Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun and Budget Friendly Design Hotel in San Francisco

When I saw this hotel, I just knew I had to share it.  It's a very unique 
design and art hotel in the heart of San Francisco (in the French quarter
between Union Square, the financial district and Chinatown.)  Each room
is painted by a different artist with a different theme.  The painted rooms 
are paired with very clean lined furnishings.  It is very reasonably priced 
with the rooms ranging between $69 - $130.  

If you're looking for something fun and budget friendly, Hotel Des Arts
should definitely be considered.  In this post, I'm showcasing some of 
the many different rooms in the Hotel Des Arts.

Here's the outside of the hotel.

A mural even on the exterior of the hotel - you can't really miss it.

 An asian anime inspired room.

A totally fun bathroom!

If you're looking for a feel like home with lots of 
pictures and frames, this room is a good choice.

I rather think this room is a bit more soothing the cool
blue color and large scaled design on the wall.

 This room reminds me of what a tattoo artist my draw.

 This room is on steroids!

Material Girl ^_^

  This is a fun room with a vintage Chinese Mao theme.

Now that is one very cool bathroom.

 Perhaps not the most appropriate for young children given the language...

This is a fun colorful room.
 This room definitely offers street cred... Not sure I 
could sleep in a room like this because it's so busy - 
but it's surely unique.

 Now this is a fun room for girls.

I find the green soothing.  A very 
neat graphic of a Japanese warrior.

So what do you think?  Isn't it an interesting 
hotel?  Any particular room that you fancy?

Photos from Google & Hotel Des Arts


Jan said...

Interesting - yes.
A good nights sleep - no.

Lisa said...

I'd be interested in walking around the lobby...and then leaving. Kind of like some of the casinos in Vegas~ not for me. I'd leave that lobby and walk back into Bellagio and have a nice cup of herbal tea delivered to my room and sink into a nice tub and enjoy the calm of my beautiful room!
And the room with the swear words? trash, not art.

kj said...

Love the Artsy decor. I recently stayed at the Omni in San Fran -- nice, but definitely boring compared to this.

life, in small chunks said...

Personally, I love unique, artsy, boutique hotels like this. this is the type of hotel I look for when I travel. I already have a Hilton in my own town. Thanks for sharing this - if I ever get back to SF I'll try to find it! Karin

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

How funny!
Great for an adults-only escapade!
Love all the subversive art and wacky baths ;)


scone said...

Mind blowing, jaw dropping originality. Thanks!

Pleidies said...

This hotel really is neat: I've visited some of the rooms (during an art opening) and was totally excited about coming back and spending a night or two!

FYI Lisa, there's not much in a the way of a lobby: all the art is in the rooms. It's also pretty much the opposite of Vegas. <3

Ewelina U. said...

So cool!!! I wish to have one of that art-painted wall in my anteroom :D
Really great :)
Regards from Poland

Mike said...

Amazing art work in the rooms. Really blew my mind in terms of talent.

Anonymous said...

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