Friday, October 29, 2010

A Gambrel Designed Long Island Waterside Beach Home

I'm a big fan of Steven Gambrel in general.  We see a lot of photos of his
work shared over and over again.  What amazing talent.  This house is 
next to the water near the ocean, a lake and an inlet so it's very much in
context to use a lot of blues and greens through the house.  I love all of
the architectural detail and floor to ceiling bookshelf installations in this
family room.

Love the over sized water bottle to the side of the bench.

 A galley kitchen with clean lines.
 Here's the formal dining area.  Aren't the round seat cushions cute?

Love the large scale photo on the wall.  Gambrel always has 
great wall installations.  An X bench with nail heads?  Love it!

 Here are more of those blues and greens I was talking 
about.  What a lovely green he chose for the walls.
The blues and greens carry on into the bedroom.

What a gorgeous kid's room.

What a YUMMY bathroom!  I'm definitely drooling.  I've always 
wanted big windows in the bathroom.  You can't go wrong with 
marble in a bathroom.  I'm also a fan of gray, it's such a great 
neutral color that can paired just about any other color palette.
You can pair gray with colors to make a space look feminine or
masculine.  For example pink and gray is a bit feminine while 
gray and canary yellow could be used for a more masculine feel.

What a comfy looking couch in this living space.  
I'm a sucker for a tufted sofas. 
And of course being near the water, a house is not complete without
a sun room or an outdoor space where one can dine with family and

What is your favorite room from this house and why?

If you like Steven Gambrel's type of design, his work is
found in this book:  New Spaces Old World Charm.  The
book has a great collection of homes that were designed 
in the style just as the title suggests.  Here's a peak at some
of the spaces in the book.  Definitely check the book out if
you like this style.


I leave you this week with a special from an artist I know that has really
fantastic art that is perfect to use in any room or hall for that matter!  His
name is Harrison Howard and some of his work reminds of me the older
classical Chinoise style from the Europeans.  Either way, you must check
out his site.  25% off on all Limited Edition prints from now until 
November 5, 2010.  To take advantage of the offer, you must email 
Howard with your selections (not through the shopping cart.)

Photos of the Steven Gambrel designed 
housein this post from House Beautiful


Annie@A View On Design said...

yes I can see why you love his work, that blue is perfect, my fav hue of blue! And that kids room (as you put it!) is great, atlas on the wall, and it is a teenagers room, which I love, often kids rooms done are for babies, and it's interesting to see an older child's room for inspiration by designers, rare tho!

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

Very gorgeous - I love blues and greens.

LRC said...

I adore that green color!

Kelly Green said...

I have always loved this house and Steven! Thanks for the tour! KG

Anonymous said...

The oversized bottle is acutally a wine bottle / jug. We import those from France and in clear glass too!

abby jenkins said...

When I was working at Living Magazine we did a shoot at Steve Gambrels house out on Long Island. What perfection! That is my benchmark now. His work is spot on. Thanks for the post.

LifestyleBohemia said...

Gorgeous house! I love the cool colors and beach feel. The living room is definitely my favorite space in the house.

Just came across your lovely blog - I am your newest follower!


RG ART & DESIGN Inspirations said...

Another good pick Karen! Lovely house... so fresh! Good place to spend summers!

Mike said...

I love how some of the rooms and spaces are full of purple.