Monday, April 25, 2011

Blue Rooms from House Beautiful - Enter for a Free Copy


House Beautiful recently released a beautiful small book simply called 
Blue.  It has an edited collection of rooms decorated with the color
blue.  I know blue is a soothing color and a favorite of many people.
The volume looks to be cloth covered and has great photos for ideas
and inspiration for anyone looking to use blue for their rooms or as
an accent color.  Not all of the images in this post are in the book but
most of them are.  The book is available through Amazon at a great

**I have a copy of the book from the publisher that I will offer up
in a drawing.  Simply enter a comment for this post about topics
topics you would be interested in seeing posts about.  It can be 
anything about interiors, lifestyle, travel or etc.  Comments 
accepted for the drawing until May 15, 2011.  

 House Beautiful has been putting out some scrumptious publications
on blue rooms.  This is the March 2010 issue that focused on blue
rooms from last year.

This is one of my all time favorite bathrooms (in the book Blue.)  It is
 a blue and white modern interpretation of a Moroccan bathroom.  I 
love everything about it from the river stone floors to the details and
blue tiles.


The rug and chair make this bathroom feel cozy.

A bathroom that is also a dressing room.  I always wanted a 
blended bathroom and dressing room.  Alas, there is no room.

There's no other word to describe this blue other than fresh.

A posh dining room with a beautiful blue.

This image is in the book and also the March 2010 blue magazine issue
of House Beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous isn't it?

I'd stay in this bedroom any day.

 Who says one can't squeeze furniture into a small room?
Love the palette and the blue striped accents.

Gorgeous paring of deep blue and lime.

A great example of a monochromatic room.

Stripes and stripes can go together.

This living room somehow manages to be comfortable and posh.
A Posh cottage look?

This living space has tons of seating.  
Wouldn't it be perfect for family reunions?

The dramatic wallpaper pattern really makes this room pop.

Be bold with your furniture color choices.
Isn't this a fun room? 
Another great example of colored furniture.

Blue rooms anyone?

Remember to post your comment about post topics you'd like
to see for a chance to win a copy of Blue from House Beautiful. 

**I have a copy of the book from the publisher that I will offer up
in a drawing.  Simply enter a comment for this post about topics
topics you would be interested in seeing posts about.  It can be 
anything about interiors, lifestyle, travel or etc.  Comments 
accepted for the drawing until May 15, 2011.   
All images from House Beautiful


M.Kate said...

I have a blue bedroom which I hated and wanted to repaint it to other colours. However, recently, I seem to love all shades of blue, so I guess that means saving poor ol' hubby from repainting the bedroom. Hope you are having a great week :)

Francine Gardner said...

Blue is not my first color of choice, but i will say that i really liked some of these spaces. I designed a summer house in whites with blues being the only accent colors. The dark almost black blues we picked in different fabric pattern worked beautifully with the antiques we purchased for the house. We just did the entire installation on friday and the owners were supposed to go and check out the finished house yesterday...have not heard the word yet! hope they like it.
Topic subject...for me always travel of course, but love these color stories type of posts.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I would love to see a black and white post. How edgy is that.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

shuzluva said...

I'd love to see a post about super poppy colors. I love a calm look that is hit with a massive color pop that works.

This post was fun to read; and I love blue. More than half my house is based on blue!

mbwife said...

great post. Lately, I am crushing on more classic blues.
I don't know what to tell you about future posts, I like all your posts. Maybe exteriors since I am working on my front yard?

Jade Do said...

Blue is the new black at the moment for me. Thanks for the post and the giveaway. I would love to see more topics on entertaining essentials.

Frangipani Decor said...

Thanks for the giveaway! We have a fabulous blue and white mosaic floor in our period kitchen (the house used to be the Mint of Goa in the 1830s) and I've been saving images of rooms and schemes that could work with this floor. Hope your giveaway includes international readers as well :)

Chryselle @ Frangipani Journals

Donna said...

I like all your posts so I'm not sure what more I'd like to see. Maybe a few posts on furniture layout for tricky rooms. The book looks great, fingers crossed that I win it!

design elements said...

beautiful blues!

b.Frank Interiors said...

I love, love, love the monochromatic living room!! I am trying to achieve the same idea in my bedroom!

Alkemie said...

The giveaway away does extend to international readers - I wouldn't dream of excluding anyone.

Thank you for all of your ideas!


nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

I've recently been loving blue more so than before, I'm actually re-doing my office to include more blue.
I would love to conintue to see more interiors and posts like this!

kait said...

absolutely blue rooms! i especially love when there are other bright colors blended in - like the gorgeous accent pillows in the second to last picture. love it!


theROOM by HmR said...

Gosh! I don´t know which one is nicer!

Denise Mackenzie said...

I would like to see more posts on color inspiration, could be anything from lovely rooms such as the blue you have here, or anything really - gardens, paintings, combinations of objects etc. When I have a decorating or picture framing project on the go, I often have dreams about color!

mollie bailey said...

I would love to see more bathroom/dressing combination room! Love the blue!

Lila said...

I've always been nervous of blue, but I just painted my bedroom a really pale, greyish blue! I came, I saw, I conquered! I love to hear all about interior design but, I also love to here about the bloggers personal life: how they got there, what do they do to stay creative, do they cook, etc.!
Lila Ferraro

María said...

I would love to read about lamps and about how to make bathrooms to look more as a room as less as a bathroom.

Karena said...

Karen I would adore having this book! My office and hallway are a deap blue/teal.

As a painter I always love using all of the range of blues!

Art by Karena

Chantel I. said...

I adore blue, so I happily horde any of the blue issues that House Beautiful puts out.

Keep going with the interior shots; those are my favourite. I like anything bright, pattern-y, mid-century, etc...

Musette said...

Pale aqua and duck-egg blues have long been my favorite colors (I especially love duck-egg blue in bathrooms and kitchens). Would love a chance to win this book!



Katrine Joy said...

Wow! The bedrooms are absolutely gorgeous. The one with striped accent is really beautiful and I love the lamp and the pillows. Thanks for sharing this!

diana said...

I love blue. thanks for sharing such post.i would love to read about lamps, beautiful furniture and wallpapers.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Blue has always been one of my favorite colours. I love pretty much every shade of blue, from indigo to cobalt to turquoise. So needless to say, I'd love to have a copy of Blue :-)

My suggestion for a future post is how to incorporate multiple patterns into a room. And some posts featuring different patterns would be great too.

Charmaine said...

The book looks great. Blue is such an easy colour to decorate with. I'd love a copy of the book

Donna said...

This is a wonderful post, and there are many colors of blue that are fabulous. Please enter me in your drawing. As far as topics go, I'd like to see topics that relate to generational shifts and lifestyle changes. One example: decorating for a couple over the age of fifty may not be what it was a few years ago.

Your blog is a pleasure to read.

Betty said...

Enjoy your blog and would love to have this book! I love to see beautiful but really livable spaces that can give me ideas for my own home.

Kara said...

Love this, especially because I'm about to paint my kitchen blue and am struggling to find the right shade. Would love to win the book as the ultimate source of inspiration!

SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Stunning blues! ... I just found your blog by chance :) Lots of great inspiration.

Greetings from Australia♥

Ann Porter {KitchAnn} said...

I'm about to paint the ceiling of my office a sky blue. Blue is such a great color. I look forward to the treasures in the book.

Tracy said...

Oh how I love BLUE! My favorite color- grew up with a blue bedroom and my bedroom now is also blue!!!!

Kel said...

Blue can be moody, exciting, calming, sophisticated, fun, childish, flirty, deep, young and old....I love the blues!

Karena said...

Oh and I would like to see more posts about repurposing what we have to do a makeover!


Art by Karena

fairtade decor said...

Blue is my favorite color but I haven't thought of making it into my main home interior theme! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm also redecorating with fair trade home decor so going green and blue (maybe) at the same time!

Anonymous said...

here's the thing....blogs have become my narcotic of choice! shEEsh
and does this happen to you? you see something that you've never seen before, you click on the image to enlarge, and you become fixated on that object, knowing full-well you will never find one! especially if you see it on a French or Australian blog, and have no travel plans in the foreseeable future! again...shEEsh
love blue
lovelovelove blue

all best from Ft Worth TX

susan said...

Since downsizing to a condo I am always searching design blogs for posts on small space design, organizing, etc. Have enjoyed your blog for several years now!!

amoodygirl said...

I have always loved blue! I am excited about this book because I just bought some blue and white floral curtains from craigslist and i need more ideas to help in my bedroom1 I love decorating blogs and books! april

Solid Wood Floors said...

I must admit I don't like blue color but these interior design examples are astonishing and convince me that sometimes blue color could be actually quite nice.

Alkemie said...

Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments and ideas! I just completed the drawing and Karena from Art by Karena is the winner!


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great post! Loved all the rooms!
Jamie Herzlinger

Calla said...

hello, I'm planning now my new living room in blue, so thanks for this post- I've got a lot of inspitarions on Your blog.
Thank You
calla from


bench indoor said...

I love the look of that luxurious home. I like every space of the room of you've posted here. I wish that I could have one in the future. It sounds impossible but who knows, right?

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shorya tyagi said...

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