Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rustic Log Cabin Inspiraiton from Dunton Hot Springs Colorado

I absolutely love hot springs and what could be better than sitting in a 
hot spring in a natural setting among mountains and birch trees.

in a fully restored ghost town... How awesome is this cabin
complete with a hot spring inside!

If only it didn't cost an arm and a leg... But one can dream.

The interiors to the cabins and buildings offer fantastic rustic inspiration.  
Makes me seriously want to build a little log cabin that I can escape to
myself.  I love this modern interpretation of a log cabin - complete
with all the modern comforts.  The room is spacious and manages to 
be cozy at the same time.

Dunton Hot Springs is an old Western ghost town that has been restored
absolutely gorgeously near Telluride, Colorado.  It has several cabins
offered to guests as well as having bonafide hot springs to soak in.  
Among the cabins is the two story houses that can be rented out by
groups and family.

This cabin has its own outdoor hot spring to soak in.

If you have kids, the Indian teepee is very cool.  

This is the bath house.  A farmhouse with a lot of glass windows.
It's absolutely fantastic.

Care for a calming and relaxing soak with a beautiful view?

Fall in many places often offers some of the most gorgeous views around.

Especially with autumn with birch trees...

Here's a cute cabin with a rocker outside.

Dunton Hot Springs like a white winter wonderland.

This is a picture that just belongs in a frame on the wall.

Can I build one of these in my backyard?

The deck really gives this cabin character and a place to relax outside.

I wonder if it's warm enough to stay in the teepee overnight.

More rustic decor inspiration.

Super cozy log cabin room.

Rustic = Stone, Wood and Leather

Don't forget the native American designs and patterns.

I really love the ambience of this room.

 If you like and enjoy rustic spaces like I do, check out the
book above for some great inspirations from personal 
log homes and hotels.  I just received it today and it has
some really gorgeous log homes and spaces in it.


Francine Gardner said...

I have wanted to go there for so long!! It is truly an ideal spot. My husband an I are crazy for hot spring and our dream is to get land with natural hotspring. I actually would like to visit in the summer and take long hikes followed by sulfur water baths... This was one of my most amazing experience in Iceland, when after grueling hours long hikes, one could strip their clothes and swim in naturally cooled wild hot springs.

Tea Duchess said...

Although they look like birch trees, these are actually aspen trees. Love your blog and am a faithful reader. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the photos is like a holiday there - beautiful evocative places. I have never seen a chamois bedspread before!

Karisha Solomon said...

I live in a log home that has warmth to it like no other home but I wish it had the warmth of a hot spring! Thanks for the post.

Karena said...

Karen what a great getaway! I love the rooms with the rugs as pops of color blue, white, and red, and the stripes.

The setting is so calming.

Art by Karena

elissa, ebb & flow said...

i've never been to a hot spring! these images make me want to pack up and go find one ASAP!

Tina said...

Absolutely divine and cozy places, especially the first one. Calming!
Happy new week!

Garden Forum said...

Pretty awesome spot.
A place where you can find a really peaceful sorrounding.

Dovecote Decor said...

Why didn't I think of that?? I've heard about this ghost town for ages. I am curious to know the temperature of the water. We used to visit hotsprings in Oregon. They were next to a freezing cold river. You would test the springs until you found one that was just right. I've burned my ankles a few times. Great post, and thanks,

kathi said...

What a great get-away, I much prefer this to the beach!

Sherol Vinhas said...

Nossa! É exatamente como e onde quero estar na minha aposentadoria.

JWK said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great post! I love hot springs and was not familiar with this part of Colorado!
Always great to see rustic in this wild world of glamour lately!
Thanks so much!
Jamie Herzlinger

Suzanne Vachon said...

I would not mind spending a week in such a cabin, totally surrounded by nature, such an envelopping and warm decor.

Love it,
Thanks for your great posts.


Angela @ DiaryofaChair.blogspot said...
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Angela @ DiaryofaChair.blogspot said...

Wow! I'm OBSESSED with that bath house with the huge windows!!!! I wrote a post on cabins too:) I love your images!


jarmaine | business cards said...

How I love these! The perfect escape from the rush and the hustle of city living. The farmhouse bath house is perfect, who wouldn't want to stay there forever when you've got that kind of a view? Sigh, wish I could go on a trip soon!

Tapping World Summit said...

Oh my! Such beautiful cabins. I wish these can be rented!

Sherman Unkefer said...

This post is really amazing! I am so impressed! The bath house is so beautiful, I can't imagine that it's a ghost town.

Zelda said...

all you need is "love " in such romantic place . ..

Bryce Canyon Cabins said...

I really loved this post, those cabins are beautiful!!

Bryce Canyon Cabin