Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living Room Designs and Sofa Picks by Miles REdd

  Miles Redd is a New York City based designer who is one of the top designers 
of the contemporary era in myhumble opinion.  I'd have him pick out my sofa, 
color and fabric to cover the sofa any day.  This is exactly what this post about, 
a look at living space that Miles Redd has designed and with a focus on the
sofa designs he has used.  This red tufted corner sofa sits in Miles Redd's own
living space.

 Many of you know that I love tufted furniture so I am totally gaga over this sofa.

 His sofas are usually covered in soft velvet or other fabrics that are 
luxurious and soft.  The sofas look super comfortable in addition
to looking pretty.  That's the issue for me - I see a lot of sofas that
are pretty but aren't always what one would consider to be "super"
comfortable.  The sofas that Miles Redd uses in his living room 
designs somehow fulfill all aspects of function, aesthetics and

Here's another couch I would Love!  The tufted couch looks very
comfortable and soft.  Looks like the perfect place to lounge and 
watch tv from.


You can see that Miles Redd also favors tufted sofas and chairs.
The tufted chairs above in this Miami condo look very comfortable.

I love that he painted this entire room in high gloss paint.

 This is one porch where I could totally curl up on the couch
and read or nap.  The sofa looks like it's filled feathers. 

Which sofa or living room is your favorite and why?

Photos from New York Social Diary and Miles Redd website.


Jennifer Nicole said...

Wow. I love all of these spaces. Talented indeed! I could live in #4 and 7 ;)

Anonymous said...

These rooms are so decadent and the sofas look so comfy! I couldn't pick a favorite.

p.s. I am having a $50 Williams Sonoma gift card giveaway if you would like to join in! xo

M.Kate said...

those colours are amazing...I agree with you totally, that last one in the porch is really my kind of sofa ;) Happy weeekend.

Yoli said...

He is fantastic! Oh and that last sofa, you could not get me up out of there.

Kat said...

I love the red tufted one in his own home, and I really love the striped walls, I may have to incorporate a striped wall in my house I love them so much.

Lila said...

He is awesome! I love the striped room with that gorgeous sofa. Too many rooms to love and covet!
Lila Ferraro

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

His work is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these snapshots of his work.

Ann said...

Love the tufted sofas and chairs + the animal prints...

Gorgeous ...

teak furniture said...

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Lea simply said...

I like red sofa. I love mix design.

Red River Interiors said...

Absolutely love this post and Miles Redd. I'm in the middle of reupholstering a custom sofa I purchased a few yrs ago and thinking a soft green velvet. It has two cushions but I want a single cushion with a tufted back. Love the porch sofa and the comfy... Fay

Anonymous said...

All designs are awesome I like most sofa in red color. it is very close with my wall. living room sofas

Anonymous said...

Did you see the photo from T&C (I think) a few months ago of a new resto/lounge that had opened in NYC with these amazing, plush blue velvet diamond tufted sofas or banquettes. I'm trying to track down the photo. Was wondering if you had seen it or if you know the name of the resto. Thx!

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