Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Campion Platt - Fabulous NYC Architect and Designer

I'm really not sure what took me so long to discover the New York
City based architect and designer Campion Platt.  His designs are
utterly gorgeous!  Not to mention that he has a great eye for space
planning and colors as you can see from the above image.  This is 
New York City apartment and he has really put the available space
in the open living space to good use.  A signature of Platt's is luxury
and texture.  He always pays attention to fabric and texture.  The 
above space not only looks chic but it looks very cozy.

 Another look at that fabulous blue couch.

 And the backs of the lush blue velvet chairs.

 The dining area save space by using a cozy banquette
seating.  I totally want one of these for my own nook.

A statement piece of artwork
hangs above a cool console.

Built-ins in the study.

 The study has orange as main color with the
seating and as an accent color in the lamp 
and pillows.

Here is the second bedroom and the size of the bedroom is 
really nice for NYC.  I adore the mirrored tri-level end 
table used in this room.  Where can I get one?

And the master piece - the master bedroom which has gorgeous 
large windows, a fluffy white bed and a comfortable yet chic 
looking curved sofa.  What a great use of space.  Different 
functions without the room feeling crowded with storage and
cabinets lining the wall underneath the windows.  This 
bedroom has such a light, airy and cozy feel to it. 

Outdoor space in NYC is always coveted and this condo has the 
perfect amount of balcony space - enough for comfortable chairs,
table and champagne of course.  I'm now officially a fan of 
Campion Platt's work.  What were things you particularly liked
in the design of this condo?

 Photos from Campion Platt


Francine Gardner said...

I really like his work. great post.

Wholesale Flooring Distributors said...

Very talented designer. I agree with you 100%, he makes the space feels modern and airy, but very cozy with the warm colors. Love the orange accents....and all of the rooms really. Super cool! Thanks for sharing.

GISA said...

Achei lindo o post.!!

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

Love his use of colour - the blues and pinks work for me!

Gina said...

I like the huge photos over the beds

see mine in my living room

This is in Venice

greetings from Germany


martienna said...

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i very like it ur notes :*

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Lila said...

It IS a fabulously blue couch but, those dark blue velvet chairs have me drooling!
Lila Ferraro

Emily and Abigail said...

wow, such a beautiful place! I really loved the bedrooms... everything in them were beautiful! I love the big window spaces! Great blog- now following you!


M.Kate said...

Definitely my kind of designer..love it. In case I am not popping over late, here's wishing you a fabulous Merry Christmas..and happy new year in advance..hugs/M

annie markantonatou said...

really beautiful work!


Mike said...

Amazing view. Favorite part about the place.

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