Monday, February 28, 2011

Farmstay Vacation

Ever considered a Farmstay vacation for the family?  Well here's a glamorous
and fun way to stay on a farm with the entire family to enjoy all the fun things
at a farm without the grueling work.  Isn't the above tent fun?  At Kinnikinnick 
Farms located 85 miles northwest of Chicago, you can stay on a farm in a tent
like this for about $189 - $239.  It sleeps up to 6 depending on which tent you
choose.  I love the rustic inspiration of a tent.  I loved tents as a child and don't
think I ever really outgrew them.

Isn't it a gorgeous setting?  There's a lot of activities available as well.

Hot piping breakfast!

The tents have plumbing and kitchens.

Here's a closer look at one of the tents.  Isn't it fun?  
Kind of glamping.

Sleeping quarters.

And after all, the tent is on a working farm.  Isn't a red barn
quintessentially American?

An honest to goodness oven to bake bread in.

You can pick your own fresh produce.

Or just have fun in the pumpkin patches.

Plenty of farm animals to follow around.

Or play with.

Gorgeous forested areas to play in.

Complete with a campfire at night.

It's fun for the adults too.  If you're interested in this Farmstay, you
can find more information at  Otherwise, if you're
like me - there was a lot of farm and rustic inspiration in the tents 

Photos from Featherdown

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Georgestown House in Waterford County Ireland

I'm sure many of you are real estate stalkers just like I am.  How about this 
gorgeous Georgian estate in Waterford complete with stables, tennis court 
and lake.  The house was built in the early 1800s complete with 110 acres
of land.  Doesn't it look like the quintessential manor house in Ireland?  

It's so picturesque - as if it could be lifted off the pages of a novel.

The house looks so cozy.

Definitely spacious enough for big families and entertaining.

Such a homey bath.

Now this is a sunroom!

Imagine being able to grow up in a place like this.

Gorgeously manicured gardens.

I wonder how much of the land is so well manicured.

Wow, this property must take an army of gardeners to upkeep.

All for the price of 3.4 Million Euros.  

Photos from Knight Frank