Friday, October 22, 2010

Before and After: A Fresh Take on an Outdated Family Room and Living Space

  I absolutely love seeing before and after photos of rooms that have
been completely redone.  Perhaps it's the brilliance and stark difference
in the transformation itself or the fact that a room can be imagined in 
million ways.  This family room or common living space is functional,
chic, fresh and posh.  I love the neutral color palette with brilliant pops
of color all around the room.  Don't forget the shiny nail heads and 
sparkling lamp for some glamour and posh... And all the fantastic 
shelves for much needed storage.

 Can you believe this is what the room looked like before?
Totally outdated and just blehh.
Fortunately, the room has great architectural bones and details.

And born out of that old outdated room is a completely 
transformed and beautiful room.  What a stark difference. 
The designer blended all kinds of furniture and textures for
 a cohesive room - a knack not everyone has naturally. 

A built in bench seat with drawers for storage below is the 
perfect complement to the bay windows.  The bench seat
looks so inviting with all of the pretty pillows and throw.
 It never hurts to have a statement piece like the wing chair
in a gorgeous fabric.

When in doubt, a mirror above a fireplace mantel is always
a good bet.  Pair with mercury glass, frames or colored glass
and you'll always have a winning combination.


A great use of an unutilized corner.  Love the pretty curves on
the underside of the desk.  A writing desk can always be used - to 
put a laptop, write cards, and to sort mail, papers or magazines.

 Anything such as an end table that can do double duty like storing 
toys is always worth its weight in gold.  The nail head like finishing
on the storage bin gives a posh look to the room.

The finishing touches and details such as this fuzzy rabbit
often make all the difference.  It gives the room such a 
cozy and homey feel.  

So what's you're favorite thing about this redo?  Are you 
inspired to overhaul any of your rooms at home?  Projects
on the horizon? 

I'm sure many of you have heard of Feng Shui.  I may admit
that some of it may sound hokey or new age, but it's actually
been around for hundreds of years.  For those skeptics, even
if you don't believe in "chi" and energy flow, many feng shui
principles around the design and arrangement of items in the
home are actually sound principles that can in fact make a 
positive impact in your surroundings.  You can always take
away the specific concepts that resonate with you.  The book
above called Feng Shui Before & After is a great introduction
to basic Feng Shui principles in your home.  Don't worry and
have fun!

Photos from DIY magazine


Pink Flamingo said...

Wow! Love the room. The colours are so fresh and calming. I would love to have this living area in my house. Its not too feminine either, just the right amount of pink!

Anonymous said...

You need to put the "before" pic first.

Erin said...

Wow this is unbelievable! So pretty, and yet so livable!

MaryL said...

Normally I really dislike when people paint over woodwork, but in this case, there's no arguing with the results. It's beautiful!

Efrat Deutsch said...
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Efrat Deutsch said...

I love the look of this room. light and pretty. The white desk is beautiful I want one for my office :)

Rambling Renovators said...

Love the after picture. Even the quality of light is seems cleaner, whiter, brighter. The cozy touches and soft palette are just perfect.

Birds in the Garage said...

I love both these styles actually!
The before looks like Frodo´s home from the hobbit, cozy and cottagy, but agree with you on the totally too heavy and outdated.
The after is sooo modern and fresh cottagy with the pastel duck egg blue - I absolutely love that color!!! The furniture still fits in as they are classic and goes with a lot of different styles.

Very inspiring. Myself I am considering painting my bookshelves a sort of light light blue- grey, same as I painted my walls.. as they are mahogany and for the first time in 8 years I now live with dark grey floorsand not mahogany, and non of my mahogany furniture fits. Should I?

pinkstilettos said...

WoW..I just love looking at before and after's amazing what a little paint can do!

Modern Country Lady said...

It's just a great transformation! Lovely colours, nice and fresh!!Thanks for sharing this- I love it!!!

Lila said...

Amazing! It's so bright and beautiful! I love the color choices!
Lila Ferraro

Anonymous said...

That is stunning! That is EXACTLY how I want my living room to look. Do you know who the designer is?

Nada Hamad said...

I love how radiant the room has become that would be my ultimate favorite thing in this room plus the variety of textures, nails heads finish and the candy colors accents pallete

Nada Hamad said...

I love how radiant the room has become that would be my ultimate favorite thing in this room plus the variety of textures, nails heads finish and the candy colors accents pallete

Melissa said...

Just found this on pretty! Do you know the paint color used on the walls? I would love to try it in my new house!

Mike said...

I want to know who's stuffed bunny rabbit is that?