Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just for Fun - Washing Instructions

Saw this and had to chuckle.

Sad but true...


Jan said...

Funnily enough Karen, my mother had a habit of not knowing - I remember the trauma when she shrank a favourite pink sweatshirt I owned by putting it in the dryer.
She used to do all my ironing though - bless her heart.
Happy days!

Alkemie said...

LOL, to each their own. Just thought it was an amusing photo :)


I'm a mother and it's officially true!!!xoxo

Francine Gardner said...

Isnt'it the truth . My mother is really the best for such delicate tasks.

Mariana said...

Sooo glad to see you back in the blogshepere!!!! We have missed you!
I always chuckle when I see that picture. I run a game development studio and most of my employees are young boys (and a couple of gals) most of them still living at home with their parents. You can see how perfect that picture is to represent my daily struggles!
Welcome back to blogging.
Mariana from Daydreaming in the City

Alkemie said...

Thanks Ladies!

Mariana - If you run a gaming studio, I can totally see how this image would be fitting! I recently made a new friend who works at Dreamworks and I think it's fascinating to work in a technical yet creative field.

Karen :)

- marii said...

ahah really true! :)

M.Kate said...

hehe! I absolutely agree!

Anonymous said...

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