 

I'm sure many of you have heard of Feng Shui.  I may admit
that some of it may sound hokey or new age, but it's actually
been around for hundreds of years.  For those skeptics, even
if you don't believe in "chi" and energy flow, many feng shui
principles around the design and arrangement of items in the
home are actually sound principles that can in fact make a 
positive impact in your surroundings.  You can always take
away the specific concepts that resonate with you.  The book
above called Feng Shui Before & After is a great introduction
to basic Feng Shui principles in your home.  Don't worry and
have fun!

Photos from DIY magazine

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palmer Weiss' Home in San Francisco

 Palmer Weiss is a fantastic interior designer who is based in 
San Francisco.  Her home was recently featured in Lonny
magazine.  I first noticed her work when she created a teenage
girl's bedroom for the San Francisco Decorator's Showcase one
year.  Her use of color and chic-ness floored me and I proceeded
to dedicate a post to that room.  Palmer Weiss beautifully blends
modern colors with traditional furniture in a sensible way that 
works for today.  I love the color that she chose for the wall in
her living room above.

 Her dining room is neutral with pops of green.  My favorite thing in this
room is the green geometric and trellis like fabric she used on the more
traditional sitting chairs next to the console.


Here's a closer look at those gorgeous chairs.  She manages to
include many of my favorite types of pieces - garden stools,
gorgeous gold framed mirror and green Foo dogs statues.

 The art piece is truly the statement piece here.  The lamp
really compliments and draws out the red in the painting.

  Palmer is certainly lucky to have a husband who feels 
comfortable enough with a purple floral headboard! 

 Their master bedroom has many cozy and personal items such
as family photos, bright sunlight and another gorgeous lamp.
 I really think she has a knack for children's room because I 
don't even like orange and I really love what she has done
with her children's bedroom.  Softly pink with a splash of
orange (from her daughters' favorite baseball team the San
Francisco Giants.)  The room is simple yet fun.  Love the
oversized portraits of the girls above each of the headboards.

 Grass cloth for the walls is the perfect way to hide holes when
a lot of art and other things need to be tacked onto the walls.
It's a great solution that Weiss has come up with for a playroom.

Weiss also loves mid-century modern furniture and things from
that era.  The yellow side tables really make great a great coffee
table substitute in this case.  She's really great at weaving color
in without making one feel overwhelmed by it.  Her rooms are
always soothing.

Annie Kelly has done a previous book called Rooms to Inspire
which is absolutely fantastic.  Since Palmer Weiss' home is in
the city, I thought it would be fitting to share this book which has
more inspirational rooms from homes in cities.

So what do you think of Palmer Weiss' home?  What elements
of her style would you copy or steal?  

Palmer was gracious and very kind to let me interview her about 
the teenage bedroom she designed previously.  If you haven't had a 
chance to see it, make sure you check out the room she designed here.
 Photos from Lonny magazine