Monday, June 13, 2011

Designer Christian Audigier's Luxruious Los Angeles Home (Ed Hardy brand)

Designer Christian Audigier, who designs the Ed Hardy brand, 
is putting up his Hanock Park home in Los Angeles for sale at 
$8.263 million.  Some of us may not have 8.26 million lying 
around, but we can certainly admire rooms from this seven 
bedroom, seven bathroom home.  If he does manage to sell it
for that price, he will have made a nice profit from it since 
he purchased the home for $4.78 million.   

The house dates back to the 1920's and is 8,276 sq. ft. of 
luxurious home.  Let's take a tour shall we?

The hot pink may be a bit much for some of us, but I Love 
looking at someone who's bold enough to put so much hot
pink in their living room.  Get a load of how long the sofas 
are - definitely custom made.  

Favorite things from the room:  

1.) Style and velvet of the couches
2.) The pink crown above the fireplace
3.) The smoking hot wallpaper on the ceiling
4.) The shiny black floors

I love the traditional lines of the house.

A bathroom with french doors - what an airy bathroom.

Now that's a spacious kitchen.  Can't quite tell what type
of flooring it has, but the traditional and clean lines of the
cabinets with the butcher block top island.

There's a lot of gorgeous molding in this room.  Don't
the dining chairs just look comfy?

This is like the perfect room for a sleepover!

Love the coziness of this sitting room.  The flowers are 
perfect for staging, but I wouldn't put them there if I was
using the room.  Imagine having to duck around the flowers
 to see who you were talking to.

Being in socal and all, can't forget the outdoor living!

I wonder how many living rooms and family spaces
this house has.

I absolutely ADORE The color of this couch.
Isn't the blue so rich and beautiful?

Poolside, Hollywood style.

Yet another dining space.  This is like the 3rd or 4th dining
space we've seen!

This is probably the comfiest sleigh bed I've ever seen.
It's completely covered by a plush, camel colored 

Hope you enjoyed ogling this house as much as I did.
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bibbitybob said...

That is a fabulous house. I LOVE those pink velvet sofas x

annie markantonatou said...

luxurious, chic, yet comfy house!!! amazing dining rooms and that dark blue couch..

City Rocka said...

I love the hot pink couches as well! I think that decorating a house is like styling your clothes; it should be unique and a direct representation of who you are. You can't forget to accessorize. It's that added touch as well :)

Jamie Herzlinger said...

So love your blog! The house is interesting, a bit too much in some of the rooms
Have a great weekend
Jamie Herzlinger

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love it. Thank You.. Such Grandeur..

RedPoppy said...

Really enjoyed these photos!! It's lovely to know how refined and elegant Mr. Audigier's taste is!

The Devoted Classicist said...

It is a good house, but the dark-painted and wallpapered ceilings really make the heights seem even shorter.

Erica said...

I LOVE those pink velvet sofas!

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Very beautiful.

And nice blog. I loved it.


Andy said...

design the room look very neat

~Lindsey said...

Wow! What a fabulous house he has! I LOVE the hot pink... pink's my favorite. I just happened across your blog but I'm glad I found it. I was looking through some of your older posts & you have some amazing pictures. You now have a new blog subscriber! I'd love for you to check mine out too. I do some beauty product reviews but I also post on personal things. I became disabled 10 years ago (at 19) so I do posts that follow my health "adventures". If you'd like to check my page out (& become a follower =) the address is: . Take care! Looking
forward to keeping up w/ your blog!

Hiddy Asri said...


Laurie Blaswich said...

Stunning home WOW!!!, Your blog is as charming as ever.

Thank you for sharing.

Laurie xo

The bird queen said...
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offset printing said...

I do think that $8M would really give you this piece of heaven. It's a gorgeous house and honestly, I want to have that. I wish I could have that grand to buy it.

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

Those pink sofas are amazing and yeah, how many living rooms are there - surely too many for one family to use!!

Pear Tree Greetings said...

This house is made for entertaining! So fun!! -Steph

apartmentf15 said...

I love your blog! I get lots of inspirations! I already put your blog on my new blog's favorites list.

benches indoor said...

I did really enjoy it. Wow! This is such a luxurious house. This house has a lot of family spaces and dining area. I also love that room for sleepovers and the living room with pink couches. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Polites said...

Really love the french doors in the bathroom.

South Windsor Curtains said...

Such a lovely home!!!! I'd want to have the same one.

Kellie Collis said...

These are fabulous! Loving that marvelous kitchen and oh so stylish pool! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

red ticking said...

a m a z i n g... thanks for sharing with us "little" people... he he

Ann Porter {KitchAnn} said...

Some of the rooms are just stunning.

The outdoor kitchen seriously needs to lose the red brick though.

bedroom chandeliers said...

The pink crown above the fireplace kinda sets the tone for the rest of the mansion, doesn't it?

Murano Chandeliers said...

What do you expect of a designers home would look like? Simple. A masterpiece. The hot pink is really hot. I love everything in here.

Interior Ideas said...

Everything in here is beautiful. I love the pink interior. So hot!

ayala premier said...

wow, love the living rooms and the large couch on Christian's L.A. home.
the living room with hot pink couch is a bit too much on the eyes though.
nice photos you took.

-bianca from Ayala Land Premier

Cara said...

stunning stunning stunning stunning!
Having a GIVEAWAY over at Lilac and Grey!

interior decorator oakville said...

The furniture looks really good to me. Absolutely love it!! Love this link ... seriously gorgeous! Good luck.

best custom writing services said...

It`s amazing place! Hom much it`s cost if somebody want`s buy it?

web design said...

I Like those pink sofas, what a princess.I did really enjoy it, Thanks for sharing.


Properties Philippines said...

Fabulous! I Like the Silver Medallion Chairs. It Looks likes a chair of a King. I'm very proud to visit your blog.


Properties Philippines said...

fabulous house !! i love it because my favorite color is pink !!! :)

Susana.Deco said...

Beautiful house! I Love it!!

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Thank you!

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Karena said...

It is truly stunning. I love to see design that goes over the top!


Art by Karena

Giveaways for sale said...

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- Melanie

FAshiOnistA ErA said...

absolutely beautiful!!!


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Web Design said...

OMG I'm in Love With those PINK couches, I wish I Have One Of Those
GReat Style!


april said...

I love the rasberry cordury arm chair. It looks great.. Keep it up!



Anvaya Cove said...

wow i love the Style and the pink velvet couches, its my favorite color
i want to have a couch like that.
very girly and nice


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Wow, love living room and large sofa in a Christian home in Los Angeles.
And sitting room sofa pink eyes though a little too.
You have beautiful pictures.

Easy Home Concepts said...

The house has a lot of interesting rooms. It looks like someone of a very high status can live there. I love the room with pink furnishings and a classic wall paper in the ceiling. Overall, all of the rooms look very cozy and inviting!

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